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Omega Assembly Revealed in "Enter Boom Labs" Episode 3

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Warrior picks up a playable new spell for both Mech and Omega decks.


The third episode of "Enter Boom Labs" has brought us a new Omega card for Warrior:




When it comes to Omega cards, the bar for playability will almost always be set by how effective the cards is before you reach 10 Mana. WIth Omega Assembly, the non-Omega version of the card is on-par with several existing cards which have seen play (Hallucination and Blazing Invocation). I think Mech Warrior decks (tee hee) will be happy to have something to do with their Mana on turn 1, and even happier to to have a 3 for 1 as a potential top-deck in the late game. What I'm unclear on is whether or not this effect is strong enough to find its way into non-Mech decks. The answer to this question will heavily depend on the number of playable Mech cards which get printed in The Boomsday Project.


For those interested, you can watch Enter Boom Labs Episode 3 right here:



What do you think Omega Assembly? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our Boomsday Hub for more card reveals from the upcoming expansion.

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