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Yet another FDK legendary thread

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Alrighty, let's start with my char:

Currently, I got the head, cloak, belt, ring and kil'jaden trinket.

Question is, which combination should i use? (Note that I'm using BoS/GS build) I'm pretty sure it's tied between head + ring / head + belt. 

But please, by all means help me out on this one :-)

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Try simming the belt and ring. The helm is getting nerfed soon and i believe the belt ring combo will give you more runes for more damage

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There is absolutely 0 competition right now between helmet and any other lego. So obviously helmet, (until it's nerfed then different story, though i imagine it'll still be really strong.) And ring is currently the second best so by again obvious choice ring. 

TLDR helmet/ring no competition.

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For ToS, my bet is on ring/bracers being #1 and #2 BIS.  The 2-piece set bonus is absolutely bonkers with ring: it gives a 20% damage buff for 10s after using HRW, and the ring not only gives you 2 charges of HRW, it also reduces its CD by 10%.  Ring is the clear winner for 7.2 changes.  Reason I think that ring/bracers will be best instead of ring/belt is because 4-set will increase BoS uptime enough by itself to make the extra runes from belt extraneous to some degree.  I could be off-base and belt might end up being #2, but it largely depends on how changing from current tier bonuses to the new ones will influence BoS uptime (for instance, losing RP gen from Rime).

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12 hours ago, Shaasar said:

For ToS, my bet is on ring/bracers being #1 and #2 BIS.

I agree to an extent, but a lot depends on whether they bring back the double relic system that was talked about as Order Hall final tier... I have taken a long long time to get Blast Radius relics (2/3) and they aren't even high ilvl but to surplant the helm even at 20% buff instead of 40% may take time and certainly until you're looking at dropping T19 x 2 for your T20 set, only then will it really drop off.

For me it may be Helm/Ring for some time after patch goes live.

It will require a fair amount of testing once it goes live, just glad I have all the legendries.

I really do hope they just give all relics 2 traits, but I haven't researched it in great depth to know if they have said 'no' to the idea or whether it will resurface at some time in the future.

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