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So getting everything in order for raid time, food and potions are a bit of a brain tease for me.


Ok so tables give 200 main stat (Dex,Int,STR, ect)

‘Best food’ gives 375 secondary – Haste,Ver,Mast,Crit, extra dmg

So what’s technically better from a flat dps/healing standpoint? Boomkin aside, what is the most ‘optimal’ food to be packing come raid time?


Potions and prepot:

So I assume melee uses ‘Potion of Old War’ and ranged uses ‘potion of deadly grace’, even healers, prepot? I can’t see any other way of doing it.

Also tanks – not too sure you’ll require the unbending potion pre-pot, think they should go for old war too?



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It most likely depends on your class, honestly, as well as the different weights between stats. If you want an exact answer for the food, sim your character and check the stat weights. Compare the weights to the stat number from the food and you'll see which is better.

If you want a simple answer, check the Consumables page of our guides. They list exactly which food, potions and runes each class should be using.

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