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LoN Builds to Enjoy in Season 17 Part 2

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The Season of Nightmares starts tomorrow afternoon and a lot of our guides are already being published, so it's time to wrap up Deadset's LoN recommendations! Last time we took a look at Barbarians, Crusaders and Demon Hunters so it's time to take a look at the rest (with Wizard missing out on a LoN build for now). So let's hear from the man himself:



Monks, I'm not gonna lie - Wave of LightWave of Lighting your way through the demon hordes is still your path to victory, but the new-yet-familiar LoN WoL Monk is a decently fresh take on the subject. If you crave an alternate route through Greater Rifts however, you can give the LoN LTK Monk a chance; the build is tankier and more versatile than ever with the Season 17 buffs, and the freedom they provide to your jewelry.



Necromancers rejoice, for you have a trove of LoN builds to bring to the endless Rifts! On top of LoN spins on traditional builds, such as the LoN Lancer and the LoN Skeletons builds (both solo and group), you can now add the LoN Singularity Necromancer as well. And if you're looking for something outside the meta to spice up your arsenal, you can try the LoN Blood Nova Necromancer with the newly buffed Bloodtide BladeBloodtide Blade and Iron RoseIron Rose.



Witch Doctors enjoy the return of CarnevilCarnevil, one of - if not THE - oldest summoner builds in Reaper of Souls. The effect of the voodoo mask has been doubled, and a smattering of extra damage is now included with the The Dagger of DartsThe Dagger of Darts. This marks the return of the LoN Carnevil Witch Doctor (guide coming soon), in a well-known but probably forgotten dart-heavy form!



Some Wizards might dread the return of ArchonArchon, but the Chantodo buffs in Patch 2.6.5 bring a smooth, consistent and satisfying melee playstyle to the fold. The Vyr Archon Wizard welcomes the return of Chantodo in a spectacular fashion, and is expected to be one of the top performers on the solo leaderboards.


Now it's time to pick and theorycraft some builds and variations of your own in the time before Season 17 starts! The Legacy of Nightmares theme might seem imposing at first, as it requires more farming than usual, but it opens up nicely for experimentation. Choose wisely, and have fun!

The rest of the guides will be coming soon, but as the man said, at least at the start of the season it's best to just go with whatever build(s) you like, swap around based on the ancients you get and then when you've gathered up all the pieces for one of the ones above switch over!

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I'm really confused by the wizard section. Isn't this supposed to be just LoN builds? If so, why are we linking a Vyr build and even mentioning Chantodo, which is also a set?

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6 hours ago, Aegrotat said:

I'm really confused by the wizard section. Isn't this supposed to be just LoN builds? If so, why are we linking a Vyr build and even mentioning Chantodo, which is also a set?

It's general builds to enjoy, with Wiz not really having a great one (there's Star Pact but it's a trick/very very high end only one). The focus is on Lon Because of the season but we felt silly not mentioning Wiz at all. Also the previous article had a mix of LoN and regular sets as well for the classes.

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16 hours ago, Starym said:

It's general builds to enjoy, with Wiz not really having a great one (there's Star Pact but it's a trick/very very high end only one). The focus is on Lon Because of the season but we felt silly not mentioning Wiz at all. Also the previous article had a mix of LoN and regular sets as well for the classes.

thanks for the clarification, that makes sense! I never really looked into wizard LoN builds so I genuinely had no idea

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On 5/17/2019 at 8:59 AM, Aegrotat said:

thanks for the clarification, that makes sense! I never really looked into wizard LoN builds so I genuinely had no idea

I really enjoy LoN Wizards. Super easy and powerful meteor or twister builds using the etched sigil and deathwish channelling. Mantel of channelling, taeguk. Flame ward arcane torrent. Incredible defence. like over 3 billion plus a huge galvanising wizard shield if you want. Halo of karini. cindercoat/magefist for fire meteor. Aquilla ciuras in cube for meteor or wear it for the twister and cube the ranslor folly bracers. Blood bracers for the shield, or Nemesis bracers. 

With the season bonus of course you can add CoE ring to either, maybe the manald's heal to a lightning twister. Loads of options for the LoN Channelling wizards. Twister is easier for spamming extra twisters while continuing to channel. I'd encourage anyone to use those LoN builds while they slowly perfect gear for other builds. As soon as you have a decent build for twister or meteor, even if they aren't ancient. Even if only 8 or 9 of your 13 are ancient, that build takes you from about 70-95 before it is even perfected and is super safe defensively and simple for playstyle. I died with mine while trying out the LoN star pact, shoulda went back down to get used to it first lol. But building one back up now. Should top gr 100 at least once complete, I did with a fire meteor in co op. Not a leaderboard build offensively, but one you can use to get a feel for LoN wizard options and one that is very adaptable, dependable, safe, easy, has options for little tweeks in most gear slots, skills and passives. Doesn't even need to be optimised to work well and help with the 70-100 range of GR's. Not reliant on cooldowns. 

Looked like I might need 2000 paragon and full caldessans to get to gr 110 slowly. But super tanky and easy if that's your thing!

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That's my thoughts for a LoN Twister wizard. Looks like the Manald Heal would add about 5%, could be more I never trust that simulator fully. CoE adds a lot of course. The simulator has it stopping the channelling for the extra twisters which is unnecessary in the game, you can channel throughout and kite/ teleport to move. You can plan those unloads for when you feel safe to lose the AqCu dmg reduction, or when the CoE cycle is coming up. So actually I'd assume you can get past 110 with it well before 2000 paragon and full caldessan's. 

With out seasonal bonus it actually looks like twister is 10- 20 % better than meteor for LoN channelling wizard (depending on the simulators accuracy + being able to channel almost 100% of the time). Makes sense, I dabbled in it and it was almost as good for me despite the build not being anywhere near as optimised as my meteor. With the seasonal benefits in which you can have all 3 of CoE, HoK, and Manald Heal twister is likely much better. The Twister rune that combines 2 into a powerful one, as arcane, is actually just as good as manald heal lightning variation. Not a tonne of options for the 3rd ring in a fire or arcane build, Maybe the Stone of Jordan. 

Lots of options for the helmet depending on your preferences, the Crown of the Primus that gives slow time all runes, and switching freeze to slow time works great. Could make room in the skills for a signature spell for the arcane or lightning twisters. Magic weapon rune or a passive can give more arcane as well. I make my builds for hardcore, so of course plenty of toughness can be switched to offence if you want in passives, vitality and gear choices. Zei's instead of BotPowerful works best with meteor and helps it catch up to twister a bit, doesn't work as well with twister. 

It is nowhere near the LoN Star Pact meteor, but would help get you quite high safely even on hardcore, even the meteor version, and is simpler but similar, you'd have to tweek a couple slots and your play style but you are kind of over half way there at that point. It's just the best LoN options I know of for wizard, I've tried others with the legendary abilities and they don't compare. On hardcore I think I like the LoN channelling options best actually. But I'm always scared so maybe that's just me 😛 

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      The Barbarian class has seen better days, and with the latest season some of their major flaws were accentuated even more with the lack of solid LoN builds. Two Diablo 3 community members, Rage and Free, have taken it upon themselves to take a good look at the class and figure out what should be done to put it on at least a bit more equal footing with the other classes and to return some variety within the class itself.
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