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Matchmaking Issues, Seasonal Reward Structure, Bugged Cursed Chests and Crusader Power Talk Blues

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Associate producer Matthew Cederquist has been very active on the official forums lately, addressing many questions and concerns from the community and giving out some pretty good info and insight into various issues, with several popping up related to season 19, so we have a bunch of blue posts to cover today. Now sure, a lot of them are just "thanks we'll pass it along" or "we're aware of the issue", but it's really good to at least get confirmation that these issues are being looked at, despite the small team perhaps not having the resources to fix all of them.

First off, as you may have noticed, it seems some matchmaking issues have popped up in season 19, with players and games showing up as non-seasonal, as well as public matchmaking not working properly. There are some workarounds for the invite and join bug, as detailed by forum user BossDogg:

Blizzard LogoSeasonal Matchmaking Issues (source 1, 2)

Can we please make this a priority to fix. I been telling folks to follow the steps found here:


When the above doesn’t work I send them back and tell them to also kill the “Blizzard Entertainment” folder. As a test when they re-login, I check friend list and clan list. I have them type “test S-19” in clan chat and a whisper to me. This is to verify that they have a leaf indicator in the clan member list, in clan chat and whispers. Next, I send them a party invite while they are in the lobby. Many of them succeed only to have it fail less than 30 mins. later. I had 12 people that I was coordinating with to get them up to 70 and get them through the majority of the first 4 chapters of season journey. However, multiple folks in my friends list (in other clans) said they were also having the same issue.

I start a solo game and clear the easier/quick bounties. I then want to invite 3 more to help speed through the remaining bounties. However, some players who were in prior games with me, they have the leaf in clan listing and/or friend list UI, they pass the whisper test, but they can’t join my game. The party invite fails a split second after its sent. I’ve had other people drop to the lobby invite me and others (all have leaf indicators), and then can’t start a level 70 T1, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7 game. Everyone has cleared T7 and GR30 solo.

This is a known bug and has priority to be fixed. Thanks for bringing it up.


Matchmaking is very wonky right now and its not just me. I play HARDCORE mode and when players invite me, it doesnt join and gives an error message.

Joining public games, barely works. There is clearly something wrong.

Is Blizzard working on it / aware of this issue?

PS: The reason why I ask here is because players in chat said this bug was around in season 18 as well… =-(

Hey Raserei,

We’re aware of it and looking into fixing the issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience and hope it doesn’t impact a majority of your playtime.

We also have some more discussion on non-seasonal Crusader GR clearing power:

Blizzard LogoCrusader power (source)

Hey Rage!

Based on our previous evaluation of Crusaders being 4-7 GRs above most classes and looking at the leaderboards, this falls in line with what we expected.

The, less the 100 people with over 8000+ Paragon (In most cases) for GR 140, is as we’ve said before an extremely low percentage of the player base.

We’ll revisit the balance for future patches and seasons.

Thanks again

There also appear to be some bugs with certain Cursed Chests, where you cannot complete them, as forum user StonePro noticed:

Blizzard LogoCursed Chest Bug (source)

I first noticed this on the Bounty mission, A Plague of Burrowers. There is no timer on this event other than the one that affords you an additional chest, so you could take all day to clear the map and kill all the Burrowers. After going around the map several times, I found no additional enemies to kill, and I had to quit the game in order to reset it, without successfully completing the event.

Sometimes, with random cursed chests, there may be a monster hiding behind a bush somewhere, but not in these cases. Even in a captive area such as the Pandemonium fortress, where an entire map area can be easily cleared, the chest remains cursed, there remain no additional enemies to kill, and the chest will time out and fail.

Just a dev FYI.

Thanks StonePro. I’ll pass it along.

And finally we get some interesting historical info on seasons and their reward structure, after several complaints from players about this season's new rewards coming from the end of the journey instead of earlier milestones:

Blizzard LogoSeasonal Reward Structure (source 1, 2)


To my recollection, back in January 2016 when Season 5 was released, the team started to align on the concept of what makes a Seasonal Journey. Some examples of this would be the 3 month seasonal cadence, cosmetics for achievements, and conquests.

Internally we like to think of Seasons 1-4 as the beginning times of Diablo III where as Seasons 5 and on are the updated and modern seasons.

I personally wasn’t on the team back then, but to our understanding, this is why the seasons restart at Season 5.

Let me know if that clears a bit up for you and i’m sorry you missed Season 4!


Hey Cheo!

Sorry you’re still not here rocking out the season with us. When the Seasons were about to roll back to Season 5 we had some choices to make:

  1. Let the same rewards out as before with nothing new for the season.

    • This would have left everyone who had the rewards already get NOTHING.

    • For the players who didn’t have them back from Season 5 and so on, it gave them something brand new.

  2. Let the same rewards out as before with something new

    • This allowed the players who had the rewards to have the chance to obtain something new as well!

    • For the players who didn’t have them back in Season 5 and so on, it allowed them to obtain these as well on top of the new Seasonal THEMED rewards.

We find that a majority of players like to play the game throughout the three month time-frame of a season and find it exciting and challenging to fulfill a Seasonal Journey and be rewarded for it.

I hope this provides a bit of clarity with out decision making even if you don’t wish to partake in Season 19.

Thanks again




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5 hours ago, Starym said:

after several complaints from players about this season's new rewards coming from the end of the journey

Complaints from people who didn't really want to actually play, just get the rewards in a few hours probably, no surprise there....

Complaining on the forums, I find that hard to believe.......

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