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Help With Crit

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At level 90, 600 crit rating equals 1% of crit. As far as I know, crit is additive (not multiplicative). Therefore it stands to reason that for every 600 crit rating I add, there should be an increase in crit chance by 1%.

Unfortunately I am not seeing this on my tooltip. While naked and unbuffed, my crit rating is 0 and my crit chance is 1% (the base amount). When fully geared, but still completely unbuffed, I have 8629 crit rating which should be 14.38% crit. However, my tooltip says that I have 22.88% crit.

I have not changed any talents or specs. What is the value that I am missing here?

EDIT: Ignore this post. I did the most asinine thing and forgot to factor in the crit from Intellect. I am going to leave the post intact so that others can learn from my noobish mistake. :D

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Int and/or Agility both add crit but do not show up on the tooltip for crit rating.

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