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So this is the first time I've used forums for help, but I've had multiple people try to help me with my dps and I don't know what to do anymore. I've tried changing my talents multiple times, watching many different YouTube videos, and I'm to the point that I could just give up playing Balance Druid (though it's my favorite class/spec). I really don't want to do that so I would love some feedback as to what I should do differently.


Armory :

Warcraft Logs :


For my rotation I :



New Moon/Half Moon/Full Moon,


Solar Wrath,

Lunar Strike,

(then I use my Starsurge, 3x if possible, and continue casting Solar Wrath/Lunar Strike until my Astral Power climbs and I try to be sure Moonfire/Sunfire is cast at all times)



I would be very appreciative if someone could give me some tips and tell me what I'm doing wrong or where I'm screwing up! It really sucks being asked to leave raid because you can't pull your weight in dps.


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In terms of your character: 

       1. Your legendaries aren't the best.  Look for the ring that decreases the timer on Inc, the bracers, and the helm.

       2. You only have 2 set.  Focus on getting 2 more set pieces. 


Looking at the normal Trillax kill:

      1. Your casts per minute seems low.  I don't think people always understand how hard they need to spam their buttons.  Push them as fast as you can! :-)  My fingers are usually sore at the end of a raid. 

      2. Not sure why you cast moonfire/sunfire so often.  Using nature's balance talent you shouldn't have to hit them more than 10 times I'd think.  Only refresh them when they're about to fall off. 

       3. You only had 18 moon spell casts (new, half, full) in a 5:36 fight.  You want to keep the timer on this always rolling by never letting it reach 3 stacks.  You should have been able to cast it about 25 times. 

       4. You missed inc with your opener.  that is so important!   Even w/o the incarnation ring you need to use it twice in this length of fight, both times with a potion. 

      5. You were only in boomkin form for 92% of the time.  Perhaps you were in cat form dodging the beam.  In normal you can just sit in the beam as it doesn't do much damage and will give over-geared healers something to heal.  Or, if you want to practice for heroic by avoiding it then still stay in boomkin form and stagger your movement with casts.  You'll need to be close to the boss for this. 

      6. You tended to run close to the bottom in astral power suggesting that you tend to starsurge when you reach 40 AP.  If you run closer to 80 AP and starsurge to avoid hitting 100 then you'll be able to have a starsurge or two available for movement and will minimize downtime.  You then let your AP run near the top at the end of the fight when you should be dumping it to 0 anyway since the fight is over. 

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I agree with DrJ.

Your main problem is the CPM. Meaning you're taking too much time running around screaming and raising your arms not enough dpsing :o)

Also, I suggest you switch by default to the ae talent build. You'll perform extremely well in mythic man5, and almost all NH bosses. The only pure single target bosses are Krosus and Thrillax.

The other benefit of the ae build is that it is way easier to play ! 95% of the dps is done through instant casts. Moreover, starfall allows you to move while casting strikes, this is great for mobility especially for non elite players who have trouble keeping a high CPM while moving. In the end, the ae build is less impacted by mistakes, if you focus on landing your starfall right, and the instant dots uptime, the rest of the rotation has less impact.

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