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Legendary drop preference

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Hello there fellow warlocks!

I was just curious about your legendary loot preference. From what I've read on forums/tried live I assume that most viable specs for raiding would be destro/demonology. Therefore it seems logical to aim for legendaries for these specs prio (some of them can be used in both/all specs) but primarily, which one to choose first, since demo profits from legendaries more, but destro will be played more often ?

Thanks for the advice.

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Personally, I'd look for legendaries for the spec you will be playing more often.

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    • By Valkyr
      With Sylvanas and Ragnaros leaving standard, blizzard told us that we will not get full dust from disenchanting those cards since they want people to play wild. However, Anyone who has a Rag or Sylvanas in their inventory will get the full craft dust value upon login, for a maximum of the number of cards you can have in a deck (i.e 1 copy per legendary, 2 for rare). If you have a golden version of these cards as well as the regular version, you will get the dust for 1 golden.
      I got this idea from Kripp: If you don't have a golden sylvanas or Ragnaros, you should go ahead and craft one of each even if you have the regular versions. you will get dust for the golden legendary, giving you back the dust you spend now AND you get to keep the golden card. Now you can disenchant the golden card for 1600 dust and use it to craft any legendary you like.
      If you have the golden versions of these already, DONOT craft the regular version since blizz will only give dust for the number of copies you can keep in a deck (i.e one golden). Personally I have a golden rag, and a regular sylvanas. So if i invest the 3200 dust now, Ill get 4800 dust back. What do you guys think?
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      What's the min uptime for Sephuz to be worth using it in raids over Prydaz? Maybe worth mentioning that I'm combining one of them with Anger of the Half-Giants as well.
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      Hello, fellow Warlocks
      I recently received Odr, Shawl of the Ymirjar, which does "Enemies marked by your Havoc take 8% increased damage from your single target spells." Currently I've been running Channel Demonfire, but I am curious about Wreak Havoc. I know it's amazing for cleave, but would taking Wreak Havoc benefit more than demonfire, even if it is pure single target when having this legendary? I usually browse Icy Veins guides, and haven't seen a specific comment about this.
      Apolgies if this has been asked somewhere else already.
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      So I'm confused on what to do at this point.. I'm at 30% crit with the shoulders equip and 120% mastery. Should I be stacking mastery now and not worrying about crit since I get 100% off start? I also have the bracers? Also since the burst is for 6 seconds I don't know what I should do for a opener anymore.. Any suggestions? 
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      With the huge upcoming nerfs to BtE (crit multiplier removed) and greenskins wrists (400% to 300% damage), i am wondering if the effect will still be worth using in 7.1.5, or whether or not they will become a glorified stat stick. With the slight buff to ghostly strike also, it seems they may become useless. Does anyone have any info / run any sims on the issue. On a side note, with the single target buffs to outlaw is it going to be a competitive spec, and will slice and dice overtake roll the bones to give the spec more consistency (although make it far more boring).