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Boomsday Project Expansion Logo

The Boomsday Project will be the second expansion of 2018, and is set to release on August 7th. Led by the iconic Dr. Boom, the science-fiction themed set will heavily feature Mechs, include a new single-player campaign, and will introduce a number of new mechanics to the game.


New Keyword: Magnetic

Spider Bomb Image - Boomsday Expansion

Magnetic minions can be used to add their stats and abilities to other minions with Magnetic on the battlefield. The combined minion will have the stats and abilities of both cards. Magnetic minions may also be played as normal.


New Keyword: Omega

Omega Defender - Boomsday Expansion

Cards with Omega gain a bonus if played when the player has 10 Mana Crystals.


Puzzle Labs

After Kobolds & Catacombs brought us Dungeon Runs and The Witchwood brought us Monsters Hunts, Puzzle Labs will be the new single-player content for The Boomsday Project.

Puzzle Labs will release on August 21st, and will feature 4 different puzzle types: Lethal, Mirror, Board Clear, and Survival. Completing all of the available puzzles will unlock a 1 vs 1 battle Dr. Boom himself, who will reward players with a new card back for defeating him.


Legendary Spells

Myra's Unstable Element - Boomsday Expansion

The Boomsday Project will add Spells to the list of legendary card types, with each class receiving one legendary spell in the new expansion.


"The Boomsday Project" Cards

Here are all of the cards spoiled so far from The Boomsday Project:


Druid Cards


Hunter Cards

Boommaster Flark - Boomsday Expansion Flark's Boom-Zooka - Boomsday Expansion Goblin Prank - Boomsday Expansion Necromechanic - Boomsday Expansion Cybertech Chip - Boomsday Expansion Fireworks Tech - Boomsday Expansion Spider Bomb Image - Boomsday Expansion Secret Plan Image - Boomsday Expansion Bomb Toss Image - Boomsday Expansion Venomizer Image - Boomsday Expansion Reactions:

Mage Cards


Paladin Cards


Priest Cards


Rogue Cards


Shaman Cards


Warlock Cards


Warrior Cards


Neutral Cards


The Boomsday Project Pre-Purchase

For the first time, pre-purchases of The Boomsday Project will include a random golden legendary in addition to the packs included in the pre-purchase bundle. Players may also choose between a 49.99 USD / 49.99 EUR pre-purchase of 50 packs, or a 79.99 USD / 79.99 EUR bundle which includes the Mecha-Jaraxxus alternate hero and card back:

Mecha-Jaraxxus Card Back

Both pre-purchase options will include the following card back:

The Boomsday Project Card Back

The Boomsday Project Battlefield

The Boomsday Project Game Board

Icy Veins Coverage



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