Taverns of Time Event Is Live

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Start saving up for the next Hearthstone expansion, since for the following three weeks daily quests will award increased Gold AND Arcane Dust.

The Taverns of Time event was patched in the client a few days ago and it's been live since yesterday. The event will last until July 3. There are new quests that award both Gold and Dust: four 60 Gold & Dust ones, one fpr 80 Gold & Dust and three 100 Gold & Dust ones (you can check them all out at our friends on Hearthpwn). If you have an older regular quest, you can reroll it to get a Taverns of Time one.

This event is also all about the Arena. With the Arena updates implemented, everyone has received a free entrance ticket to try the mode out. 28 Arena-only cards are also available for the duration of Taverns of Time. Here they are:



Don't forget that tomorrow, Wednesday the 13th of June, it's Free Pack day! Login and claim you Golden Classic pack.

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that free run! 3 loss!!!! I'm generally bad in arena but not even 1 win!!!

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Made a warlock deck. It’s about 2/3 new cards (Including 2 copies of the warlock draw and 2 copies of the discover instead of draw 2/4) and I would have died to fatigue in my first game if I didn’t manage to pick up Rin as well. Probably going to be my best except for when I got 2 Unstable Evolutions and Bloodlusts in 1 deck. Went 5-0 until it was replaced with this.

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Got the statistically expected 4 common + 1 rare -  "Sigh". But 300 dust is more than nothing. Thanks Blizzard.

And the quests have so far been very nice.

Got 2 of them 100/100 + 80/80 on the first day.


Did not have any pendig from the day before. A friend also got two on the first day. Did everyone get double quests on the first day?


Did quite bad on the arena run. 1 - 3. That is bit lower than I normally perform. I may be rusty. It has been a long time since I played arena. In retrospect I should have checked up on what all the new cards where about. I got some suprises from the OP effects when they where dropped on me. But it was fun.  

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Meh... Arena is unbalanced enough as it is and those Sands of Time cards make it even worse. Went 5-3, which is okay, but I don't think I'm going to spend any gold on further plays.

That reward though... 



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