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Hi guys,

After a 4 years stop I started playing wow again last December and changed my spec to balance (I was healer) and I really can't understand why my dps is so low.

I'm not a skilled player in balance as I've never played it before but I'm always one of the last in dps even in mythic+1. I do not ride with my guild so the only raid experience I have  in Legion is on LFG mode but the result is the same. I've read the readable, tried all the talents trees, repeated again and again the rotations with just a few improvement. Today I wiped at Gul'dan in LFG and finally find another druid in party with stats close to mine and our combat logs are completely different. It was my first time with Gul'dan so for sure I made many mistakes with rotations due to inexperience (and a good part of panic not knowing exactly where to move) but how can it be that the other druid's moon fire deals 199k damage and mine only 22? In this log I had the buff from Azshari salad, Flask of the whispered pact and the Defiled Augment Rune. I also use potion of prolonged power at the beginning of the ink. Could it be only a matter of experience ? Or my gear is not good or am I doing wrong with rotation? 

I have the second legendary Item in bag, the research will end saturday night, so in one week I will be able to wear also the necklace Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus.  I miss the enchant on the back as I dropped it today and didn't had time to buy it but I'll do it as soon as possible.  I know I lack haste and I'm trying to rise it up.

In single target my rotation is MF, SF, NM-HM-FM-SS-SS-LS-LS-SW and so on.

Please help me understand where I'm doing wrong.


Combat Log:

Thank you very much =)


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Good day!


First of all, thanks for your post.

I've been looking into your logs and your armory profile.


Seeing your stats compared to your ilvl, you have nothing to worry about. 

Looking at your talents might be the start of the solution, you are using Shooting StarsShooting Stars and Stellar DriftStellar Drift on a single target boss. Try to go with Blessing of the AncientsBlessing of the Ancients and Nature's BalanceNature's Balance, this also greatly decreases the times u have to cast MoonfireMoonfire and/or SunfireSunfire. Based on your posted log u casted 34 MoonfireMoonfire and 23 SunfireSunfire where this could be under 5 in the whole fight for both. This gives u a lot of time and Gcd's to cast different spells like Solar EmpowermentSolar Empowerment and/or Lunar EmpowermentLunar Empowerment which do way more damage and generete Astral Power to boost you to powerfull StarsurgeStarsurge.

I would always prioritise StarsurgeStarsurge above 3 Moon's continued, ofcourse it depends the status of your Astral Power but Full MoonFull Moon has quite a long cast time and since u have no haste proc trinket/item i'd decrease my Full MoonFull Moon casts as long as u don't have a haste proc yet. When u get (BiS) Whispers in the DarkWhispers in the Dark and/or Erratic MetronomeErratic Metronome i'd advise to use it on those procs.


Also try to pre-pot before combat, this gives u a possibility to use a Potion of Prolonged PowerPotion of Prolonged Power again somewhere in the fight. 

For example: at 2 seconds DBM boss pull counter: Use pot, cast New MoonNew Moon continued with your rotation.



I hope this is of any use to you.

If u have any questions u can always send me a PM or add me in-game.


Good luck and i'm curious if this will help.


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First thing, good for you for looking for help. 

Thats an important step that most dont bother to do. With some advice from the folks here on the forum you will see your dps climb nicely as you get used to the changes suggested and as your gear improves.

Good luck with it!

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Thank you very much for your advises and support! 

I'll start immediately with changing talents and adjusting rotation and pot timing and of course I'll let you know!

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You have a Huuuuuuuuge problem of CPM (cast or action per minute). This reflect the uptime of you doing nothing while you should be dpsing.

Don't even bother changing talents before fixing this (the "AOE" talents spec still performs honorably on single targets, this is not what's hurting your dps to this level, it will, once you fixed your CPM).

Your CPM is 21.8, don't rest until it's 35+. If you do so, it's a 60% dps increase, same stuff, same build.

1/ work on training dummies, you should hit at least 45+ CPM. If you cannot achieve this CPM, there's a fundamental issue with your gameplay (mouseclick ? poor interface ? stuck into a bad rotation asking yourself what's next ?)

2/ try to maintain the CPM under raid conditions. This is where the "skill" kicks in. You need a good knowledge of the strat to anticipate movements and pool astral power for these. Placement to minimize movements is also key. 

I'd be interested in your feedback on point 1/, because solutions to your problem differs greatly if you stuck at step 1 or 2.

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Thank you Bobifle, this is something I'm working on. Actually I was stuck on casting NM-HF-FM always after MF and SF and this costed me a big waste of time.

Now I changed the rotation, preferring SS and empowered LS and SW and in between I cast NM, HM, FM but not all in a row and honestly there's a great difference!

Point 1: I have to confess that I've never payed attention to my CPM with training dummies but only in raid. Now I will use them more efficiently for sure and thank you for giving me cpm targets so I know which way to go =) I'll let you know the result of the training lessons asap !!!

For game setting I think I'm quite ok. I use elv ui, tellmewhen and weak auras. I cast with a razer naga mouse so I'm free to use keyboard to move and look around.

My dps is getting better but there's a lot more to be done. However I don't give up and keep trying =)

This is an updated log:

What do you think? Is it getting better? 

Again, thank you for all your help =)



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It seems you are improving, so keep going. There are still some issues, for instance on the guarm fight, 25 CPM. That's still too low. There is no forced downtime so you should be above (yes there are means to dps while guarm jumps around, remember to pool AP for these. Worse case, refresh your instant dots.

Guarm 25 CPM => 11 % ilevel perf (89% of the players witt you ilevel have performed better)

Odyn 33 CPM => 29% ilevel perf

You see there's a direct relation between CPM and you overall performance (true only for DPS).

I didn't want to scare you in the first place but top balance druids have around 50 CPM in raids, 56 on dummies (Haste level obviously impact these). Without targeting that high, try to get as close as possible.

Keep going, increasing the CPM is the most difficult thing to do.


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With Guarm I died, I think this could have afflicted a little bit my performance XD 

Joking apart, you are absolutely not scaring me, I need to know this if I want to improve =P and in my guild there is no main balance druid so you are really giving me all the info and stats I was looking for. It's "easier" to reach a goal when you know where it is, or at least is a good starting point!

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