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The Witchwood Spoiler: WANTED!

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Miracle Rogue fans could be very interested in the latest card to be spoiled from The Witchwood.


Thai Youtuber FIFA TarGrean revealed a new Rogue card on his channel today, and it has one of the most emphatic names in the entire game... WANTED!




This spell offers Rogue two things it's constantly in the market for: a cheap spell (in The Coin), and a tool for interacting with the board. Though 4 Mana is quite a bit to pay for a modest 3 damage, if you can manage to nab The Coin off this card its almost as good as drawing a card in certain Rogue decks. That being said, WANTED! is a tricky card to evaluate and I'll need to see it in action to know just how good it really is.

What do you guys think about WANTED!? Let us know in the comment section, and be sure to check out our Witchwood Hub for more information on the upcoming set.

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My first impression is I like it.

Rogue does not have big damage spells, ofc Shadow Strike offered 5 damage but only on undamaged characters, and yes it could hit heroes as well but I never saw that :D.

I think 4 Mana for 3 damage is not that great but the reward is very nice. Might be a good setup for a following turn with some combo action and/or Gadgetzan Auctioneer.

If the cards rarity is correct, being an epic may be a hint that the devs evaluate this card to be strong. But you never know with the devs :D

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This card seems very overrated to me. At it's best, it's a conditional hammer of wrath in Miracle rogue decks, which I'm not sure it's something you want to run over other alternatives. At the most, I think it should see play as a one of(and only in miracle specifically).

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The comments go from positive to negative:)

This card is bad, just bad. We always say that miracle rogue is missing 4-drops after Pillager rotated out. But we prefer that to be a minion, instead of an effect which can be done with Backstab&hero power. 4 mana deal 3 is not bright, hunter has the same card but it summons a 3/3 minion with a beast tag, paladin has the same card and it also draws one. It is a terrible topdeck in late game, it requires too much conditions to give a coin to Auctioneer. Make this 3 mana and it has a potential (it becomes 0 mana with Prep), but at this state, it is just weak. 

It won't see much play I think. Maybe they have other tools for miracle rogue and then this card might be okay-ish.

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Do you know what rogues love more then coins? Mana efficiency.  This card is horrendous.  For the most part, fair cards don't see play, they need to be broken to see play in standard, I would argue this is worse then fair.

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I’ve not played much Miracle Rogue but this seems overcosted by a mana point to me. Deal 3dmg is 2 mana at best, draw a card is 1.5mana at best. Since the card draw is also conditional, seems unplayable at 4 mana. Unless there’s some new coin synergy coming.

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