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Interactive Zone Maps with All Points of Interest

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It's about that time in the game's lifespan when many of you might be going through all the maps to find everything on there and it's inevitable you'll miss something. Today we have several interactive maps that will help out with that and also showcase how all the zones a interconnected.

First off we have one from Map Genie, which seems a little crowded at first look, but once you zoom in a little it all becomes very clear (and you can toggle off whichever features you don't want to see). The advantage to this one is that it has a whole lot more info (like Echo logs, Easter eggs, Eridium chunk spawns, named enemies, Catch-a-rides, and even white chests - basically everything there is on the map is shown), but my favorite part is that it shows each planet on one connected map and you can see how all the zones connect.


Then we have IGN's maps, which are more streamlined and only show the important collectibles and red chests, if you're just interested in maxing out the map progress.


In any case, both of these will help you out on your journey to getting that 100% (or, in some cases, 105, 110% or even more) galaxy score, and the first one is just fun to look at in general.

And in case you missed it, we've recently added some Vault Hunter build guides, so go and check those out!


Our Borderlands 3 content:

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    • By Starym
      We have a whole lot of new stuff for Borderlands 3 in case you haven't noticed already, from new Vault Hunter guides to an item encyclopedia! On the build side of things we have quite a few new guides since the last time we checked in, with all four Vault Hunters getting some love.
      First off, we have two new sections featuring all gun manufacturers and their unique stats and abilities, as well as categories for all items in the game, from guns to shields, grenade mods, artifacts and class mods, as well as a guide on how exactly those artifacts work. Each page has all the legendary items associated with the category/manufacturer, as well as a general overview and all the builds the items appear in. We've also added some individual gun descriptions and overviews to our guide pages, with sample stats and a hover-over popup for them, and we'll be adding more soon. Meanwhile, here are the new Vault Hunter guides since the last time we checked in:
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      Our Borderlands 3 guide section has grown, including the an item database!
    • By Starym
      The first major/paid Borderlands 3 DLC is coming somewhat quicker than expected, as the Handsome Jackpot heist will be here in less than a month, on December 19th! We're looking for a vault again, but a different kind this time, as Handsome Jack's casino (which is in space, of course) is the setting of this new adventure. The DLC will bring the usual new stuff, with legendaries, cosmetics, side missions, crew challenges, enemies bosses and even emotes! We're also going to see a lot of new faces as Moxxi puts together her crew for this heist, as well as some familiar ones, such as Timothy, Jack's doppelganger from the pre-sequel and a whole lot of loader bots.

      No word on the mechanical side of things yet, though, as we know there won't be a new Vault Hunter, but we should be getting some type of upgrades or new progressing for the existing ones.
      The major DLC was announced on the Borderlands show, which also talked a lot about this week's Maliwan Takedown free DLC, which is also bringing a whole lot of new stuff which we'll cover in a separate article.
      Handsome Jackpot (source)
      Moxxi's assembling a crew to plunder a derelict space station casino and you've proven yourself worthy of joining her ragtag team of "experts." Successfully battle your way through Hyperion security forces and crazed casino-goers to reach a safe loaded with Eridium, cash, and all-new Legendary loot!
      This once-thriving destination is packed with unique zones worthy of Handsome Jack's lavish lifestyle and dirty dealings but has been on total lockdown since his death.
          You Ready For This?
      To reach The Handsome Jackpot you need to have played enough of the Borderlands 3 story to have access to Sanctuary III.
      The enemies and loot aboard the station will scale to your Vault Hunter's level, ensuring that the casino heist missions and new Crew Challenges are suitably difficult and rewarding.
      Get a blast from Pandora's past when you battle the Hyperion forces that outlived Handsome Jack, including never-before-seen enemies and larger-than-life bosses.
      Walk away with Legendary weapons and gear and expand your collection of customization items with Vault Hunter Heads & Skins, Weapon Trinkets, an ECHO Device Skin, and new Emotes.
    • By Starym
      After the two free pieces of free content, the Bloody Harvest event DLC (live through December 5th) and the next raid-focused Maliwan Takedown DLC (arriving next week), we now got word about the first major piece of (paid) DLC coming to Borderlands 3.
      On Wednesday, the Borderlands show will reveal what this piece of campaign DLC will be, and we already know it's going to be similar in size and scope to the BL2 major DLCs. We also know there are 4 total paid/major DLCs planned for BL3 year 1, we know that there won't be any new Vault Hunters coming, but rather expansions to the existing ones. We'll also find out more about next week's Takedown at Maliwan's Blacksite free raid DLC, Mayhem 4 that's coming with it and more!
      As we can see from the tweet and header image, Handsome Jack (or at least his likeness) will somehow be involved, and it seems we'll be heading back to Opportunity. Whether they actually bring Jack back, which wouldn't be a stretch considering his AI from Tales from the Borderlands, his lookalikes from the Pre-sequel, or if it's just his imagery in Opportunity, remains to be seen, but it can't really be much worse than the Calypsos... Can it?
      Major DLC (source)
      Get ready for a glimpse of your next big adventure, Vault Hunter. On Wednesday, November 20, the full reveal trailer for DLC 1 will be making its big debut at 8:00 AM PST. At the exact same time, the third episode of The Borderlands Show will kick off to deliver more insight into Borderlands 3's first campaign DLC that's launching later this year. The Borderlands Show's regular hosts Greg Miller and Fran Mirabella from Kinda Funny will be joined by none other than President, CEO, and Co-founder of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford, as they take a look at what's coming in DLC 1 and discuss other news in the wild world of Borderlands. Make sure you don't miss this informative interview about the thrilling story, unique environments, and handsome new loot you can expect from this paid DLC.
      The Borderlands Show Episode 3 will air on the official Borderlands Twitch channel starting November 20 at 8:00 AM PST; see the list below for localized times. If you aren't able to tune in for the in-depth DLC 1 discussion as it's happening, you can catch up with the post-show VOD on the official Borderlands YouTube channel.

      The Borderlands Show Episode 3 starts: November 20 — 8:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM EST / 4:00 PM GMT, November 21 — 12:00 AM CST, 2:00 AM AEST
      As a friendly reminder, all four of the upcoming DLC campaigns currently in development are included in the Borderlands 3 Season Pass, which you can buy as an add-on or as part of the Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition. DLC campaigns will expand the narrative and gameplay of Borderlands 3 even further, and we have plenty more surprises in store for next year.
      In addition to all the DLC 1 goodness, Greg, Fran, and Randy will be talking about the big patch coming later this month, which includes the endgame challenge of Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite, Mayhem Mode 4, and some frequently requested quality-of-life improvements. On the free content front, we'll be revealing more details about the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite next week before it goes live, and the Bloody Harvest event is still ongoing so you can collect all those spooky rewards before Captain Haunt and his undead minions retreat on December 5.
      Don't miss all the DLC 1 info dropping during The Borderlands Show episode 3 on November 20 at 8:00 AM PST—we'll see you there!
    • By Starym
      Today's hotfixes are a little smaller than usual, with the majority being bug fixes, but the big change that's coming today is the fact that the Bloody Harvest event is cooling down a little, with fewer ghosts showing up (outside of Heck) from now until the event's end on December 5th. Don't forget that the new raid content is also coming next week on November 21st, bringing with it a whole lot of new features, including Mayhem 4!
      If you still haven't cleared all the challenges and done everything related to the Bloody Harvest, check out our guides for it right here.
      November 14 (source)
      This week's Borderlands 3 hotfixes, which will be live on all platforms by 3:00 PM PDT today, include a couple of potential progression blockers and various issues reported by the community. Thank you to everyone for sending in your bugs and feedback to support.2k.com and helping everyone out with their questions across social media!
      As a reminder, while Bloody Harvest is active, you will know the hotfix has been successfully applied when you see the pumpkins on the Main Menu!
      Bug Fixes
      Addressed a reported concern that players would experience their screen shaking while in a party when one player used Bear Fist Addressed a reported concern with duplicated audio when Maya turns on the music in "Beneath the Meridian" when playing in a party Addressed a reported concern where players couldn't hear Aurelia's Holographic Doorbell answer the door Addressed a reported concern where some players were missing the waypoint when quitting out of the map or performing a save and load during the "Bad Reception" side mission Addressed a reported concern that the portal in Destroyer's Rift disappears after completing the mission "Divine Retribution" Addressed a reported concern that the Eridian structures were not resetting after player death during the Tyreen boss fight Bloody Harvest
      The Spooky Season is starting to fade from Borderlands 3! Starting with this hotfix, you'll start seeing less Haunted enemies until the event ends on December 5!
      Lowered the chance to see Haunted enemies outside of Heck. Roadmap Reminder
      We have a lot of exciting things coming in the November patch—the most notable being the free content Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite and Mayhem 4. If you didn't read the roadmap included with the October 24 patch notes, you can read it here. As always, please continue providing feedback and reporting bugs to support.2k.com!
    • By Starym
      We have some hotfixes coming today, with some pretty major changes to how the Bloody Harvest event operates, as well as some damn good news for Zane mains, as anointed enemies will no longer be immune to cryo damage (but still can't be frozen)!
      In the Bloody Harvest department we have Captain Haunt getting a buff to his shields but also his legendary drop rate, ghosts will yield significantly more hecktoplasm, loot ghosts drop more loot and a bigger chance for Bloody Harvest legendaries. Terror anoints are also much less likely to drop from regular enemies clearing up the loot pool, as they'll mostly drop from haunted enemies now.
      November 7th Hotfixes (source)
      This week's Borderlands 3 hotfixes, which will be live on all platforms by or before 3:00 PM PDT today, include quality-of-life adjustments to Bloody Harvest and address various issues reported by the community. We appreciate all the help. Please keep sending in your bugs and feedback to support.2k.com!
      Bloody Harvest Adjustments
      Captain Haunt is a fun boss fight with multiple phases, but players were often skipping entire phases because Captain Haunt's shields were so low. We increased his shields to make the fight slightly more engaging for most players and dramatically increased the loot drop chance, so players are compensated nicely for defeating Captain Haunt.
      Increased Captain Haunt's chance to drop legendary gear Increased Captain Haunt's shields The Hecktoplasm drop rate from Ghosts has been increased
      - Ghosts drop 2 Hecktoplasm
      - Badass Ghosts drop 3 Hecktoplasm
      - Loot Ghosts drop 5 Hecktoplasm Loot Ghosts now drop more loot Loot Ghosts have an increased the chance of dropping Bloody Harvest specific legendary gear Terror Anointments
      Following what we’ve seen and heard from the Community and the fading Halloween season, you’re going to start seeing less Terror anointed parts dropping from regular enemies. Bloody Harvest enemies (including Ghosts!) will be picking up the slack, so if you are hunting to make a spooky build you know where to look!
      The chance for Terror anointed parts to drop from regular enemies has been decreased. The chance for Terror anointed parts to drop from Bloody Harvest enemies has been increased. Bug fixes
      Anointed enemies are no longer immune to Cryo damage. Note: Although they can be slowed by Cryo damage, they cannot be frozen.
      Addressed a reported potential progression blocker for "It's Alive" with the Abomination bot. Addressed a reported potential progression blocker if players quit the game at a certain point in "The Guns of Reliance" Addressed a reported issue that Explosive Gunpowder barrels where not showing effects when shot. Explosions created by enemy Badass' weapons have a much quicker explosion effect to reduce screen clutter We found that Badass enemies with heavy weapons were creating too many explosion effects that lingered on the screen, hindering the player's view at times. We are going to make a larger change to their weapons in the patch but wanted to shorten the explosion particle effect to dramatically lower screen clutter.
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