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Hi i´ve been thinking about a new build for dk frost in arenas, this build will be centered in obliterate´s damage, couse as you should know frost damage has been nerfed, reducing our mastery in pvp a 75%.

at tier 1 we´ll take morderous Efficiency, talent which will give us more runes to spam obliterate as many times al possible.

With the same logic at tier 2 the best option is Horn of winter which give us 2 runes and 20 runic power every 30 secons when used.

At tier 3 our best option is Hungering runes, an ability that give  us 1 rune and 5 runic  power every 1.5 seconds for 15 seconds.

At tier 4 Abomination´s might talent makes our critical obliterates to have a 20% possibilitie to reduce enemys player movement speed for 5 secs. We will  take this one becouse is a good  combo with obliteration, the lvl 100 talent. 

At tier 5  is compleatly free and depends form  enemy´s mobility

Tier´s 6 best  option is runic atenuation, talent that will give us more runic power which we can spend by death strike or frost strike.

Obviusly at lvl 100 we´ll take obliteration, a talent that for 8 seconds frost strike will triger killing maschine  giving us a 100% crit chance for obliterate, and making obliterate ncost one  less rune during this time.

Obliteration shuld be used with hungering rune, pillar of frost and icebound  fortitude  to evite every stun during Obliteration.

this is only an idea that  has to be proved 

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well its certainly nice to see someone contributing pvp type stuff, we don't see alot of that here. one thing though now in legion you'll want to include the honor talents as well, as many of those can have huge influence on which base line talent you take. so just per example, unholy has a beautiful bg slime death talent set up using honor talents that requires the base talents to change, the same with its honor talent single target (arena) build. 

so for your setup here, which honor talents do you like?

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