Trolden's Funny and Lucky Moments #179 and #180

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Trolden has released two more episodes of Funny and Lucky Moments since our last update. Those episodes, 179 and 180, are contained in this article.

Episode 179 includes several Yogg-Saron, Hope's End clips. While they are still amusing, I'm curious to know what other people think. Sometimes I feel more anger than amusement, not at Trolden as he's just the messenger, but that games get decided by this method. Do other people feel the same way?

However, the Epic Sax Edwin VanCleef makes everything right again. Even my cynical nature can't help but find him hilarious.

Episode 180 has some good finishes. There's something about combo decks losing to their own combo that is comforting. The Yogg clip is also really good. Don't forget to watch the bonus clip too as it can only be described as... interesting!

Episode 181 should be out soon. I suspect that it's not long before we see Barnes take a front seat in some of these videos.

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