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SO New DPS Rogue..Placement Discussion..

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So, I have decided to make a new toon on a new server. Lets get to why and what I am making, so "why" thats easy Night Elfs are epic and nothing compares no matter where you look Elfs rule the lore. Now thanks to a new and good friend Nyxxiana and the Angels At Arms. now to what I am doing, I have always been DPS no matter the MMO's has been, here on WOW I have always been a warrior usually a night elf.

Now to what this post is about I want thoughts vote's opinions and anything else for what you all think is the best primary and secondary specs along with the co-aligning talent tree through wowhead if you don't mind, also what are the primary professions do you think will work well together as a crafting and gathering profession.

Now lets talk about what the Rogue will be used for, I want to say and all around Rogue but that would just be an overestimated lie so lets go into it and Ill separate the description as much as I can.

PvP: Mainly Battlegrounds and Arena's with a little bit of world PvP

PvE: Primarily Raiding being the main DPS with some dungeons in there as well(Obviously questing while I am leveling)

I will also be doing a lot of the pet battle systems and challenge modes when mists comes out well can't wait to see your responses



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For leveling up a Rogue, I can only advise you to read this guide I wrote: Leveling Up a Rogue. There you will find the spec and details about the abilities to use.

As professions, I advise you to take inv_misc_pelt_wolf_01.jpgSkinning and inv_misc_armorkit_17.jpgLeatherworking. While leveling up, you will plenty of animals to skin and you will be able to use what you get to make Leather Armor for your Rogue.

While leveling up, you can perfectly do dungeons with the same build you use for questing. The dungeons are so easy that it won't make much of a difference.

When you get to level 85 and want to start raiding, you can simply read our Rogue guides: Assassination, Combat, or Subtlety.

Regarding PvP, I'm not the best person to ask, but I'm hoping someone else here can reply to you Posted Image

I was about to forget, but Night Elf is a very good race for a Rogue, as ability_ambush.jpgShadowmeld can be a DPS cooldown for Subtlety or Assassination.

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I have decided to go Primary Spec Combat and Secondary Spec Assassination now I am in a torn spot on professions I am looking at the skinning leather working combination and the alchemy herbalism combination also I have read the leveling guide it was very comprehensive and helpful I will be turning to it quite often.

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I did both Herbalist+Alchemy and Skinning+Leatherworking on different characters. It turned out that while leveling up, you will gather MORE than enough herbs to level your Alchemy skill all the way to 525 (so you'll make a lot of profits selling the leftovers). On the other hand, you will not skin nearly enough mats to level up your Leatherworking, so you will have to actually farm or buy most of the mats.

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So alchemy and herbalism is a good one to start I though about doing a hunter also doing skinning and leather working the hunter interests me after that one ive never tried at all is a magic weilder(mage/warlock/priest) so we will have to see.

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Here is a thought I had, in all the leveling articles I have read no matter the class they say have 2 gathering classes if I have herbalism and skinning and all I do is gather would it be more efficient to keep the gathering profs on my main and then make my hunter alt and use the corresponding crafting profs(leather-working and alchemy) and as I level cap the hunter use the mats I gather a level up my two crafting profs and let the hunter and rogue assist each other in this manor also will this be a profitable manner of doing things

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you can absolutely do that, i did that with my Dk, since Nyxx was already maxed in Herbalism and Alchemy. I was already attached to my perks from alchemy and diddnt want to get rid of them.

If you have a toon, especially a melee like a rogue or hunter that does nothing but skinning/herbing mining/herbing skinning/mining etc, then have the hunter do the cooresponding crafting leatherworking/blacksmithing or so on, then it can ABSOLUTELY make things easier. I have a friend who is also a rogue, who does a LOT of raiding who does that sucessfully.

With your MAIN being the gatherer, it will be leveling up FIRST, so you will be able to get the materials for your lower toon much easier, and you wont have to pay horrid AH prices for the materials you need for the crafting. What i do to make a LOT of gold, is when i am helping someone level is take 1/2 of the materials and sell them on AH and use the other half for that lower level toon to level. That way, Gold is still rolling in, because frequently the materials that are crafted do NOT sell well on the AH at lower levels.......

HERES the cool part though......if you have YET ANOTHER toon who is a chanter, you can DE EVERYTHING for chanting Mats, and make a KILLING on Enchanting materials, continuing the cycle!! or if you dont want to go that far, Vixxn is a maxed chanter, and she (he) can DE everything as well.

I hope this info helps ANYONE who is looking at what options there are out there! <3 and WELCOME to the Sisterhood Exx!!! Posted Image

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Here is a thought I had, in all the leveling articles I have read no matter the class they say have 2 gathering classes if I have herbalism and skinning and all I do is gather would it be more efficient to keep the gathering profs on my main and then make my hunter alt and use the corresponding crafting profs(leather-working and alchemy) and as I level cap the hunter use the mats I gather a level up my two crafting profs and let the hunter and rogue assist each other in this manor also will this be a profitable manner of doing things

I did that on my Shaman, I leveled up both trade_mining.jpgMining and spell_nature_naturetouchgrow.jpgHerbalism at the same time, sending the mats to bank alts because my bank alone wasn't big enough to keep all the herbs and all the ores. When I dinged level 85, I made sure I had enough mats, and then I dropped my gathering professions for trade_alchemy.jpgAlchemy and inv_misc_gem_01.jpgJewelcrafting.

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Hi Exx...I have an 85 Gnome Rogue which I went Combat for PVE and Subtlety for PVP. I don't really do excessive raiding but have been doing the LFRS lately. I do enjoy PVP with this little fella. I chose to do Skinning and Engineering (gnome racial trait plus fun gadgets that I still use for PVP). Already have an alt with Leatherworking. Welcome to the club! Love my rogue so much I have an 85 Undead rogue on this server too. :)
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I levelled using sub and continue to use it at 85. If you are joining a new server it might be worth taking two gathering professions to generate income. If I was doing a rogue again I would choose human as their racial every man for themselves is brilliant for both pve and PvP. I have sub for both primary and secondary slots; they differ slightly, for example the one I use for PvE has AoE mitigation selected (cannot recall the abilities).

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      CLASSES: all except healing priests STAFF: Raid leader, Officers and Class leaders CONTACT:
      Socials are welcome too! More info? Questions? Want to apply? Please join our discord:
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