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The meaning of "crit"

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I was just a little bit stuck about, let say, the underlying reason behind the crit priority in this tiers.


Let me explain. At the beginning main focus was on Mastery, in order to up poison damages. Then, came the legendary clock, the metageme, cool tinkerts and a RPPM "law" that push to focus on Haste mainly.


Now: crit. It seems after having at least 2 token. But I do not understand the real why of focusing on crit/haste/mastery


Could someone kindly explain me the reason why ? The goald of this focus


Furthermore, a second question. By trying to understand the stat focus i was playing with shadowcraft. Equilibrium of the rule crit/haste/mastery seems not so clear and robust.

For example, at my current gear set up  I had reforges following mast/haste/crit. Shadow craft gave at this time an order of stat weight like this :  crit/haste/mastery. So I reforged according this. But then the new order showed calculated by Shadow craft put this order :Mastery/haste/focus.So I Am puzzled. Am I missing something obvious?

You will find a link to my character if you want to test


Kind regards





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Meta gem and cloak tend to favor haste, but once you get enough haste and mastery on your base gear, then crit becomes more valuable. Also, don't forget about the tier 2 piece, upping the value of crit for assassination and subtlety.


There is a point, when all the stats become pretty much equal. The reforge priority is a priority based on your current gear's rating, so when you reforge into say, crit/haste/mastery, your new priority changes and can become haste/mastery/crit, so every time you reforge into a new one, the priority changes again.

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thks very much for your answer.

Very clear. agree with you.

Could you kindly say me if you are ok with the 4 following points:?


- So an extension of this, is that : if you reforge/regemme with crit/haste/mastery and then you mastery drop under the 50% threshold, it is not a good signal (ie. could much more greater than 50%, it is a too dramatic decrease of mastery with respect to mastery/haste/crit or haste/mastery/crit that lead to twice more mastery). 


- Which refer then to an underlying question : is there a cap about mastery and haste. By reading the net, it seems not.


- if the tiers 16 -2 items is good for crit : it is because the proc of nrj can give less importance to haste

- the stat priority are so closed that maybe we could say : play the rogue you like (which has always been true, but here again smile.png )
With KR
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Stat priorities are not static. Any list is usually based on high level gear and don't account for anything else.

Shadowcraft bases its weighting on your current gear and current stats. If the three stats are very close, then stacking a lot of mastery decreases its value and can make haste/crit more valuable.


As you say, when they're close enough, you can play how you like. If you prefer faster energy regen and more trinket/cloak/meta gem procs, go for lots of energy. If you want lots of on-demand damage from poisons, go for mastery. It will make a little difference, but nothing huge, and probably won't be noticeable in game anyway.


There is no cap for haste or mastery, but after a while it can increase damage more by reforging/regemming to other stats.


The 2-set bonus is related to Seal Fate, which awards a combo point for crits. Everytime that happens, the 2-set bonus means your next combo point-generating spell will cost less energy. More crit means you (potentially) have more combo points and have to spend less energy.


Also be aware that haste is more beneficial for long, single-target fights. RNG is still RNG, but longer fights should even out enough that lots of haste will be good. 

For multiple targets, you could still have bad luck, so haste is less valuable, whereas mastery will give you a reliable source of damage.

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