Emperor Thaurissan — Neutral Card

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Emperor Thaurissan is a neutral minion. This card used to be obtained in the Blackrock Mountain solo adventure, but is now only obtainable through crafting (unless you purchased the first wing of Blackrock Mountain before the expansion was removed from the shop, in which case, you can still purchase the rest of the expansion). Below the card images, you will find explanations to help you use the card optimally in every game mode of Hearthstone.


General Comments

Emperor Thaurissan is an extremely powerful card with a unique effect. It is able to enable various combos to come out on an earlier turn than usual, or to allow combinations of cards that are not usually possible with the constraints of 10 Mana. It can also be used as a Tempo investment, as you spend one turn playing a fairly slow card, in order to gain massive amounts of Tempo in the following turns with your cheap cards.


Constructed Play

In Constructed, Emperor Thaurissan has many uses. It is strong in a Druid deck that can either get it out early using Innervate and start to get repeated value out of it, or play it late to increase the potency of the Force of Nature + Savage Roar combo. It also can be used to great effect in combo based decks like Miracle/Oil Rogue, and Freeze Mage.



Emperor Thaurissan is no longer available in Arena.