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Engineering (Classic)

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    • By Daevilmonkie
      Welcome Adventurers! The time has come upon us, FINALLY! The moment in Classic WoW history us diehard, loyal WoW nerds have all been waiting for. WRATH CLASSIC! Arthas Did Nothing Wrong (ADNW) has just begun recruiting (For WotLK Classic) hard-core, casual, rp, pvp, pve, raiders, anything you can think of, you are welcomed here. Although our main focus in ADNW will be progressive raiding, 10 and 25 man and pvp content, we look to have someone for just about anything. Currently we are recruiting for our CORE 10M team composed entirely of irl / internet homies. We are in need of just 1 HEALER (Highly prefer a disc priest with a shadow off spec) and another DPS. Preferably lock or Shadow priest. We are looking to fill our B 10m team entirely, so we can pool together for 25 man’s when it comes time to crush 25m. This guild was founded by a group of tight nit friends recently, who have been around since TBC. WOTLK was our turning point in WoW, and we CANNOT wait to get another crack at this and MAKE IT RIGHT. Come join the adventure of a chill environment full of helpful hands and knowledge. Feel free to reach out to me Via Discord: Daevilmonkiexp#9239 OR Bnet: Daevilmonkie#1280 just let me know you are interested in the guild and we can have a convo! ARTHAS DID NOTHING WRONG!
    • By Damien
      This thread is for comments about our Handbuff Paladin Deck.
    • By positiv2
      This guide is for comments about our Spell Power and Damage Modifier guide.
    • By positiv2
      This thread is for comments about our Debug Mode guide.
    • By Tangfastic
      **No Mog No Prog** is a newly formed guild on Remulos, currently expanding to recruit members for our second Kara team and our first 25 man team. We are an easy going guild who enjoy guild dungeon runs and raiding. Our current primary focus includes weekly clears of Kara and hitting Gruul and Mag soon.
      **Currently recruiting:**
      All classes, specs and levels are welcome.
      Spots for Healers and Tanks also available.
      **Raid schedule:**
      Kara: Sunday 8-11PM ST
      Gruul and Mag: Friday (TBC)
      **What matters:**
      We are a bunch of adults who have fun, socialise, joke around and get serious sometimes. As a casual guild, you will not be asked for any hardcore commitments in any of our events. Understanding the fun aspects of playing the game and being in a community who enjoys it is what matters to us.
      For joining the guild or have any inquiries, contact our GM; @Clampsdolce/Showerkraut#6882 on discord or comment below.
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