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Hey folks,

I play frost since TBC and since i got my hands on my 3rd legendary and 2 part t19 bonus i struggle with my current build. Maybe you can enlight me :). Here we go:

I am at an avg gs of 888 with the following stats (unbuffed):

30% crit
20% haste
31% mastery
3% versatility

I have the Bracers, cape and belt legendarys at my proposal, currently running with bracers + belt.

I used to play the "normal" OBRA Build (Icy talons, Frozen Pulse, Runic Attenuation and Glacial Advance)  and did quite well. Since i got my 2 part t19 bonus i am somewhat ressource overcapped and/or GCD limited. Thats why i started tinkering around with my talents.
Currently i play around with:

Murderous Efficiency
Gathering Storm
Freezing Fog

Instead of the "normal" OBRA build. I am still not sure if this build yields better dps or not for me. Depending on proc luck i am still overcapped with ressources some times as well as ressource starved at other times cuz of the missing Runic Attenuation talent.


What do you guys think? I tried the BoS build as well but i absolutely HATE its "playstyle". can't get used to that 2 min cooldown. Most of the time I use it in a raid i get some nasty debuff and have to run -> dropping BoS xD. In mythic+ i don't like it as well because it falls off after one pack and takes 2-3 packs until its ready again...


And the last question:

would you prefere a 880 Chest + 880 trinket (that egg thing with the poor haste proc) over Nightbane Chest at 875 alongside with the eye of command at 860?

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Currently the best build is BoS, which you would be ideal for with ring and belt. While I understand the playstyle isn't ideal the other builds really just aren't very practical right now because of the reasons you mentioned. If you really wanna just stay without BoS i would just suggest Icy, frozen, runic, and GA or Obliteration.

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I've been hugging onto my favourite talons + pulse + avalanche + attenuation + glacial advance build as long as I could, but unfortunately I have squeezed all I can out of that spec and it's no longer enough, so I've had to switch over to BoS. As Drtain says it is the best build. 

I mean I it depends on the level of content you are aiming for, too. Previously mentioned build worked just fine when we smashed normal NH but as we approach mythic it is clear it won't cut it.

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I am curious on how the posters build works compared to standard OB/RA build? I am way lesser geared and mostly focused on Mythic+ dungeons so would ME/FF/GS work well for this content? I do understand BoS is the best build currently but I have alot of trouble trying to play it and would just like to find the next best alternative to the content I play. Thanks in advance for any guidance and help :)

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I played FScy a lot in M+ but noticed that the 0815 OBRA build is pretty even to it and pulls ahead the better your gear gets and the higher the mythic+ level is.

While having a little bit more burst on trash packs the FScy build looses a lot (!!!) on the bosses and the higher you get in m+ the longer the bosses will live.

Especially when you get your hands on T19 2 Part bonus i  see no reasons to ever use FScy again. Howlign Blast hits like a truck with Rime and Rime procs almost always with T19 bonus.

Concerning BoS - like i said - i hate it. I simply hate it. But i have to agree with the previous posters, that it curently sims "the best" with t19 gear. I am trying around with it now but .... i reapeat .... i HATE it xD.


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@JustDK @Ulathar

See my other thread on non-BoS builds, I currently run a hybrid (HB and GS focus) build for M+.

Armory link in signature.

It's heavily built around the Legendary helm for it's viability as if you have either of the legendaries that synergize with BoS that fact ultimately decides your path, unfortunately.

If like me you prefer the lining up of RW and PoF with Icecap it's also good for consistent AoE stuns.

With Tier19 boosting Rime so much, this build gains a lot, it's only when Rime starts generating RP at 4 x T19 that it becomes really powerful for BoS builds.

The increased proc with 2 x is actually harmful (HB crits make up for it though) to BoS because of the GCDs eaten by Rime that don't produce RP whereas for the hybrid GS/RW build you'll be close to capping RP much of the time even without T19 x 4.

Additionally, you definitely want to make sure you have softcapped your crit/haste and keep building them up where possible because the value of both remains high, especially when you can chain 10x stacks Gathering Storm on your application of RW.

I'm not even over 885 and my HB can crit for 1.9 mil. Tier 19 x 2 will be just fantastic when I can get to it.

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Dont have that helmet, as soon as i get it i will definitly try around with it hoping to drop BoS again :).

Which legendary would you use as second for your build? Bracers?

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