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Battle for Azeroth Beta Build 26707 Talent Changes

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An overview of the latest changes implemented to the game in the latest Beta Build 26707.

Welcome to the latest overview of talent updates added to the game in the latese Beta Build 26707. Following the most recent Class discussions, there are plenty of Balance Druid, Discipline Priest and Protection Paladin updates.

We updated our Battle for Azeroth Class Changes to correspond with all changes listed below, and you can find more information about Battle for Azeroth by visiting our Expansion Hub. Our coverage of Beta Build 26707 includes new Azerite Traits, Battle Pet Updates, Dark Iron Dwarf & Mag'har Orc Unlock Requirements, BfA Pathfinder Update & Mythic Keystone Seasons.


Dev comments on the Balance Druid rework can be found here.


Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3
15 Nature's BalanceNature's Balance Warrior of EluneWarrior of Elune Force of NatureForce of Nature
30 Tiger DashTiger Dash RenewalRenewal Wild ChargeWild Charge
45 Feral AffinityFeral Affinity Guardian AffinityGuardian Affinity Restoration AffinityRestoration Affinity
60 Mighty BashMighty Bash Mass EntanglementMass Entanglement TyphoonTyphoon
75 Soul of the ForestSoul of the Forest Twin MoonsTwin Moons *new* Incarnation: Chosen of EluneIncarnation: Chosen of Elune
90 StarlordStarlord Stellar DriftStellar Drift Stellar FlareStellar Flare
100 Shooting StarsShooting Stars Fury of EluneFury of Elune New MoonNew Moon *new*



Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3
15 Eye of the TigerEye of the Tiger Chi WaveChi Wave Chi BurstChi Burst
30 CelerityCelerity Chi TorpedoChi Torpedo Tiger's LustTiger's Lust
45 AscensionAscension Fist of the White TigerFist of the White Tiger *new* Energizing ElixirEnergizing Elixir
60 Tiger Tail SweepTiger Tail Sweep *new*  Good KarmaGood Karma *new*

Ring of PeaceRing of Peace *new*

75 Inner StrengthInner Strength *new* Diffuse MagicDiffuse Magic Dampen HarmDampen Harm *new*
90 Hit ComboHit Combo Rushing Jade WindRushing Jade Wind *new* Invoke Xuen, the White TigerInvoke Xuen, the White Tiger
100 Spiritual FocusSpiritual Focus *new* Whirling Dragon PunchWhirling Dragon Punch SerenitySerenity



Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

A few changes to Protection in an upcoming build. Mostly focused on smoothing out issues in the core rotation and active mitigation.

Listing all at once because they're all pieces of the same goals. First, Avenger's ShieldAvenger's Shield is back to having some baseline defensive value, which pulls the rotation together by making you care about both hit and Hammer of the RighteousHammer of the Righteous other than for pickups/damage.

Second, ConsecrationConsecration is easier to work with. If you don't have to move, you have to replace it less often, and if you do have to move, you can replace it much more quickly. While standing in ConsecrationConsecration still has some value, your core buttons no longer rely on it, and the loss of mitigation from being outside it is much smaller than Legion. It also provides a small source of baseline magic mitigation.

Finally, the gap between Shield of the RighteousShield of the Righteous uptime and downtime, in terms of mitigation, is less dramatic. The previous mastery made that gap get wider and wider as the expansion went on, leading to the problem of increasing moments of vulnerability when active mitigation was down. Shield of the RighteousShield of the Righteous will now have more consistent value across the expansion. The spec will be tuned expecting slightly lower Shield of the RighteousShield of the Righteous strength and uptime compared to Legion, which helps avoid the problem where there were windows of very poor mitigation compared to other tanks.

Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3
15 Holy ShieldHoly Shield RedoubtRedoubt *new* Blessed HammerBlessed Hammer
30 Crusader's JudgmentCrusader's Judgment First AvengerFirst Avenger Bastion of LightBastion of Light
45 Fist of JusticeFist of Justice RepentanceRepentance Blinding LightBlinding Light
60 Retribution AuraRetribution Aura CavalierCavalier Blessing of SpellwardingBlessing of Spellwarding
75 Final StandFinal Stand Unbreakable SpiritUnbreakable Spirit *new* Hand of the ProtectorHand of the Protector
90 Judgment of LightJudgment of Light Consecrated GroundConsecrated Ground Aegis of LightAegis of Light
100 Last DefenderLast Defender Righteous ProtectorRighteous Protector SeraphimSeraphim



Here's a blue post clarifying the latest Discipline changes on Beta, outlining some future changes for the Priest specialization.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

Quick clarifications (all still subject to ongoing change), since this build was in a slightly intermediate state. We're seeing all the feedback on relative balance of talents within a row, but I don't want to make any claims or promises on which talents might eventually land higher/lower. We just rearranged a lot, and whatever I say will probably be proven wrong once we give a more thorough look and heavier testing happens on beta.
Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3
15 CastigationCastigation Twist of FateTwist of Fate SchismSchism
30 Angelic FeatherAngelic Feather Body and SoulBody and Soul MasochismMasochism
45 Power Word: SolacePower Word: Solace Shield DisciplineShield Discipline MindbenderMindbender
60 Psychic VoicePsychic Voice Shining ForceShining Force Dominant MindDominant Mind
75 Sins of the ManySins of the Many *new* OrisonOrison *new* ContritionContrition *new*
90 Purge the WickedPurge the Wicked Divine StarDivine Star HaloHalo
100 Lenience's RewardLenience *new* Luminous BarrierLuminous Barrier *new* EvangelismEvangelism



  • Shadow EmbraceShadow Embrace is now a level 90 talent (down from 15).
  • NightfallNightfall is now a level 15 talent (up from 90).
  • DeathboltDeathbolt is now a level 90 talent (down from 15).
  • Drain SoulDrain Soul is now a level 15 talent (up from 90).
Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3
15 NightfallNightfall Drain SoulDrain Soul *new* HauntHaunt
30 Writhe in AgonyWrithe in Agony Absolute CorruptionAbsolute Corruption Siphon LifeSiphon Life
45 Demon SkinDemon Skin Burning RushBurning Rush Dark PactDark Pact
60 Sow the SeedsSow the Seeds Phantom SingularityPhantom Singularity Vile TaintVile Taint *new*
75 DarkfuryDarkfury *new* Mortal CoilMortal Coil Demonic CircleDemonic Circle
90 Shadow EmbraceShadow Embrace *new* DeathboltDeathbolt *new* Grimoire of SacrificeGrimoire of Sacrifice
100 Soul ConduitSoul Conduit Creeping DeathCreeping Death *new* Dark Soul: MiseryDark Soul: Misery *new*


Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3
15 Growing ShadowsDreadlash *new* Demonic StrengthDemonic Strength *new* Biliescourge BombersBiliescourge Bombers *new*
30 Demonic CallingDemonic Calling Hand of Gul'danPower Siphon *new* DoomDoom *new*
45 Demon SkinDemon Skin Burning RushBurning Rush Dark PactDark Pact
60 From the ShadowsFrom the Shadows *new* Soul StrikeSoul Strike *new* Summon VilefiendSummon Vilefiend *new*
75 DarkfuryDarkfury *new* Mortal CoilMortal Coil Demonic CircleDemonic Circle
90 Soul ConduitSoul Conduit Inner DemonsInner Demons *new* Grimoire: FelguardGrimoire: Felguard *new*
100 Sacrificed SoulsSacrificed Souls Demonic ConsumptionDemonic Consumption *new* Nether PortalNether Portal *new*




More changes will be implemented for the Warrior specialization in a future Beta Build and you can find more details in the Fury discussion here.

Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3
15 War MachineWar Machine Endless RageEndless Rage Fresh MeatFresh Meat
30 Double TimeDouble Time Impending VictoryImpending Victory *new* Storm BoltStorm Bolt
45 Reckless AbandonReckless Abandon OutburstOutburst AvatarAvatar
60 Furious ChargeFurious Charge Bounding StrideBounding Stride WarpaintWarpaint
75 CarnageCarnage MassacreMassacre Frothing BerserkerFrothing Berserker
90 Inner RageInner Rage FrenzyFrenzy BloodbathBloodbath
100 Wrecking BallWrecking Ball Dragon RoarDragon Roar BladestormBladestorm


  • Dragon RoarDragon Roar is a new level 45 talent.
  • BolsterBolster (level 60 talent) removed.
  • BolsterBolster - new level 60 talent with a different functionality.
Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3
15 Into the FrayInto the Fray PunishPunish *new* Impending VictoryImpending Victory
30 Crackling ThunderCrackling Thunder Bounding StrideBounding Stride SafeguardSafeguard
45 Best Served ColdBest Served Cold Unstoppable ForceUnstoppable Force *new* Dragon RoarDragon Roar *new*
60 IndomitableIndomitable Never SurrenderNever Surrender *new* BolsterBolster *new*
75 MenaceMenace *new* Rumbling EarthRumbling Earth *new* Storm BoltStorm Bolt
90 Booming VoiceBooming Voice VengeanceVengeance DevastatorDevastator
100 Anger ManagementAnger Management Heavy RepercussionsHeavy Repercussions RavagerRavager

Previous Talent Changes

We're covering talent changes every Battle for Azeroth Alpha/Beta Build. Here's a history of our previews so far:

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On 5/26/2018 at 6:57 PM, Yridaa said:

These additional stat-padding talents are very uninteractive, boring and uninspired from a gameplay perspective. Here I thought Blizzard wanted to move away from those.

I think Priests will get another pass over their talents eventually, but Lenience seems like a quiet yet effective talent to have access to in a small raid environment or a battleground. Sins of the Many is a current artifact perk that will encourage min maxing in this talent form as well as assisting in speed or timed runs and is otherwise on an extremely competitive tier. I really like the sound of Punish, and will really help up levelling Warriors in Prot spec, regardless of whether they do dungeons or solo, while being a solid pick on non-add raid or boss fights. If anything, I am disappointed by the level 90 tier for Warrior; Booming Voice is underwhelming, I didn't like the feel of Devastator and Vengeance... well, it's alright. 

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As long as they are not very strong, passive options are great for new / lazy players. Its problematic when they are the strongest / on par options in the row, however, as it causes the spec to lose complexity for the sub-set of people who enjoy it (min-maxers who will take whatever is best no matter how hard it is to play).

So its generally better if the tuning on active extra buttons and other complex options is higher while passives are not useless but clearly less powerful.

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I really like the new iteration of prot. Even i didnt play it on ptr, this sounds quite ok for me. I'm glad the old bolster is gone. I think we have good options now in singletarget, ae fights as well as physical / magical fights. With new bolster we can use our rage more into IP. I knoe there are several people out there who dislike IP. But i like the playstile to support my healers in this way. Only thing what seems to miss is selfsustain. We're getting dmg in basically every situation but selheal is missing (and no, victory rush is no option in my view). But well, probably we wont be a selfsustain tank and can't solo some contenz while others can. But as long i got a healer in my back, i prefer to be a mitigation (and easy healable) tank than a spiky one. 

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