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Chapter 3 of the Dalaran Heist Is Live!

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In Chapter 3 of the Dalaran Heist, the League of E.V.I.L sows chaos in the Streets of Dalaran.

You can purchase this new chapter as part of the $19.99 complete Dalaran Heist bundle. You can also grab Streets of Dalaran, or other individual chapters, for $6.99 or 700 Gold by purchasing them in the in-game shop.

Chapter 3 Details


The twist for this chapter is called Crowded Streets. Three untargetable minions will be present on each player's side of the board, restricting the number of minions that can be in play. You can therefore only have 4 minions up at a time.

The Heroes

The Streets of Dalaran chapter introduces two new Heroes: the Priest and the Rogue.

Kriziki is the Priest hero. Here are its potential Hero Powers and starting decks:


Hero Powers

  • Lesser Heal (2 mana) – Restore 2 Health.
  • Disort (2 mana) – Swap a minion’s Attack and Health.
  • Soothe (1 mana) – Give a minion -2 Attack until next turn.

Starting Decks

  • Disciplined – A typical Priest deck with Divine Spirit and Inner Fire, as well as healing spells
  • Shadows – Shadow-themed cards
  • Visions – Deathrattle minions + 0 mana spells

The Rogue hero is Captain Eudora, one of the few World of Warcraft characters in the Dalaran Heist. Here are her Hero Powers and starting decks:


Hero Powers

  • Dagger Mastery (2 mana) – Equip a 1/2 Dagger.
  • Yoink (2 mana) – Add a random card to your hand (from another class).
  • Cut-less (2 mana) – Deal 2 damage to an undamaged minion.

Starting Decks

  • Skulker – Tempo deck with some Stealth cards
  • Dead Man’s Tale – Deathrattle + Thief cards
  • Kobold’s Desire –  Bouncing and shuffling cards into your deck


For now, by beating five bosses in Chapter 3 you will receive three Rise of Shadows card packs. If you have beaten five bosses in each of the previous two chapters, you will now have a total of nine packs. More rewards will follow in the next wings.


Don't forget to check out our guide for everything you need to know about the Dalaran Heist. We'll be sure to update with the bosses for Chapter 3.

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I haven't played it yet, but I tend to agree.

Seems like it limits your possibilites quite a lot. For a single boss that is ok, but a whole run?


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Did a run with the rouge. Actually quite fun. The 4 minion limit work both ways. You can't swamp him. He can't swamp you.

Completed the chapter in one go. Just like the two others. I also did the first two heroic in one go. And actually that is not so good because the thrid chapter was compleated because of ridiculos good RNG on the passives and spells. +1/1 to all minions AND all minions 1 mana cheaper. Then TWO times the 2 cost mega spell that give +2/+2 to a minion and THEN make two copies of it. And one of the spells got set to 0 Mana cost in the Tavern. And I pulled that spell twice in the mulligan. Only challenge was the final boss (got the captain). His hero power with a 1/4 unit that gets +1 in extra attack for each identical unit was a bit hard to clear gain and again with my 4 minions. And then one of my Face collecors pulls out Arch-Villain Rafaam. When I put him down I am rewarded with a remark from the captain "that is one of the master villlians - Arrest him! " I also now have a deck of +1/+1 legendarys that is one mana cheaper than normal.  ....Really

The following is a qoute is from Yrindaa on  Our Dalaran Heist Guide Is Up

Hearthstone is a game of RNG, sure, but when an entire adventure is almost 100% decided based on what passives you can choose from, it stands to reason for blizzard to make all the passives more in line with each other, no?

Sorry my blogging skills do not quite reach the level where I can qoute from a different thread


I have done some other runs where the RNG stopped me at around boss 6. It was fun because i could use another unlocked starting deck and a different hero power. And I am able to adjust my deck at the tavern. As pass time I find the single player content OK. RNG on the ladder is not my favorite but as a single player you can get some laughs.

If you do not like/tolerate RNG you will most likely rage quit ? 

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