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What crafting options are there?

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are there any viable crating options in the game besides the ones Kanai's Cube? Should I do anything at the blacksmith or jewelery crafter? I have used the extract legendary power recipie, change set item, upgrade rare and change gem recipe in the cube, are there any other good ones? I have so many of the crafting ingridients (other then Deaths Breath), that I would love to do something with them..

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You can craft early game.

But there aren\t any end game items which are used in a high end build.

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Thanks, I assumed there aren't. I just found out about reforging legendaries, which gives me a good shot at turning my bad rolled compass rose into a better (and even ancient one) and same should work for reforge set item, when I use it on the Amulet from the same set. :)



I am still missing In-geomIn-geom and The FurnaceThe Furnace, can I craft those by upgrading rares efficently? I see that Furnace is Level 31, can it be crafted by upgrading?


Edit2: I found out, that I can not reroll set pieces with 2 or less items in the set. :(

But I read, that In-geom and The Furnace can be crafted by upgrading rares, so I answered this myself. Thanks.

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not that you asked this question, but .. there is a patch coming in the future that will move your crafting mats to a new tab, removing them from your stash and inventory and store them like GOLD .. when you "extract legendary power" (for example) the mats will just be pulled from this new storage automatically.  I believe just bounty mats and white-blue-yellow salvage mats ... not gems.


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    • By Taan
      Hello everyone!

      Here is something I wanted to do for some time now. I recognized that some people complain about the prize of Hearthstone or that you can only achieve higher ranks when you pay real money. I don't want to discuss this topic here (also I totally disagree ;) ). Instead I want to give some advice how to manage your resources (so Gold and Dust) more wisely and therefore get better decks and more fun out of them.

      You may deem some of the advice pretty expected, but maybe the "strategies" I run can still inspire you to wasting less and getting more. But I will still skip the obvious: get as much gold as possible, finish the Brawl every week etc.

      Also Icy Veins (the side you are currently on) has a pretty nice Guide-Section too and I will try not to repeat the hints from there.

      Finally: the hints are mainly for the standard-format.

      1.) Know when to stop and save up.

      After purchasing something like 50+ packs you will own nearly all commons, most of the rares, some epics and a few legendaries. So you will draw mainly cards you already own from additional packs. Since drawing cards is much better than crafting them (e.g. you basically save 300 dust, when you draw an epic card you would have crafted otherwise) saving your gold up for the next expansion can be much more valuable than buying more packs for the current set. Just head into your collection from time to time and check all the cards from the set you would have bought packs from. If you realize that you mainly missing out legendaries and a few epics it could be time to stockpile your gold (since the chance of drawing a specific epic or legendary is pretty slim anyways). You should be able to have 3000 to 5000 gold at the start of the next expansion that way.

      2.) Only disenchant "useless" cards when you need the dust for a specific reason.

      Sometimes cards that are deemed useless or bad at the beginning of the meta can turn out to be quite powerful later on (e.g. Evolve before and after the release of Doppelgangster). There would be nothing more frustrating than having to craft a card you already disenchanted two sets ago.

      So be very very careful when disenchanting cards that are still legal in standard and never disenchant them only to pile up dust. You can always disenchant a card you own but never take it back.

      3.) Use placeholders and build "prototype"-decks first.

      This is a difficult one. Many people want to try out new and innovative decks. This can be quite expensive and you don't know beforehand if the deck will be any good and (most importantly) fun. Thats why it can be a good idea to test out the main functionality of the deck by replacing less important cards with similar (weaker) ones and find out that way if the deck is fun to play with.

      For example: you can play many aggressive decks in the past without (the old) Patches the Pirate by replacing him and the "pirate-package" with other low cost cards. It may be way weaker but the main structure of the deck often stays the same. Other examples would be Cubelock without N'Zoth, the Corruptor or Spell-Hunter without Rhok'delar.

      4.) Wait for the meta to settle.

      It is pretty obvious. Don't get carried away by the hype of a new set and craft everything that people call powerful. Cards can quickly fall out of relevance. Not only because they are worse than people thought, but often because the meta turns out to be unfitting for the respective deck. Taunt-Warrior is an example for this. Both Fire Plume's Heart and the Hunter-Quest were hyped, but fell out of relevance rather quickly.

      5.) try to craft cards with a wider use first.

      Some cards can only be played in one specific deck and it is pretty obvious from the first spoilers onward that they are. Twin Emperor Vek'lor or basically all the Quests are perfect examples. When you don't know what to play and/or you want to play a bigger variety of decks it can be a good idea to spend your dust on cards that are playable in a bigger range of decks and classes. Obviously neutral cards fit this idea more often.

      Examples are: N'Zoth, the Corruptor for all sorts of Deathrattle-Decks, Kazakus for every type of Highlander-Deck, Alexstrasza or Leeroy Jenkins for combo- or OTK-decks and so on.


      I play Hearthstone regular since "goblin vs gnomes" and was able to play multiple competitive decks with multiple classes without buying a single pack for real money. But I always had to be very stingy how I spend my resources and I believe that other people have to be too, to get high on the ladder while still having fun and trying out new decks.

      Do you have any additional advices how to get more out of your hard earned gold?

    • By Bugzy2341
      I created a guide for Crafting in Legion. It was posted on Wowhead a few days ago. You can check it out here. http://www.wowhead.com/guide=5282. Let me know what you think of it.
    • By Valkyr
      TL;DR: I'm mostly behind the curve each xpansion period in terms of being able to play certain decks. If I wait till year of mamoth I may miss out on experiencing certain decks which are viable right now but need specific legendaries like patches, Aya and finja. Craft now to enjoy these decks, or be smart and get ahead of the curve come next xpac. Esp. since there will be no more adventures making it harder to collect the cards.
      So, I'm done buying more MSG packs since I reset my pity counter. The only meta cards I got were Kazakus and priest legendary. I haven't seen warlock legendary used much so that will sit idle until it becomes viable. 
      Now i don't have patches or Aya or finja. Normal logic would tell me that its one month to new xpac so might as well wait for that and then spend my dust on cards which are still strong after Un'goro. But I'm starting to get tired of never being able to try various decks because I couldn't get all the important cards from an expac when they were still relevant. If I wait for next xpac, I would never have had the experience of trying patches pirate decks, or be on the other side of the "screw aya" conversation. OR try a completely different style of rogue play with finja.
      The question is, is it worth it to craft any of those crafts right now or is it better to just play casually this month and go all out next xpac!  
      I have 6500 dust readily available and another 15000 available if i disenchant my extra cards (which i dont like doing because nerf value)
      Also worth mentioning i'm still missing some key classic legendaries like alex, ysera, cairne, grommash, blood mage thalnos...
      My fav classes are Rogue, mage, warlock,  but i play all classes based on what their play style is currently.
    • By Valkyr
      With Sylvanas and Ragnaros leaving standard, blizzard told us that we will not get full dust from disenchanting those cards since they want people to play wild. However, Anyone who has a Rag or Sylvanas in their inventory will get the full craft dust value upon login, for a maximum of the number of cards you can have in a deck (i.e 1 copy per legendary, 2 for rare). If you have a golden version of these cards as well as the regular version, you will get the dust for 1 golden.
      I got this idea from Kripp: If you don't have a golden sylvanas or Ragnaros, you should go ahead and craft one of each even if you have the regular versions. you will get dust for the golden legendary, giving you back the dust you spend now AND you get to keep the golden card. Now you can disenchant the golden card for 1600 dust and use it to craft any legendary you like.
      If you have the golden versions of these already, DONOT craft the regular version since blizz will only give dust for the number of copies you can keep in a deck (i.e one golden). Personally I have a golden rag, and a regular sylvanas. So if i invest the 3200 dust now, Ill get 4800 dust back. What do you guys think?
    • By JohnnyZ
      When TOG was released I spent my first real money on the pre-purchase and made a decision to play standard, as I didn't believe I could ever be competitive in wild. I have never since played a wild game. However, I never dusted the GvG and Naxx cards I had then. My draw from MSG was quite poor, and I still lack staple legendaries like Sylvanas Windrunner and Ragnaros the Firelord. But I love Webspinner and others. I dont really want to do without any card, but I have so many holes in my collection. Any opinions and advice would be appreciated.
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