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I'd like to start by saying that this is one of my favorite boss encounters. I just love mechanics like this, where the placement of your minions on the board really matters.

I used mage to defeat Heroic Netherspite, but I did so with only one taunt- Mirror Image. It took me two attempts, but the first was lost to a bad mulligan.


In the game with the win, my mulligan left me with Mirror Image, Frostbolt, and Ice Block. I drew Sorcerer's Apprentice next. I passed on Turn 1 so that I could lay down both Apprentice and Mirrors in unison on the next turn, blocking both beams at once and allowing my taunts to last longer. If you don't succeed in blocking the beams by Turn 2, you're as good as dead.

Unstable Portal gave me a Cutpurse, which was nice to have next to the windfury portal. His coins allowed me to play everything I wanted, whenever I needed/wanted to.

Even Spellslinger was helpful. First, he gave me the shaman spell Far Sight. Then, Netherspite cast Terrifying Roar, returning Spellslinger to my hand. When replayed, slinger gave me the shaman spell Windfury. Cast on Mana Wyrm to the right of the blue portal... As you can see in the screenshot above, Mana Wyrm was doing up to 18 damage per turn by the end.

Other useful cards:

Frostbolt and other freeze spells/effects save you from Netherspite's attack for a turn. On a side-note, it's funny that because his hero power is on auto-cast, he will waste that one mana to use it while frozen. Haha

Counterspell and Ice Block. In my match, the one Counterspell that I drew countered a Swipe. I also had an Ice Block in play, but did not need it. On the event that you are staring certain death in the face, you'll be glad to have it!

There are many cards that I would remove, such as the Flamecannon in my hand pictured above. I just went in with a mage deck that I already had, not realizing that Netherspite has no minions in his deck. Following the deck suggestions already provided by Sottle may be a more sure-fire way to win, but overall, you just need a great starting hand (mulligan wisely!) and some taunt like the sticky Sludge Belcher. :)

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