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Blade Flurry + Killing Spree

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Sorry if this has already been asked, but I recently switched to my rogue for raiding and I'm trying to catch up on everything.


Does blade Flurry copy the damage aspect of Killing Spree or just jump you around to different targets now? I haven't been able to find anything saying it does or doesn't, but maybe I just missed it somewhere.



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Killing Spree damage will duplicate 40% damage onto the closest target within 8 yards of the attack when Blade Flurry is active. All the rules of Blade Flurry will still apply, i.e. bleed and poison damage still not duplicated.

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Hey! You should absolutely use blade flurry on killing spreee, infact you should never use killing spree without having blade flurry activated. Not having it activated is a dps loss, and if you are only attacking one target then you might aswell keep it activated, since you never know if adds spawn or if you will aggro additional targets, and beside you can just deactivate it after the killing spree has ended.

Always check blade flurry before using killing spree!

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no reason to use BF on all KS no point. if there is adds that need to die yes use it if not no point just another button you need to hit.

Theoretically that is correct, and many times I did not activate blade flurry before using killing spree. Practically though, I noticed of experience that it's a mistake to not activate it. Many times in dungeons and raids additional adds and mobs actually spawned during my killing spree, a dps loss. It's better to just activate it when you are about to pop killing spree. 

Btw, I'm sure that there's a macro that can use both abilities at the same time, and therefor no dps has been lost.

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In dungeons where there's a lot of trash and bosses die quickly anyway, it's probably not a huge deal.


In raids, you can use it for trash, but you should quickly develop a feel for which bosses you should use it for and which ones you shouldn't.


It will be a DPS loss to have Blade Flurry on for single-target. And it will be a DPS loss to not have it on when there are adds that need to be killed (even if it's only one extra add)


For something like Fallen Protectors, if you have two or three of them stacked together you should have it on for the cleave damage. Be wary of using Killing Spree, because you could end up moving into a cleave attack yourself, or into a pool of poison, so use some extra raid awareness. For Sun's and Rook's second phases, the cleave damage should help, too, but when He's second phase comes in and you're focusing on the Anguish add, it might be better to turn it off.


Galakras, too, you should use it for the first phase, but it won't be any use once Galakras is down and he's the only thing there.


On Juggernaut, there are no adds at all that you need to worry about. Dark Shamans, even with just two adds, the cleave will help. Nazgrim is tricky because most of the adds won't be stacked up, so I guess you should just try it both ways and see which works best for you. There's an add that spawns on Thok, but not much potential for cleave. Same with Siegecrafter.


On Paragons, you could turn it on and do lots of DPS, but you shouldn't. It only serves to pad DPS meters and you're not actually helping the raid by cleaving the three paragons who are active. The other two get healed up and all your damage is meaningless.


I don't condone using it all the time "just in case". You should gradually learn the flow of fights and when adds will come in and whether you will benefit from having Blade Flurry on or not. Deadly Boss Mods usually alerts you to phase transitions and the like, so it's not difficult to figure out what's going to happen. Turning BF on and off as necessary might be a pain, but it will help overall.


If your DPS isn't an issue and you're really not certain about fights, leaving it on shouldn't matter much. If you're still learning the spec, it can make things easier (like dropping rupture from the rotation), but I highly recommend getting into the habit of thinking about the best usage for the current fight.

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