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Hey guys, i need an advice about enjoying the game. I started the game in almost plat 5, and now I'm 400 points in gold 3. And I wasn't even insta picking assassins, but I still had people feeding and afking. As you can guess, this really tilted me and kill my mood for playing ranked. I haven't been plat league since last year. Can someone give me any advice?
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If you start feeling tilted, stop playing. It negatively affects your performance and leads to a downward spiral. As for dealing with AFKers and feeders, there isn't really anything one can do, aside from switching to a different game, sadly.

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I've been suffering of the same issue. Gold and silver are full of people too full of themselves to understand that the game requires co-operation. What helps me counter this wave of insecurity is the fact that they won't get through to the upper ranks with that attitude and if I continue to trust in my teammates I will at some point get past them. Oh and friends, family, the academy and my teachers yadda yadda

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On 10/14/2017 at 2:03 AM, Sawzorthn said:

Watching GM streamers it appears it never actually gets better.

Happens in all of the games, unfortunately. People seem to think Grand Master/Master is the promised land where everyone works together. In HoTS and Overwatch both, at Grand Master, you have people AFKing and throwing. They insta pick because they are one tricks, refuse to play anything else and, when they are the last pick, they won't pick what you need. They'll take the loss if they have to.

I've had people in GM/M join team chat and immediately say that they are a one trick of X hero and that they are going to pick it. I've had people ban their one trick and they then just throw the game completely by intentionally feeding or AFKing.

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