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Guardian Druid Tank Gear, Legendaries, and Best in Slot (BfA 8.0.1)

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Table of Contents

General Information

This page is a gear reference for Guardian Druids. It lists your best items and Legendaries, gives you gearing advice, and shows you how you will be competing for loot with other classes.

The other pages of our Guardian Druid guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About Our Author

This guide has been written by Faide, a Guardian Druid theorycrafter, moderator for the Dreamgrove Druid discord, and owner of Dreamgrove.gg, a Druid community website. He raids in Synergy on Bleeding Hollow US. You can follow him on Twitter.

1. Best in Slot List for Guardian Druids

We are currently not providing a Best in Slot list, but we do make trinket, Set Bonus, and legendary item recommendations below.

Due to the presence of Warforging/Titanforging, any item that rolls sufficiently high can become your new best in slot. As a result, a list of the "best in slot" gear will not do much good. As a general rule of thumb, an item is usually an upgrade if it is at least 10 item levels higher than the current equipped piece.

2. Trinkets for Guardian Druids

2.1. Non-Raid Trinkets

Darkmoon Deck: Immortality Icon Darkmoon Deck: Immortality is a very strong trinket for overall Physical damage reduction, despite its item level being capped at 900. It has been outclassed recently by the flashier trinkets from Antorus, but it remains a great starter trinket. Remember that the extra armor from this trinket is not increased by Bear Form Icon Bear Form.

Writhing Heart of Darkness Icon Writhing Heart of Darkness makes your Critical Strikes debuff the target to do less damage against you. It has a very high and reliable uptime because Brambles Icon Brambles can proc it, although it requires you to deal damage to the target constantly. It loses strength when you might be running in and out of melee range or swapping targets a lot, but for single target it is very powerful.

Unstable Arcanocrystal Icon Unstable Arcanocrystal provides a large amount of secondary stats and because of it, this is a reliable trinket to have. It is quite difficult to get a hold of one at a competitive item level, however.

Various Stat Sticks, most commonly gained from Relinquished tokens, can proc fairly high, and can give you a nice mix between damage and survivability. While generally more DPS-oriented, they are perfectly serviceable in both roles if you have limited options.

Deteriorated Construct Core Icon Deteriorated Construct Core is a great DPS trinket for Guardian Druids using Fury of Nature Icon Fury of Nature, as it is considered Nature damage and thus the damage is increased by the Legendary.

2.2. Raid Trinkets

Aggramar's Conviction Icon Aggramar's Conviction is your Pantheon trinket. While the empowerment effect is not super reliable at healing you to full health, the normal Versatility proc and flat Agility are very strong both offensively and defensively. Combine this with the fact that it improves your raid's DPS by providing another opportunity to proc the Pantheon empowerment, and this is a must-have trinket.

Aman'Thul's Vision Icon Aman'Thul's Vision is essentially a very high item level Unstable Arcanocrystal Icon Unstable Arcanocrystal. It is great for all the same reasons that Unstable Arcanocrystal is great, but in addition to that it has two other procs. Avoidance is very strong as a defensive stat, Leech significantly improves your self-healing, and the Speed is nice as well. When empowered by the Pantheon, it provides an enormous amount of Agility. Note that this trinket is a legendary but does not count towards your 2 legendary limit. It is however considered a Pantheon trinket and does count towards your 1 Pantheon trinket limit.

Apocalypse Drive Icon Apocalypse Drive is a very strong option when faced with heavy auto-attack damage. It is especially strong on tank swap encounters where the trinket can recharge while you are not actively tanking. Apocalypse Drive loses a lot of value when faced with several enemies that do insignificant melee damage (such as adds on a boss fight).

Diima's Glacial Aegis Icon Diima's Glacial Aegis is Antorus' much, much better version of Tomb of Sargeras' Feverish Carapace Icon Feverish Carapace; you can instead choose when to proc it. Its 187 Armor for 12 seconds on a 1-minute cooldown is really solid on any fight with periods of increased Physical damage intake, and the damage it provides is significant in AoE. Most notably, the slow on hit is very strong when dealing with dungeon trash that you need to kite around.

Eye of F'harg Icon Eye of F'harg/Eye of Shatug Icon Eye of Shatug, while interesting in concept, are not good in practice. You can safely ignore this trinket.

Riftworld Codex Icon Riftworld Codex is extremely strong in dungeons. The self-healing output of this trinket is a fantastic complement to your toolkit, which is lacking in the self-heal department. It falls very flat in raids, as it does not proc nearly as often and healing is far more abundant and less important than general mitigation in a raid environment.

Smoldering Titanguard Icon Smoldering Titanguard is the go-to trinket to use against big hits this tier. While the shield is going to be incredibly big, it will only last for 3 seconds, and you can not move or use abilities during this time. This one is a strong option against bosses with really hard-hitting abilities that tanks have to soak with big cooldowns.

Reliquary of the Damned Icon Reliquary of the Damned is a lesser version of Smoldering Titanguard Icon Smoldering Titanguard, but does not lock you down while active, and can have a shorter cooldown if the shield is consumed.

3. Tier 21 Set Bonuses for Guardian Druids

These set bonuses are very underwhelming and really not worth sacrificing item level for, and you should simply go for gear with higher item level if you can. The 2-piece will, in best case scenarios, reduce the cooldown of Barkskin Icon Barkskin by about 6-8 seconds per minute, which is not awful but definitely not strong enough to consider sacrificing any item level for.

Looking at the 4-piece, it increases healing taken after Barkskin Icon Barkskin by 10% for 20 seconds, this lasts a while but unless you are taking a lot of damage constantly, the threatening damage was done during Barkskin, and the increased healing afterwards will not really do much. You are likely better off surviving if you simply had higher item level pieces instead.

The best set pieces, in order, are:

  1. shoulders;
  2. chest;
  3. legs;
  4. gloves;
  5. cloak;
  6. helm.

The 4-piece Tier 20 Set Bonus is no longer recommended due to the sheer gap in item level between Tomb of Sargeras gear and Antorus gear.

4. Legendary Items for Guardian Druids

Legendary items have a high item level of 265, which makes them extremely strong. They are so strong, in fact, that a legendary item is always going to be worth equipping over any other item you might have in that slot.

However, there is a limitation on the number of legendary items you can have equipped at any one time (by default 1, but by now most players should be able to equip 2). Since some legendary items are better than others, if you have more items than the limit, you will have to choose which ones to equip.

Below, we will do our best to guide you through this process, as well as provide any other relevant information.

Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds Icon Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds is straight up the strongest defensive legendary out there. Its main benefit comes from increasing the effect of Thick Hide Icon Thick Hide by 75%, effectively making it reduce damage taken by 10.5% instead (+4.5% damage reduction). It also comes with a lot of main stats and 3 secondary stats.

Soul of the Archdruid Icon Soul of the Archdruid is a solid choice against Physical damage intake. Since it increases Rage generation it should be combined with Galactic Guardian Icon Galactic Guardian for maximum Rage generation. This is a fairly strong Legendary when most if not all the threatening damage you take can be mitigated by Ironfur Icon Ironfur, as it will make it easier to keep Ironfur up with more than one stack.

Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus Icon Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus gives you a shield for 15% of your maximum health every 30 seconds. It is quite effective at reducing Magic damage, and has a large amount of secondary stats on it.

Elize's Everlasting Encasement Icon Elize's Everlasting Encasement is a very strong hybrid legendary when paired with Rend and Tear Icon Rend and Tear, since it increases maximum stacks and it effectively raises the damage done and reduces damage taken from 6% to 10%. This means that defensively, you get +4% damage reduction from the Thrash Icon Thrash bleed debuff. While this might look competitive with Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds Icon Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds, if it is survivability you are looking for, you would be better off with using Pulverize Icon Pulverize (as it provides 9% damage reduction) and a legendary that further increases survivability. That said, it also increases damage done to the target by the same amount and significantly increases the amount of damage from the Thrash bleed. This is a great option when you want a little bit of both damage and survivability, but should mainly be considered an offensive legendary.

Luffa Wrappings Icon Luffa Wrappings increases the damage and radius of Thrash Icon Thrash by 25%. This is a very strong single offensive legendary, but has no defensive value. Notably, Luffa Wrappings synergizes very well with Elize's Everlasting Encasement Icon Elize's Everlasting Encasement, as the increased stacks also benefit from the damage boost.

Dual Determination Icon Dual Determination increases the maximum stacks of Survival Instincts Icon Survival Instincts to 3, and also reduces its cooldown. This can be a very valuable niche legendary on encounters that favor frequent usage of big cooldowns.

Lady and the Child Icon Lady and the Child, while technically a Balance Legendary (and only lootable in Balance specialization), it does work for Guardian as well. And surprisingly, this is a very competitive option, especially when it comes to multiple targets. On single target, it is still strong when coupled with Fury of Nature Icon Fury of Nature, since both increase the damage Moonfire Icon Moonfire deals, however defensively it does not do much on single target. Coupled with Galactic Guardian Icon Galactic Guardian in AoE situations, however, is where it shines, as whenever Galactic Guardian triggers, it casts a Moonfire on a target, and this Moonfire is duplicated and empowered by Galactic Guardian when using Lady and the Child, which means it also gives Rage. In AoE situations, you do not want to use the actual Moonfire proc yourself, but rather let it be used up when another Galactic Guardian Moonfire triggers, and it turns out to be quite a bit of a Rage gain on any fight where there is a second target able to be hit.

Fury of Nature Icon Fury of Nature is, by itself, a strong option offensively, and pairs exceptionally well with Lady and the Child Icon Lady and the Child (in both cases you will be using Galactic Guardian Icon Galactic Guardian). Defensively, it is a rather weak option due to its only strength being the self-heal; 30% of all Arcane and Nature damage dealt is not all that much, but it adds up when you are constantly taking damage. It is still not a good choice defensively, but it is a small benefit if you are already using it for damage.

Archimonde's Hatred Reborn Icon Archimonde's Hatred Reborn is a good trinket when you want an additional cooldown; in many cases it is a good alternative to Dual Determination Icon Dual Determination, that does better if the hits are more frequent but less powerful. It also explodes for 75% of the damage absorbed, split between all nearby enemies, making it effective both offensively and defensively. Its main issue is that it locks up a trinket slot, but certainly has its uses.

Sephuz's Secret Icon Sephuz's Secret can be a decent legendary where you can proc it (most easily achieved through Skull Bash Icon Skull Bash and Incapacitating Roar Icon Incapacitating Roar). It can be useful in Mythic+ dungeons if you can make good use out of the proc with Incarnation: Guardian of Ursoc Icon Incarnation: Guardian of Ursoc to get some more abilities in during their duration, since the global cooldown is reduced with Haste. It is generally outshined in Mythic+ by Lady and the Child Icon Lady and the Child + Fury of Nature Icon Fury of Nature, but if you lack that combination, Sephuz is a good alternative.

Oakheart's Puny Quods Icon Oakheart's Puny Quods is generally a pretty weak Legendary since it gives you more survivability when you are already using a cooldown. Technically, against a big Physical damage hit, it can prove effective to guarantee having Barkskin Icon Barkskin up coupled with 3 or even 4 stacks of Ironfur Icon Ironfur every minute.

Skysec's Hold Icon Skysec's Hold heals you for by 12% of your maximum health over 3 seconds whenever you cast Frenzied Regeneration Icon Frenzied Regeneration. Effectively, it increases the healing of your Frenzied Regeneration by 50%. This is potentially quite strong, as it is a significant boost to your self-healing capabilities. However, it does not stack up to the strongest of our legendaries, and it makes Frenzied Regeneration even more susceptible to overhealing, so caution is advised.

Insignia of the Grand Army Icon Insignia of the Grand Army is a legendary in name only. It is easy to obtain, but has no special effects due to the removal of the Netherlight Crucible. If nothing else, it is a high item level ring with a lot of stats.

5. Loot Competition for Guardian Druids

Regarding the loot you will get from raid or dungeon bosses, you will compete with other classes in the following cases:

Item Type Competing Classes
Tier Tokens Death Knights, Balance/Feral/Restoration Druids, Mages, and Rogues
Leather Armor Demon Hunters, Balance/Feral/Restoration Druids, Monks, and Rogues
  • Amulets
  • Cloaks
  • Rings
Trinkets Blood Death Knight Druids, Vengeance Demon Hunters, Brewmaster Monks, Protection Paladins, and Protection Warriors

6. ChangeLog

  • 18 Jul. 2018: Added Luffa Wrappings, and updated some numbers for the stat squish.
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