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Spreadsheet of Target Caps in Shadowlands By Limit

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As you probably know, many AoE abilities will be capped to only attack up to a certain number of enemies in Shadowlands, and so Max, the GM of Limit, created a spreadsheet, where he keeps track of all the capped and uncapped abilities.

We included some of the more important changes in this post, but for more details, we encourage you to check out the spreadsheet.


Havoc Demon Hunter

Frost Death Knight

Unholy Death Knight

Feral Druid

Survival Hunter

Windwalker Monk

Retribution Paladin

Assassination Rogue

Outlaw Rogue

  • Blade Flurry Blade Flurry (Main Hand) is capped to 4 targets, but its activation remains uncapped.

Subtlety Rogue

Enhancement Shaman

Thanks to wordup for fixing most of this.

Arms Warrior

Fury Warrior


Balance Druid

Beast Mastery Hunter

Marksmanship Hunter


Arcane Mage

Fire Mage

Frost Mage

Elemental Shaman

Affliction Warlock

  • Dots are uncapped.

Demonology Warlock

Destruction Warlock

  • All abilities are uncapped.


Vengeance Demon Hunter, Blood Death Knight, Brewmaster Monk, and Protection Paladin are mostly uncapped.


Below is a video that demonstrates how the AoE cap looks in practice on the Beta.

If you are still not sure why target cap is a bad idea (Beta) from r/wow

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11 minutes ago, Syridian said:

What a terrible example of "CAPS R BAD GAIZ". Oh no, you can't solo an ancient 40 man raid pull quite as quickly. What a shame.


You've got to be trolling, right?  No one actually thinks that's the impact of target caps?

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I don't have strong feeling about any of these except for hunter's barrage. To maintain the fun I've come to expect from playing alongside my hunter friends, it should be:

Capped to 8 targets plus any mobs not yet pulled. 

  • Haha 4

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So high end mythic+, bring a tank with a good slow aoe, 1 boomkin and 3 frost mages.   Pull entire instance.

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they should make uncapped abilities like the dazar alor dmg trinkets. have a set amount of dmg, split among all hit enemies, but the dmg increases by x% per additional enemy. So that big aoe is still a thing, and the overall dealt dmg increases, but doesnt get out of hand. (The wording could be clearer than the trinkets which just said "increased damage when hitting more", and to avoid people thinking its a multiplicative scaling, they could say "Ability deals 1000 damage split among all enemies hit. base damage is increased by 400 per enemy hit." so its additive 40%)

It would make balancing a bit better, or not? you could make the x value weaker, if the ability should be good on low amount of mobs, but decrease the dmg and increase the x value if its supposed to be a better aoe scaling ability.

And adittionally i think its weird, to have some capped and some uncapped abilities on a class. Maybe the classes should be either with cap completely or not (but uncapped with scaling like mentioned above.)

Edited by Lawrenz

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On 8/7/2020 at 7:43 PM, Teufel said:

Confused, what's 'square root' cap?

I believe dmg is divided by the square root of the number of enemies hit when the ability is cast.

I.e. if there's 2 enemies, the dmg per enemy is 2 divided by sqrt(2) per enemy, if there's 3 damage per enemy is 3 divided by sqrt(3) per enemy, etc 

Dmg scaling looks something like this

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Nobody cares about tanks? Because capped targets on tanks equal your death. Go ahead and pull another pack while a tank is capped with 5 targets and let me know how you feel. GDruids aren’t even listed and this spreadsheet is being highlighted as some form of reputable source of data? What a joke. 

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On 8/6/2020 at 10:23 AM, thurk said:

You've got to be trolling, right?  No one actually thinks that's the impact of target caps?

Maybe the author of TFA article since they embedded a video showing that.

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