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So, I finally managed to craft kazakus (got 120 dust off my brawl pack ^^) and I was wondering.

what are some of your favorite kazakus combinations?

I am currently only running him in medihv reno mage .

when answering I'd like to know:

- What deck are you playing?

- What mana cost do you choose for the spell

- the combination of effect

- why


I personally only played him once, just now in that mage deck but I wasnt too sure. should I generally just try to react to what's needed at that moment. are there any combo's good against certain archetypes (I figure not crafting a 10cost spell against pirate warr is a given). I went for 5 mana gain 7 armor and deal 4 damage to all minions against a dragon priest, but even though it took care of his board it didnt quite cut it imo.


Let's hear your ideas

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In general, against aggro, Felbloom (if on curve)/Felbloom is the best choice, together with either Stonescale Oil (to regain health) or Netherbloom (to regain board). 

Against control, you should go with more greedy approach, especially if you are winning. KingsbloodIchor of Undeath and Netherbloom should be your choices, and Heart of Fire if you are losing. Possibly Shadow Oil if you are a renolock playing Krul the Unshackled.

My personal favourite is Heart of Fire + Netherbloom because it feels like a Firelands Portal for a warlock (or priest, mage).

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aigh, I pretty much figured the cheap aoe was the go-to against aggro, armor makes sense in that match up too. I think generally I'd pick draws or resurrects over random demons or the body I think. although I'll have to experiment with all of them.

That match up against dragon priest I was already losing desperately and since I had a Flamestrike in hand I figured I aoe down the board over 2 turns using the 5 cost spell. I forgot dragon priest really doesn't care since they just drop 2 taunters and buff their health again straight after and then the Deathwing, Dragonlord drop sealed it. (didn't get to draw polymorph in time)


thx for the general advice tho, I found the first time using him a bit overwhelming especially since I was planning on making a few other plays in the same turn, I ended up picking quicker than I should have ^^

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I play reno priest and it really depends on the deck and situation.  In general, the lower the cost of the spell, the stronger the effect is for its mana cost (For instance, a 1 mana spell does 2 damage to all minions, a 5 mana only does 4, double the effect at 5 times the cost).  Against aggro, going for like kazz turn 4 into 1 cost potion, water elemental is a very very strong turn 5 play.  What it comes down to is knowing the matches.  Against reno lock, if I play kazz on curve, I go for a 5 mana, sheeple one, because a turn 4 twilight drake will almost always win the game for a reno lock, especially if they follow it up with a faceless shambler or manipulator (priest has a horrible time dealing with twilight drake).  If its a late kazz, I go for either the AoE sheep or the six damage because jaraxxus will also single handedly win the match for them and I really really like having an answer to that.  So, a general guideline is, against aggro, you almost always want to go for the strongest play possible on any given turn.  So if you have a strong 4 drop, a 1 cost potion is the best, otherwise, curve out with a five cost potion, and it is hard to say what the best is in any given situation, the armor gain is good if you just need to survive, the damage ones are good if you need to stabilize, the revive, demon, and extra health for minions ones are good if you just need the value, or if certain minions are dead (like doomsayer and dirty rat).  Against control, you generally want to use your kazz with brann.  If you need the strongest possible play, 2 five mana potions are really good, or you can go with 2 10 mana ones for the super grindy games (Or a five and a 10).  I really don't like the draw cards one for the 10 mana potion, because if your going for them, odds are its going to be a game going to fatigue and drawing isn't as good, however, as reno mage, you often just burn your opponent out, so grabbing something like 8 damage and draw 3 is pretty strong if you just want to go face.  In general, your deck gets very little from the revive in control mirrors since most of your minions are rather weak without there battlecries.  Against N'zoth decks the 10 mana sheep is really really super strong, and often wins you the game outright (also really good against anyfin since transforming there murlocs means they don't die and can't be revived).  Really you just want to figure out how you will win or lose a match and pick an appropriate combination of effects, like the +4 health one to play around a turn 7 flame strike if you have a large board.  The other thing to make note of, 10 cost minions are rather bad to summon with ateish, so you might want to avoid that.



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