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Upcoming Hall of Fame & Basic Card Refunds & Replacements

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Blizzard today clarified how Arcane Dust refunds and Basic card replacements are going to work in Hearthstone's upcoming patch.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

Hey all,

We wanted to give some additional information on how Arcane Dust refunds and Basic card replacements will work in our upcoming update:

  • All players who have the old Basic cards (Vanish and Mind Blast) will automatically receive the new Basic cards (Plaguebringer and Radiance) once this update is live.
  • If you have Wild unlocked, you’ll keep Vanish and Mind Blast as Hall of Fame Commons. If not, you’ll receive an equivalent amount of dust for all Golden and non-Golden copies in your collection.
  • Standard decks will have Vanish and Mind Blast replaced with Plaguebringer and Radiance.

For more information on the new Hall of Fame additions, new Basic cards, and new Classic cards, check out our Developer Insights blog here.

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7 hours ago, Yevhen said:

Will they still have a basic mark, or will they get some rarity to be crafted by new players?

From the pictures we have seen, they will have Common rarity. I believe they will be craftable by new players. This is the only rationale for "refunding" dust to non-Wild players - so that they can use the dust to craft the cards if ever they become Wild players. Otherwise it makes no sense to refund cards which were never craftable so far.

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