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Kat's Puzzle Lab Guides For All 20 Levels

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If you get stuck on any of the new Puzzle Lab levels, Pesty's guides are here to help.


Puzzle Labs are here, and Puzzle Labs are hard. The new single-player mode for The Boomsday Project is very different from Dungeon Runs and Monster Hunts. Players progress through a series of Lethal, Mirror, Board Clear, and Survival puzzles until they unlock the final Dr. Boom puzzles, which are some serious head-scratchers. If you need some help completing all 20 puzzles to unlock the new cardback, Kat has you covered with these guides:

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Arhh. When to look up on the solution - when to try just one more time.

One thing I have found is that you can get so stuck on one type of play that allmost worked - that you cannot see a fairly obvious other solution. Not all the solutions are combos that  requires priest Test Subject OTK combo skils. 

but some of them almost do and thats OK also. There is no burning rope and you can retry.

Or look up a solution when you get to frustrated - so thanks to Kat and Aleco. I like there is hints too 

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