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Puzzle Lab's Lethal Puzzles

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Guest Overseerhobbit

On selective stampede boss five on Boomsday, is there a way to beat it.  I know you have to clone the rhino and kill the Abomination to get to face but can't find a combo to get it.  Somewhere else I read beat it but they showed a 2/1 hive mind instead of the Hive Queen.  That would work to kill the level but I can't find any other way to beat this level.

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Guest Vachlon

There is an error in 29. Electra Stormsurge's Lethal Puzzle #5. 
Step 1 should be to Faceless Manipulator the Tundra Rhino. Its pretty obvious, but needs added anyway. 

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On 9/14/2018 at 11:03 AM, Karayan7 said:

There is also an error on Lil' Stormy's puzzle 6/7, Toasted Hydra. 

Here's a path i found:

1.Play both the Wild Pyromancer

2.Play Commanding Shout

3.Attack the opponent hero with your weapon

4.Play The Coin

5.Play Whirlwind

Once you reach step 3, you are in the same position as in our guide.

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