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Seething Shore Battleground in Battle for Azeroth

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Seething Shore is a new battleground located off the coast of Silithus that will be previewed in Patch 7.3.5.

Seething Shore Map (Patch 7.3.5 PTR)

This is the latest map of the zone, but Blizzard previewed a different version of the map at this year's BlizzCon.


Seething Shore Zone Preview

We looked at the battleground in more detail and it looks just like the Lost Isles, but with chunks of Azerite emerging from the ground.


PTR Video

Patch 7.3.5 Coverage

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i'm just happy there is a new official bg, not counting trashran i believe this is the first since mop

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btw i still feel nothing can take place of vanilla's bgs(arathi basin/warsong gulch/Alterac Valley)

played them for years but never get tired of them..

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2 hours ago, MZLICH said:

btw i still feel nothing can take place of vanilla's bgs(arathi basin/warsong gulch/Alterac Valley)

played them for years but never get tired of them..

I feel as though a lot of the designers for those kinds of maps moved onto other things, every time I look at them and play on them you can sense that these were made by people who had designed player vs player maps for years. 

Not to say that the concepts behind each map new and old doesn't have their merits and shortfalls, but looking at this map it may look pretty but the only symmetrical field of realistic battle (the area of maps where most realistic and objective contesting would occur, many maps have a large area nowhere near anything important or to use creatively, such as Gold Mines in Arathi) that I can see is covered in water by a third. 

Water movement and pvp really don't go well for some people, especially not if any of the objectives favour something like travel form. 

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I can't quite remember what the vanilla design of that area was, but I know it wasn't that.  It was just a cave on the far end of the southern border, right?  Maybe it was the Emps' vacation home or something. 

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      It seems that Patch 8.2.5 will arrive next week to live servers, as Blizzard made the patch available for download from within the Battle.net app.
      Starting today, Patch 8.2.5 is available in the Background Downloader. We should see the patch go live next week or the week after that. In the meantime, check out the official patch notes and our hub for more details about what to expect in the latest content update.

      Image courtesy of MMO-Champion
    • By Stan
      It's time to find out what awaits us in Patch 8.2.5 which is now available for playtesting on Public Test Realms.
      Welcome to our Patch 8.2.5 content hub. We will be frequently updating it with links to our latest news coverage.
      Patch 8.2.5 Release Date Speculuation
      You can now pre-download Patch 8.2.5 ahead of release through the Battle.net app.
      Official Patch Notes
      To learn more about what's coming in Patch 8.2.5, check out the official patch notes.
      Allied Races
      While no Allied Races have been confirmed for Patch 8.2.5, we're speculating that Blizzard is adding Mechagnomes and the Vulpera of Vol'dun this time around.
      The Future of Allied Races Vulpera Coming in Patch 8.2.5 New Goblin and Worgen Models
      Blizzard is adding new models for both races introduced back in Cataclysm. Blizzard confirmed that there will be no Heritage Armor in 8.2.5.
      Goblin and Worgen Models Preview Celebrate 15 Years of Warcraft
      November 2019 marks the 15th anniversary of World of Warcraft, and players who log in during the event period will receive a celebration package in the mail with a Lil' Nefarian pet and other in-game goodies. Throughout the duration of the event, you’ll be able to participate in three unique raids with iconic encounters from past expansions along with an old-school-inspired Alterac Valley battleground. Players who defeat all nine bosses in the raid wings will receive the Obsidian Worldbreaker, a Black Dragonflight mount inspired by Deathwing. Players who participate in Alterac Valley will receive a new anniversary event currency which can be exchanged for two new mounts: the Stormpike Battle Charger (Alliance) and the Frostwolf Snarler (Horde).
      Obsidian Worldbreaker Mount Preview Frostwolf Snarler & Stormpike Battle Charger Mount Preview 15th Anniversary Alabaster Mounts Honeyback Harvester (Bee Mount)
      Alliance players will finally be able to get their hands on the long-awaited Bee mount (Honeyback Harvester)
      Where Is My Bee Mount? New Timewalking Raid: Firelands
      When Cataclysm Timewalking is active, max-level players will be able to form raid groups and enter the Sulfuron Spire once more. As with previous Timewalking raids (Black Temple, Ulduar), your gear and power are scaled to the challenge, and all the bosses and rewards you expect lie in wait.
      Party Sync
      Blizzard is experimenting with a new mode in the forthcoming patch that makes it easier for players in a party to do quests and play together: Party Sync. When players activate Party Sync, everyone in the party becomes aligned to the same quest state, including phases. By mousing over a quest in your tracker, you can see who is on the quest, what their progress is, and who’s ready to turn in the quest. There’s something else we’re going to try out on the PTR, a “replay” quest feature. This will allow players who have already completed certain quests to replay those quests with their friends for rewards that are appropriate to their current level, regardless of the original level of the quest.
      They're also relaxing level restrictions on queueing for instanced content with your friends. This allows lower-level players to queue for content in their level range, and higher-level players can choose to join them by having their level scaled down while they’re in the instance. This feature will be available for dungeon instances for PTR Week 1, with PvP instances being flagged in the following weeks. Please note that unlike Timewalking, when your level is scaled down via Party Sync you will temporarily lose access to abilities and powers (such as Azerite traits) with requirements that exceed your reduced level.
      Party Sync Detailed Recruit A Friend Returns
      Coming in 8.2.5 is a revamped Recruit A Friend system. If you have active game time you’ll be able to recruit your friends—both brand-new to the game and returning champions—to share in your adventures. To do so, you’ll be able to use a new URL generation tool to create a custom link to give to your friends. By following the link, you’ll be connected to each other and will be able to see if they have purchased game time, resulting in rewards for you! For each month your recruits have active game time, you’ll earn a new reward such as unique pets, mounts, game time and more. These rewards unlock per month and scale with how many months your recruits have subscribed for. And, of course, with Party Sync you’ll be able to journey with your friends on any of your characters. We’ll have more information about Recruit A Friend rewards before 8.2.5 release.
      Recruit-a-Friend Mount Preview: Explorer's Dunetrekker The Story Continues...
      We datamined new models for Wrathion, Valeera, Zekhan, and Calia Menethil in 8.2.5 Build 31337. Wrathion is part of the story in the new patch and he's involved in a Karazhan Scenario and we also found a new Hearthstone Tavern in the game.
      Phone Login
      In Patch 8.2.5, you can use your phone to log into the game.
      Log In to World of Warcraft with Your Phone Battle Pets
      New butterfly pets and the anniversary battle pet Lil' Nefarian await in 8.2.5!
      All Patch 8.2.5 Battle Pets Build Highlights
      In the following section, you'll find a summary of what's been added in the latest 8.2.5 PTR builds.
      Patch 8.2.5 Build 31521: Highlights Patch 8.2.5 Build 31401: Highlights Patch 8.2.5 Build 31337: Highlights Patch 8.2.5 Build 31337: New Creature Models Patch 8.2.5: Initial Development Notes Important 8.2.5 information, all in one place!
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      Method and their partners in the recent Classic event have created a series of three "Replay" videos going into the origins behind the guild, organization and its founder Sco. Starting with a very Gladiator inspired intro, the first video covers Sco's start in gaming and the big risk he took moving out of the financial industry where he had a good and safe job, to focus entirely on his gaming, streaming and Method.
      Part 2 goes into how Method pushed to get the WoW PvE esports aspect popularized and the transition from guild to esports organization, featuring the first streamer signed to the new org, Djarii and GM Sco.
      The final video focuses on the Race to World First series of events and Classic specifically:
    • By Stan
      Blizzard is adding new items to the Black Market Auction House (BMAH) in Patch 8.2.5 as noted in the official patch notes and these include Tusks of Mannoroth, Life-Binder's Handmaiden, Solar Spirehawk, and more.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Black Market Auction House
      New enchantment, transmogrifiable gear, and mount listings have been added. Unclaimed Black Market Auction House Containers will now fully create the item when open or viewed in any way. No peeking! Removed Grimoire of the Four Winds. The French patch notes, however, provide more details on which items will exactly have a chance to pop up on the BMAH starting with Patch 8.2.5 and here's the original post in French.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Hôtel des ventes au marché noir
      Les conteneurs du marché noir non réclamés créent désormais définitivement l’objet contenu lors de toute ouverture ou visualisation. Plus question de jeter un coup d’œil ! Nouveaux objets ajoutés. Le butin transmogrifiable obtenu sur Ordos est désormais disponible à l’achat. Enchantements Illusion : Givre mortel (Ahune) Illusion : Emprise de l’hiver (Voile d’hiver) Épaulières en plaques Défenses de Mannoroth (Garrosh) Spallières du premier satyre (Xavius) Montures Raptor razzashi cuirassé (seigneur sanglant Mandokir) Annihilateur en gangracier (Archimonde : mode mythique) Expérience 12-B (Ultraxion) Destructeur sabot-de-fer (Main-Noire : mode mythique) Suivante de la Lieuse-de-vie (Aile de mort) Rênes de navrecorne primordial d’ambre (Porteguerre zandalari) Rênes de navrecorne primordial cobalt (Oondasta) Rênes de grand mammouth de guerre noir (Caveau d’Archavon) Rênes de Navrecorne primordial de jade (Porteguerre zandalari) Rênes de Navrecorne primordial ardoise (Porteguerre zandalari) Faucon des flèches solaire (Rukhmar) Rejeton d’Horridon (Horridon) Tigre zulien rapide (Grande prêtresse Kilnara) Grimoire des Quatre vents supprimé We translated the list and posted models of all items below.
      Illusion: Deathfrost from Ahune

      Illusion: Winter's Grasp from Winter Veil's Smokywood Pastures Special Gift

      Transmogrifiable Gear
      Tusks of Mannoroth from Garrosh Hellscream

      The First Satyr's Spaulders from Xavius

      Armored Razzashi Raptor from Zul'Gurub

      Felsteel Annihilator from Mythic Archimonde

      Experiment 12-B from Ultraxion

      Ironhoof Destroyer from Mythic Blackhand

      Life-Binder's Handmaiden from Deathwing

      Reins of the Amber Primordial Direhorn from Zandalari Warbringer

      Reins of the Cobalt Primordial Direhorn from Oondasta

      Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth from the Vault of Archavon

      Reins of the Jade Primordial Direhorn from Zandalari Warbringer

      Reins of the Slate Primordial Direhorn from Zandalari Warbringer

      Solar Spirehawk from Rukhmar

      Spawn of Horridon from Horridon

      Swift Zulian Tiger from Zul'Gurub

      An overview of new items that will be added to the Black Market Auction House in Patch 8.2.5.
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