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Rank 3 Rajani and Uldum Accord Essences Reputation Requirement Moved from Exalted to Revered

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Blizzard has reduced the reputation requirement of Rank 3 Rajani and Uldum Accord Essences from Exalted to Revered in the latest round of hotfixes.


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1 hour ago, Stan said:

Gleaming Star ShardGleaming Star Shard (Rank 3) can now be purchased from the Rajani Quartermaster at Revered (down from Exalted) for 50 Corrupted Mementos.

This one still is a bit confusing to me. By "Quick Heal" it means the instant heals (i.e. Swiftmend, Holy Shock) or heals with short cast time (i.e. Flash of Light)?

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24 minutes ago, Valhalen said:

This one still is a bit confusing to me. By "Quick Heal" it means the instant heals (i.e. Swiftmend, Holy Shock) or heals with short cast time (i.e. Flash of Light)?

In game the tooltip says which spell triggers it and here's how it goes

Restoration Druid: Regrowth

Holy Paladin: Flash of Light

Disco Priest: Shadow Mend

Holy Priest: Flash Heal

Restoration Shaman: Healing Surge

Mistweaver Monk: Vivify (only primary target)

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On 2/11/2020 at 9:23 AM, PatrickHenry said:

Solid change.  

The wait time, even with SOLID GRINDING is entirely too long. 

I normally dont jump on bandwagon with 'make it faster' changes but this grind was looong.  

Yeah, with the limited amount of dailies and events within the assualts (Void Conduit, Protect the Stout, Unearthed Keeper, etc) it would have been another month before even hardcore raiders were Exalted.

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