July Ranked Play Season is Called Tanned Tinyfins: Card Back Changed

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Blizzard have announced that the July 2016 Ranked Play season is called "Tanned Tinyfins". The card back reward for reaching Rank 20, which was originally going to be named Halfhill, is now named Tinyfin Beach. The card back is also a different design to the one in the original announcement.

The first two card backs announced in the patch notes for Whispers of the Old Gods were Shadowmoon Valley and Zul'drak. These two arrived as expected. For some reason, however, the July card back is no longer the Halfhill one, which is pictured below.



The good news is that the replacement, Tinyfin Beach, is a great looking card back. I personally feel that the recent card backs have been a little lacklustre, and that Tinyfin Beach puts a bit of fun back into them. July 2016 will be the 28th season of ranked play.


Tinyfin Beach

Of course, it would be out of character to let a change like this go by without a little speculation. Could it be that a new expansion is nearer completion than was originally expected? Perhaps it means that the new set is a month behind, and the Halfhill card back was supposed to introduce it. It could of course just be a mistake in their blog. We have seen previously that the card backs can provide tiny clues as to upcoming cards. The Hogger card back was revealed just before Hogger, Doom of Elwynn, so here's hoping we get an update soon!

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I'd like more themed deck card backs: Murlocs, pirates, dragons, mechs etc.  Even if they've already done a pirate one, it'd be nice to have a new one for those of us who missed the first go around. Of course, advertising your deck-theme on your card back may be tactically disadvantageous.

I like both of these new ones.  Does halfhill suggest a halfling style deck?  Does warcraft lore have halflings?

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