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Talent guides, the last ones!

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Hi guys! First of all i would thank Vlad and Damien for the precious guides "Mists of Pandaria rotation changes, ..." (dunno if someone else worked on them, in that case THANKS to you too! :) ). I saved all the best specs in wowhead mop talent calculator, and saved them near the link of these forums' discussions. Your work and effort is really precious for us players, so really thank you !

I've got a question tho. I cannot really find the talent suggestions for some classes. I know there are some "rotation suggestions" for some of them, but i think it would be awesome if someone of you can give us the situation about the talents.

Here's the list of what i couldn't find: maybe i missed some spots, but i really can't figure them out.

Feral druid (the kitty, not guardian/bear)

Demonology and destruction warlock

Arms and fury warriors

Unholy death knight

Brewmaster, Mistweaver and Windwalker Monk.

I know, there are some "discussions" about the classes above, but i feel really valuable have some hints about talents (like, you know, "in tier 1 for arms warrior is best bla bla bla, instead bla bla bla is crap xD"!

Thanks again for the really HUGE effort, i can't wait to complete my spreadsheet!

P.S: is there a talent calculator that can save glyphs also? WoWhead one can only save you the "spec", but has no place for glyphs. Any suggestion?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Unholy Death Knights, Feral Druids, and Demonology and Destruction Warlocks are currently a work in progress.

Warriors were the first class we did, and we tried to write separate articles for glyphs and talents: and

For the monk classes, we are going to try and rework the previews so as to include the talents and glyphs.

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That's awesome, thanks a lot! I'm gonna update my spreadsheet with the warrior ones i missed then!

Keep up the good work, guys!

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No one can write guides on Warlocks because they're being changed every beta build. Since MoP is still over 7 weeks away, gotta give these guys credit for having the classes ready for MoP and the guides on how to play. Some of the classes are still very cruddy and need some more polishing.

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