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Quest Interface Improvements in Shadowlands: 3D Indicator of Tracked Quest Objectives

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With Shadowlands Alpha now live, we've noticed various improvements to the quest interface. There's now a visual 3D indicator that displays how far you are away from quest objectives in real time and it is easier to distinguish main quests from side quests.


Quest objectives are now marked on the map with shield-shaped icons instead of round circles.


Here's a preview of the 3D indicator which displays the current distance from your quest objective. It's now easier to identify if an objective is above or below you.


You can also place pins on the map and share them with other players in chat.


Here's a short description of the new feature taken from the developer update.

Blizzard Logo(Source)

We have been making improvements to our quest interface, with an eye toward better distinguishing major quests that are required to advance the narrative from optional side quests that tell more localized stories. Our work-in-progress 3D indicator of tracked quest objective locations will be available to use, which aims to reduce the need to bring up the map when navigating the world and help more clearly identify when an objective is above or below you. We’re also rolling out a system that allows players to set a personal waypoint on the map as well as share that pin in chat channels, so that you should no longer need an add-on to convey exactly where Rustfeather just spawned.

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Thank God!  This should be a great help is reducing the amount of spending hours and hours doing quests that are not part of your main quest line or objective.  For example if you have three hours to play on evening, you don't want to waste an hour doing stuff you never needed to do anyway to meet your goal.  Nicely done, Blizzard!

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