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Tavern Brawl: Henchmania!

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This brand new Tavern Brawl gives us a glimpse of the upcoming Adventure.

In this Brawl you will play against an actual player. You get to choose a new Hero with pre-constructed deck and a unique Hero Power. There are 4 different Rogue Heroes, as well as a Warrior, Hunter, Priest, Paladin and Druid.

The Heroes and their Hero Powers are :

  • Mr. Chu - A "personal safety specialist".
    • Class: Warrior
    • Hero Power (1): Shuffle an explosive into your opponents deck.
  • Candlebeard - Candle and Eyepatch enthusiast.
    • Class: Rogue
    • Hero Power (1): Give a minion Charge.
  • Myra Rotspring - Scientifically proven to be deadly.
    • Class: Rogue
    • Hero Power (2): Trigger a random friendly minion's Deathrattle.
  • George the Fallen - Lost without Karl.
    • Class: Paladin
    • Hero Power (2): Give all your minions Divine Shield.
  • Manhunter Ivan - Hunting without a permit!
    • Class: Hunter
    • Hero Power (2): Put a random Secret from your deck into the battlefield.
  • Voodoomaster Vex - Who do? You do! Do what? Remind me of Vex.
    • Class: Rogue
    • Hero Power (Passive): All Battlecries and Deathrattles trigger twice.
  • Russel the Bard - Here to write an E.V.I.L. anthem!
    • Class: Rogue
    • Hero Power (2): Gain control of an enemy minion with 2 or less Attack.
  • Sephira Dusktalon - She's got claws that catch!
    • Class: Druid
    • Hero Power (Passive): Whenever your opponent casts a spell, draw a spell from your deck.
  • Raeth Ghostsong - Just darn creepy!
    • Class: Priest
    • Hero Power (1): Deal 1 damage to all minions. If any die, refresh this.

When the game begins, both players will get to choose one out of the following Passive effects:


For strategies and best picks, from my experience and from what people say on social media, Mr. Chu is by far the weakest out of them all. Myra Rotspring and Voodomaster Vex work well with the Dr. Boom passive, although Vex can be countered if your opponent picks the same passive. Candlebeard and Togwaggle passive is pretty insane for a quick win.

As far as rewards are concerned, by winning this Brawl you will get your usual Classic pack. However, there's also a special Quest this week: by playing the Tavern Brawl 3 times, you will also get a Rise of Shadows pack.

Henchmania gives us a glimpse of the upcoming solo Adventure (which should be announced any day now). The new Heroes with the unique Hero Powers, along with the special Passives, are already proof of that, but you can also see Mr. Chu in the teaser image for the single-player content:


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Candlebeard cannot be beaten in any way since no class can heal and no class has a single taunt you are forced to take insane face damage from first turn while your card cost always more than what he can do. Usually by 4th turn he win while someone like Mr. Chu can't even play a single card before die. 1 mana cost give the most broken ability in the game to any minion while Chu has the most useless hero power ever seen... it shoulda have been put a 15-20 damage explosive not a 2 damage explosive to at least being comparable to candlebeard and even if they give the ability put a 30 damage explosive each turn at cost 1 Candlebeard gonna win most of the games anyway since the chance you not draw them by his 4th turn is extremely high.

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Has Mr. Chu any minions in his deck that can be played before you are dead?

I just draw nearly half my deck, not a sngle minion below 8 mana.

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No Chu minions are all big and meant to be dropped with The Boomship or summoned with the 10 mana spell.

I think they are Grommash Hellscream Bull Dozer Amani War Bear.

Chu also is forced to take Lazul ability since almost all cards are spells so you get some enemy minion to play other than Dr Boom hero power made mechs. Also if you don't draw Dr Boom before 7th turn you are guaranteed to lose even if the enemy is slow since his hero power is so bad and you need to remove it as fast as possible.

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