Craft now before Mammoth hits, or wait for Mammoth to hit?

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TL;DR: I'm mostly behind the curve each xpansion period in terms of being able to play certain decks. If I wait till year of mamoth I may miss out on experiencing certain decks which are viable right now but need specific legendaries like patches, Aya and finja. Craft now to enjoy these decks, or be smart and get ahead of the curve come next xpac. Esp. since there will be no more adventures making it harder to collect the cards.


So, I'm done buying more MSG packs since I reset my pity counter. The only meta cards I got were Kazakus and priest legendary. I haven't seen warlock legendary used much so that will sit idle until it becomes viable. 

Now i don't have patches or Aya or finja. Normal logic would tell me that its one month to new xpac so might as well wait for that and then spend my dust on cards which are still strong after Un'goro. But I'm starting to get tired of never being able to try various decks because I couldn't get all the important cards from an expac when they were still relevant. If I wait for next xpac, I would never have had the experience of trying patches pirate decks, or be on the other side of the "screw aya" conversation. OR try a completely different style of rogue play with finja.

The question is, is it worth it to craft any of those crafts right now or is it better to just play casually this month and go all out next xpac!  

I have 6500 dust readily available and another 15000 available if i disenchant my extra cards (which i dont like doing because nerf value)

Also worth mentioning i'm still missing some key classic legendaries like alex, ysera, cairne, grommash, blood mage thalnos...

My fav classes are Rogue, mage, warlock,  but i play all classes based on what their play style is currently.

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If you can reach rank 5 for the golden epic each month, do whatever feels better. If not, craft cards for the best decks to be able to reach rank 5 each season. Simple as that.

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I have never reached higher than rank 9. I thought with the new floor system I would be able to get much higher than before. Cut to show me still stuck at rank 20 this season.

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When in doubt, save up for the next meta. 99,99% chance both Patches and Aya will be key cards once Un'Goro is out, but it'll be still time to craft them at that point. And there is no real point in investing into cards that will rotate out soon, unless you want to play Wild.

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I'm pretty in the same boat, even though i have almost all tier 1, 2 decks. For myself I decided to save for new expansion.

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      grettings icy veins!
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