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Hello all. With the addition of Legion, I find myself lost when it comes to figuring out optimal gear combinations for what I have available to me in my bags. Currently I have pieces of gear that could be swapped around ranging in ilvl,  and I get overwhelmed figuring out which combination that would be the best available to me. I understand that Agility is our top priority as a stat, but at what point does this get trumped with optimal secondary stat combinations.

This is my armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/proudmoore/Haibik/advanced

I have links for the pieces of gear that I'm currently holding onto, in the case that what Im wearing could potentially be paired up with (for "better" secondary stat combinations):


http://www.wowhead.com/item=139083/bramblemail-pauldrons&bonus=1492:1826   (has prismatic socket)






I realize that with raiding and mythic (+) dungeons I could face replacements for the gear im wearing now, but I still come to the same question of what I should and shouldn't pair with.

Also in regards to optimal gearing, I have a question pertaining to relic choice. Currently for my artifact weapon I am using the following:




And I have access to http://www.wowhead.com/item=137316/torch-of-shaladrassil&bonus=1726&spec=263

Would it be worth it to replace my +42 ilvl Fire relic for an optimal relic trait of the +36 ilvl Fire relic? Would losing the 6 ilvl from the Original relic make up for the 10% increase to attack speed for a total of +50% attack speed on stormbringer proc? I'd imagine no, seeing as how the guide notes that ilvl trumps artifact traits. In this case I'm wondering if the increase to attack speed from stormbringer procs (possibly resulting in more stormbringer procs) could justify the ilvl drop. 


This may be poor intuition but I don't trust Mr. Robot, only because It doesn't seem to take the 1: .7 mastery haste ratio into account. Speaking about mastery and haste, is the 17% haste before Ancestral Swiftness still recommended? Or was it strictly a Pre-patch strategy.


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My suggestion would be to run some sims using various combinations of gear to see if you can get a significant dps increase. Some general rules 

  • Go for the highest ilevel gear with mastery on it. Avoid pieces with versatility. From what I can see, your gearing  favouring haste/mastery is pretty good already. 
  • No combination of secondary stats is going make a 825 gear better than a 850 gear. If more than 10 ilvl upgrade, equip the higher ilvl piece regardless of secondary stats
  • For the relic, the ilevel of a 840 is going to beat out a 825 relic with a favourable trait. 
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