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Dyn-o-matic Card Reveal

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Part mech and part dinosaur, Dyn-o-matic is a minion that can completely turn a game around.


What's the only thing cooler than a dinosaur? A robot dinosaur, of course!




This is the kind of card that could completely turn a game around on turn 5. Though you might expect this card to be at its best in tribal Mech decks, I suspect that Mech decks will lean more heavily towards the aggro end of the aggro/control spectrum and would much rather be playing cards that push damage on turn 5 (such as Magnetic cards). Instead, I see Dyn-o-matic as a solid midrange card, kind of like a Vilespine Slayer for Warrior.

Where do you see Dyn-o-matic fitting in to the meta? Let us know in the comment section, and be sure to check out our Boomsday Hub for more card reveals from the new expansion.

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