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873 Fire mage, need help with DPS

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Okay, so for my gear I  (and my raid leaders) really think I should be doing more damage on fights.  I'm mainly specced for single fights, and I tend not to switch over - but even on single target fights it seems too low.  I've tried to match up my procs for best timing and also using them whenever they're off cool down - including my Troll racial.

Here's my Warcraft Logs - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/19432781/latest

My armory - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormreaver/Tutsumi/advanced

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so a couple things I see right off the bat your Crit is way to low should be aiming for 50 % also your next secondary stat depends on what you are looking for mastery is great for multi target but garbage for single target versatility is better for single target. I aim for around 12 - 15% for both then I'm versatile in all fights as for DPS after your secondary stats come up you have to fill the traits in that weapon get your 5% dam bonus asap mythic plus great place to get your AP fast. and finaly check out your talents I see right away that you are not picking the best ones I recommend Simulation craft that will help you a lot in maximising you potential also you may be having rotaion issues once you have finished that opener it is critical that your pyro blasts are hitting with fireball to give you those huge ignites maximise your heating up with fireblast   to proc then fireball followed with insta pyro while casting fireball if you have heating up active use that fireblast no global cooldown (awesome by the way) to proc pyro and hit it at the moment fireball goes off (quartz addon is great for timing cast completions) rinse repeat until your next combustion plan your combustions to have as many insta casts up as you can with out loosing good heating up procs if you can I like to let my dragon fires get to two then hit combustion wont get as many pyro off as your opener but with the changes dumping everything on a combustion is not as important now your gear has a long way to go but it will get there you just need to get that crit up and you will see huge increases over all intellect is huge after the changes but you still need that crit or you will keep falling behind on the meters also haste is not a high priority stat it is something I would only stack after I had my crit verse and mastery up faster fireballs mean nothing if they hit for crap.

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4 hours ago, ulifer said:



What would you suggest with these items? I was using AMR to help with how to switch out gear.

$48;US;Stormreaver;Tutsumi;Non Compos Mentis;9;2;110;10:703,15:525,12:540,13:525,14:700,4:711;2;.s1;13;;;;;.s2;14;1112123;748,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,1,1,577;1,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,1,1,1,1,1,1,1;142516b1482b3336b3467,140827b1452b3446,143813b1647b1813b3462;.s3;15;;;;;.q2;121311s14b603b909b1824b138;17s8b-1967b1829b137;7492s16b-2743x142516y-1689z2986;5139s17;245s13b-125b907b296b1528b138x-13594;2533s11b-1957b1820b95e5423;2451s1b-1945b318;48s12b-318b318b3x0e0;1616s7b-331b1859b178;1s3b-2062b1994;33s9b-3405b1431b336b5b1701x0;23s15b-2027b326b1703e10;787s2b-2029b318e465;714s5b-328b1990;1945s10b-12b3;49s6b-1961b316b1632;.r;_;.inv;4984;992;556;416;1344;535;2308;42;1042;627;1202;2155;1;44;549;4;113;2;1;1;1313;714;237;170;1047;10;0;5;459;11;216;113;7;1;476;143;2;35;568;1;2;127;153;66;1683;1501;64;3;3314;837;42;188;455;14;162;1;1;1178;86;1138;9;582;2;3;441;2411;791;98;884;0;2828;437;7;12;287;527;568;1346;98;27;254;1056;3233;546;2117;53;112;2;2;1;130;1;1;1;1;41;185;165;1;1;1;120;142;25;633;797;2410;1236;5;0;0;2152;1;2;1;1082e4097;28;690;493;587;1;1273;1;1504;3019;890;297;187;1;1;1;1;217;25;33;29;383;16;27;52x52207y0e0;145;29;8;19;3;1;33;24;10;1;1;150;289x0e0;7;1;1;3;424;1;3;633;117;1259;1;1;1;2;1888;12;60;2;429;16;531e0;8;773;795;58;19;167;1;324u445;1098;621;1387;0;1;1;4;3133;989;323u0;316;1;1173;2;4;724;870u0;1772u34;1500u-34;138u0;829;1;11;56;1279;6243f344u46;4f462u0;2f347u0;1870u0;290;1741;208u0e344;3150;65;458;94;867;685;311;1;109;1922;464;1450;2;573;1929;0;1;3064v109b607b1205;62v1b-100b100;24v0b-104b104;56v0b-133b133;75b-305b167b1800e982;23b-2871b909b1824b138;13b-1962b1824b137;3b-1971b172b1799;167v-7b-2809;171v5b1128;7v-1b-1128b1072;598;85b-1154;30b0;1484;49;1;185;5;8;1;1;1;1;3;1;312;0;1;1;1;1;1;2595;820b147;740;1;8;256b2;885;522v2b1062;44v0b-1025b971;1613;191v-2b54;87;13;20;50v3b-1129b1072;492v0b-969;20v0b-103b1072;164v-10b-969;7v0b0;49v3b1026;214v7b-1178;337;21;17b872b239b1610;0b-1849b239b1610;5b-1844b235b86;26b-296b1820b76;519b-1901b1824b138;15b-3434b1462b172b134b1665;14b-1976b177b1758;0b-1935b177b1758;15b-1925b167b1800;14b-3434b1457b177b1758;3b-1935b177b1758;0b-1935b177b1758;44b-1930b225b86;27b-311b1834b96;19b-1925b1829b96;10b-1930b1834b96;0b-1930b1834b96;15b-1920b1824b138;14b-1962b296b1529b95;5b-1925b167b1800;1b-1977b177b134b1624;65b-1940b235b86;72b-321b235b86;67v0b-1046;1175b710b235b1624b92;62b-1951b1859b92e0;0b-1951b1859b92e0;7b-1956b1956;0b-1956b1956;1b-1956b1956;156b-1961b250b1710;2b-1930b177b31b1781;0b-1989b177b31b1781;77b-1989b177b1812;710b-1989b177b1758;0b-1935b177b1758;20b-1930b1834b96;0b-1935b177b1758;0b-1935b177b1758;7v-5b-1637;432;14;0;82b-298b316b1597;49b-1908b311b1600;23b-1936b249;4b-234b235b86;74b-316b230b1609;189;39;338;92;4;97b-1879b1922;0b-1922b1922;8b-1912b1869b43;1b-1902b330b1529;50;1;455;1;95v-2b-2672b1072;51;1;199b-239b177b1758;0b-1935b177b1758;11b-1930b172b1799;0b-1976b177b1758;0b-1935b177b1758;3b-1930b1834b96;2b-1935b177b134b1624;0b-1935b177b134b1624;13b-1935b177b1758;0b-1935b177b1758;21b-3391b1456b177b1758;1b-1925b167b1800;1b-3433b1461b172b1799;2b-1971b1834b96;61b-1970b1874b43;5b-1922b1922;0b-1922b1922;2b-1922b1922;0b-1887b313b1531;0b-1879b1922;40b-3337b1445b318e0;3b-318b318;9b-348b1922;0b-1922b1922;0b-1892b318e10;32b-308b229b1611;41b-1855b325b1529;0b-1849b318;0b-323b325b1529;2b-1849b318;3b-318b318;423b1577b4;2b-3b2;0b-2b2;3b-3b3;0b-3b3;38;3;0;14;0;7;27;1;146b-1883b1834b96;0b-1930b1834b96;57b-1930b172b1799;145;380;9;6;261b-2021b1994;6b-1994b1994;33b-1974b341b1701;22b-2057b2063;98;21;244b-2018b172b1799;15v7b-1661;2v-2b0;0v2b0;3v0b0;67v0b-20;168;14b-320b1994;64;42v-3b-2698b971;5;407;276;1;75b-277b2008;1b-2008b2008;2b-2003b2038;1b-2043b2008;14b-3428b1440b2024;78b-3466b567b860b2038;0b-3465b567b860b2038;13b-2043b2008;2;401b-1968b172b6b1811;5b-1989b172b13b121b1683x78012;400;355b-1984b167b1800;102$

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      Hi everyone. So I've read the guide on fire mage here on Icy-veins and got some questions related to single target rotation. First I'd like to ask about the meteor. It is mentioned that meteor should be used with Rune of Power which is fairly easy to do since Rune of Power is always ready when Metor is off cooldown. However It's also mentioned that Meteor should always be available when Combustion comes off cooldown. Now Combustion has a 2 min cooldown and meteor has 45 sec cooldown. I can use meteor twice while Combustion is on cooldown. However If I use Meteor twice , It is on cooldown when Combustion is ready. Should I wait for Combustion and not cast Meteor on the second time until Combustion is ready?
      Second what I'd like to ask is about Combustion after the opener. Its mentioned that I need a hot streak before I pop It. I fish for Pyros by casting Fireball until I get a crit and then use Fire Blast. However when I get an Hot streak I'm already mid-casting Fireball. Should I cancel the cast and cast Rune of Power or should I let that Fireball hit and immediately after start casting Rune of Power?
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      I finally dinged 110 the other day and went into a few instances and raid finders with her. As a caster noob - I main a feral - there are a few things I've noticed and am unsure about.
      The guide here on Icy Veins recommends Dragon's Breath for AoE of 3+ grouped mobs. I may have overlooked something, but I can't for the life of me find anything on the *range* of Dragon's breath. The animation makes me think I need to stand right in front of the mobs to hit them, but that can't be right, I'm supposed to be ranged and standing a good bit away - aren't I?  During levelling, I've gotten used to casting Living Bomb regardless of how many mobs I'm facing. The guide has it exclusively as an AoE ability. Is that true, or is it worth casting on a single target (boss)? Does meteor "work" on huge bosses who are standing behind a ledge/cliff, in the manner of Engine of Souls (Desolate Host) or Garothi Worldbreaker? I try placing it as close to the edge of the "cliff" as possible, does that mean it'll hit the boss?
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      [US] Stormreaver — Skunkworks
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      We all get paid to deal with idiots, why should we pay to spend our leisure time with them as well?
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          Prominent links to relevant armory pages ]A guild history with reasons for departure
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          Warcraft Logs
          UI screenshots or fraps/Stream footage
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      Shadaka (GM)
      Real ID:Shadak#1881
      Aerivore (Recruitment Officers)
      Real ID:  Aerivore#1581
      Real ID: Sov#1192
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      We currently raid 3 days per week on Mythic: Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday 19:15-22:15 server time. While it is not a lot we try to make the most out of our time. We run optional heroic/normal/alt/previous tier raids during off days in which raiders are welcome to come to. Our members also play other games outside raid times together where anyone is welcome to join(LoL, PUBG, HotS, Overwatch etc.).
      Our loot system for Mythic is RC Loot Council.
      What we expect from you:
      - We are a raiding guild with only a 9 hour per week schedule so you are expected to attend and be ON TIME! However we understand things can come up sometimes but please let us know.
      - Be able to speak and understand the English language and not be afraid to communicate with other members during raids.
      - Actively doing dungeons/world quests to improve your gear and artifact weapon.
      - Have a strong understanding of the current raid tier and be able to play your class to it's potential.
      - Always come to raids prepared(i.e. bringing food and potions, etc).
      - Come fully gemmed and enchanted with the correct stats for your class and spec.
      - Access to Discord and a working microphone.
      - Have a computer that can handle 20 man raiding and a good, stable internet connection.
      - Exorsus Raid Tools, Weakauras2 and RC Loot Council addons installed. We may ask you to install others.
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      To apply please visit our guild website: http://asylum-tn.enjin.com/recruitment
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      - 72+ traits.
      - 8/9 in ToS.
      - Exceptions to the requirements may be made.
      We're currently looking for the classes below but may consider other classes as well.
      Priest: Shadow.
      Druid: Balance.
      Warlock: Affliction.
      Hunter: MM.
      Rogue: Assa/sub
      Any and all applications will be considered.
    • By Xaundi
      I am following the rotation given in the class page on here. My parses are terrible for my ilvl and I don't understand what i am doing wrong and why my dps isn't higher. i havent been using firestarter because i feel like the boss is only above 90% for 5 seconds. Been using RoP for most fights because i have T21 4p.
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