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Ben Brode on Keywords, the Monster Hunt and More

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We've summarised two interviews of Hearthstone's Game Director from PAX East 2018.

Ben Brode sat down with TempoStorm. The questions breached a variety of topics and here are the main points:

  • 2-mana Secrets are part of Hunter's identity, so it shouldn't be expected that we see Secrets for Rogue that often.
  • Rush is here to stay for future sets; Echo may not have as much development, it will depend on its success.
  • On the topic of Keywords, they like rotating them around and introducing new ones at a healthy pace. However, less used Keywords, like Inspire, Adapt or Echo, may be re-introduced in the future with a new twist.
  • There was a mechanic for The Witchwood called "Murder Mystery". You would get to Discover a card and add it to your hand; then your opponent would be offered the same choice and if he picked the same card as you, he/she would also get it. We will see this mechanic in the future!
  • They are still trying to figure out a good way for people to get older card backs that aren't available anymore.
  • Just as Mike Donais had stated, Ben Brode would also not be surprised at a Naga Sea Witch nerf.
  • Tournament mode isn't designed for e-sports usage. However, they have something coming up for e-sports.

Brode also had a video interview with Shacknews. This is one of the interviews we should have covered last week, when we were slightly busy; for continuity's sake, though, I will include it. The Monster Hunt is the main topic of this interview. If you can't wait until tomorrow to find out on your own, read on:

  • In the Monster Hunt, the Cannoneer uses Warrior Cards. He also has a Cannon minion on board, which can be activated via its Hero Power, and it will fire at targets exactly across from it - so positioning matters!
  • The last boss for Toki, Time-Tinker, the Mage Hero, is herself from the future.
  • Once you beat the Monster Hunt with all four heroes, they unite to face the final boss: Hagatha, the Witch.
  • Cubelock is doing well, but Ben expects that with the yearly rotation there will be fresh meta decks. They are open to nerfing the deck, however they still think it's a difficult one to pilot (Mike Donais had more or less said the same thing a couple of months ago).
  • There's more talk about the lore of the Witchwood, odd and even cards, 1-mana drops and more!
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