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Low damage as Frost on opener

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On 13/02/2018 at 1:19 PM, Fettucini said:

I'm curious whether this is just bad playing or a lack of gear.

Your opener has low DPS because your priority in the opener just doesn't really make sense.

Why are you not pre-casting Ebonbolt? It's a slow cast that would allow you to start the fight with a Flurry-proc, but you instead use it about 4-5 seconds into the fight.

Why do you wait so long to use Frozen Orb? 

I'd recommend re-reading our opener section, because there's a few issues in yours.


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Your opener should be like this: icy veins>ebonblade>frostbolt>flurry>ice lance, then if u have another mind freeze, remember to always do FB>flurry>IL, after that opener, dump your FoFs if u have, if not, use Frozen Orb>Blizzard and get a lot of FoFs to use IL. Plus, as u have leggo wrist and not that much mastery, u should be using Thermal Void instead Glacial Spike, as GS scales with mastery

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Alot of little things you have huge gaps in casting ABC always be casting. No pots the rest of the raid is using pots. Each buff you stack magnify's all the others.  Second hero is missed on some fights even if you cant line up all your cool downs just hero if the fight is going to end before you have iv and frozen orb is more then not. 

Blizzard on single target. Its not worth the GCD more so with out arctic gale. Exceptions being you will not be able to cast at any point IE mythic high command with stuns. Or if you are trying to force your frozen orb to line up with IV not always worth the effort. 

Your opener on every fight your order of operations should be 3-4 seconds to pull pre pot ( some pulls are a mess so 5 or even 10 seconds early if your tanks or some one likes ninja pulling after your pre pot start casting ebonbolt it will land as the boss is taunted. flurry as soon as the cast is finished then icelance. Next frozen orb frost bolt or blizzard ( depending on number of targets ) in the gap while frozen orb is moving to the boss. Dump FOF procs as you get them frozen orb is a pita taking you from 0 to 3 procs some times and munching, some times or giving you 1 to 3 total holding them risks munching.  Your FOF buff times look long so you may be holding. A fof proc is wasted if you proc BF holding them for bracers or chain reaction rarely is going to be to your benefit due to lost munched procs 


You don't have advanced logging so I cant say how much proc munching you have going on but I would assume its high. Frost bolt should never be your highest damage dealer ever it should be 2nd or 3rd  on a single target fight and should be miles behind ice lance. 

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On 3/10/2018 at 10:51 PM, Malinaz said:

You don't have advanced logging so I cant say how much proc munching you have going on but I would assume its high. Frost bolt should never be your highest damage dealer ever it should be 2nd or 3rd  on a single target fight and should be miles behind ice lance. 

39 BF procs, only 35 Flurry casts. Looks like 4 overwritten or missed. 

Misses Frostbolt shatter multiple times on Flurry by interrupt Frostbolt and then casting Flurry anyway.

Also doesn't seem to ever shatter Ebonbolt. Casts Ebonbolt, then hard casts Frostbolt into Flurry.

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