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Silverware Golem

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Guest Schlodz

Maybe dont use a card you gain playing the wing in the guide. At the point you use the guide you dont have that card.

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2 hours ago, Guest Schlodz said:

Maybe dont use a card you gain playing the wing in the guide. At the point you use the guide you dont have that card.

Most of the guides are geared towards beating Heroic mode, so you should already have those cards.

For Normal mode usually normal decks are good enough.

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Yeah the guide is for beating the Heroic boss which mandates having cleared the normal mode, so it's impossible not to have the card. 

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I ended up beating heroic quite easily first try by using one of my ladder decks (I think it was c'thun warrior).  I just let the boss fill their side with 1/1 plates and only killed minions that buffed the plates.  Very quickly they had a full board and a full hand, zero room to play any buffing minions, and were burning their draw cards.    Maybe I just got lucky, but it seems with only 2 copies of a single card in their deck that can buff without playing a minion, leaving a bunch of 1/1 tokens on the board worked ok without any special deckbuilding.

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My standard druid deck was able to beat Heroic Golem with just one attempt. In the image below, I had just enough for lethal.


I've read where people have let his board fill up with 1/1 plates, which is a good strategy. However, using this deck, I wasn't able to be so selective as to which minions I left alive. I utilized Swipes. If you can pair Swipe with a slight spell damage boost, it acts as an efficient board clear. I focused on killing the buffing minions, but the plates had to die in the process, particularly when there was a knife in play to give them all taunt. The most dangerous minion in the Golem's deck is the fork that gives all plates charge. The 2nd most dangerous would be the cup that buffs all plates attack by 3. If you are up against a fork and a cup at the same time, as well as some plates, it's extremely difficult to bounce back. I encountered this scenario once, and it brought me down to 6 health. The next time he played a fork, I had taunts in play to absorb the damage. I also used Mind Control Tech. It was marginally helpful. It stole for me a buffed Knife, but I killed it off by running it into enemy minions since it was still giving all the plates taunts.

You can probably beat this boss with a wide variety of decks. There are multiple strategies that will work, and it shouldn't take too many attempts. Good luck, and have fun!

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Guest Odd1ne

Just a heads up to a moderator the link in the zoo deck for the fight against the crone leads to this Silverware Golem guide forum. Figured Id let someone know if they did not already.

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1 hour ago, Guest Odd1ne said:

Just a heads up to a moderator the link in the zoo deck for the fight against the crone leads to this Silverware Golem guide forum. Figured Id let someone know if they did not already.

Oops, sorry. Thanks for telling us. It should be fixed soon.

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Just now, Guest Chaganaga said:

Ther cant be added nax or gvg cards in heroic mode FIX PLEASE!!

You can play wild cards in heroic. I tried and it works. You might want to check if you changed the deck's type to wild when you were making the deck.

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Guest Silverware Deck
On 8/19/2016 at 6:41 PM, Neuric said:


I dont usually make account or post deck but I had such a hard time with this one and i tried every single Heroic Silverware Golem decks. Warrior and even Mages and even priest deck that was posted online.

Then I found a deck about C'thun that beats Silverware Golem but it was still bad.

I tweaked it a bit and I won in second try.

Mulligan: Fiery War, Slam
Another set of Mulligan: Execute and Blood to Igor.

Important part is to not kill the Plates. Kill the others.

If you done it right, then you would have ONE spot (6 plates and 1 empty spot) left which Silverware almost always puts Knife (5/5).

You need to use damage (ex. Blood to Igor, slam) and Execute combo to clear that last spot. By this time, you would have 15 HP or lower (which is okay) 

Once the plate is full, its time to grind. Use spell that has Armors (Shield block, and Bash).

IMPORTANT PART:  You must take out and ONLY take out TWO of Plates. (Next, turn he will use his ability and two plates will be summoned and unable to attack)

As you are doing this, You summon C'thun disciple and kill plate or summon Acolyte of pain and kill plate for draws.

Once you get that C'thun up to 10 ATK, use Ancient ShieldBearer.

LAST FINAL COMBO: Brann + C'thun.

I had 18/18 Cthun in my hand with Brann on the field first. So it did a whopping damage of 36 points of battlecry ability. Then I used remainder minion (Ancient ShieldBearer to finish the character)  

OPTIONAL CHANGE or Cards that really didnt have great use: Emperor (I didnt use this card when i won at second try but i put it in there so i can decreases the amount of mana use. 

If someone who has account want to officially publish and take credit, I dont mind :D. If it works for you, then please do. I normally dont post so I dont really have account. Thank you everyon. -Reminisce-




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Guest g437sf

well the grim patron deck works on heroic silverware golem, but  you have to get REALLY lucky. I took out nzoths first mate because even though I respect what the deck creator is trying to do with it, it doesn't work at all especially since his turn 1 is coin fork. I swapped them for a second upgrade! and 1 execute. Because he doesnt buff the plates, he buffs the knife/fork with pitcher. and execute is needed for that one knife minion that gets to 8/8 or 11/11 i think it is.

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Guest mad

This is the deck I used to clear it on heroic, first attempt. 

### Custom Hunter
# Class: Hunter
# Format: Wild
# 2x (1) Arcane Shot
# 2x (1) Candleshot
# 2x (1) Play Dead
# 1x (2) Bear Trap
# 2x (2) Explosive Trap
# 2x (2) Unstable Ghoul
# 2x (2) Wild Pyromancer
# 1x (3) Powershot
# 2x (3) Tar Creeper
# 2x (3) Unleash the Hounds
# 2x (4) Exploding Bloatbat
# 2x (4) Saronite Chain Gang
# 2x (5) Abomination
# 1x (5) Arena Patron
# 1x (5) Explosive Shot
# 1x (6) Deathstalker Rexxar
# 2x (8) Mosh'Ogg Enforcer
# 1x (8) Primordial Drake


# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

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