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Trolden's Funny and Lucky Moments #183 and #184

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Trolden has released Episode 184 of his Funny and Lucky Moments series. Included in this post is that Episode, and also Episode 183.

It seems that I judge every Trolden video by how many Yogg-Saron, Hope's End are present, and this one has a lot of them. In fairness though, he's vetting them pretty hard now and most of them are genuinely amusing.

There is an interesting interaction in the second clip where Summoning Portal is able to reduce the cost of minions below 1 as they have previously been reduced by Emperor Thaurissan. That clip is also one of the most spectacular I've seen in a while. This is overall a very good episode.

Having just said how much I liked the Summoning Portal clip in Episode 183, it is definitely rivaled by the first clip in Episode 184. The fact it takes place at Rank 20 Legend makes it all the more incredible.

The rest of Episode 184 contains a good mix, and I feel that Trolden's work has been back to its very best recently.

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2 hours ago, Keizoku said:

RIP Control Warrior! And on his tomb they wrote "We win next turn." as epitaph...

Might be my favourite clip from Trolden ever. Amazing.

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