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All Rogue Legendary Powers in Shadowlands

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Rogues received the rest of their Legendary powers on the Beta this week. Missing from the previous week were Subtlety and Outlaw powers.

Note that some of the tooltips are broken, but they should still give you a good idea of what to expect when it comes to Rogue Legendary powers.

All Specializations

  • Tiny Toxic BladesTiny Toxic Blades - Shiv causes your Poisons and Bleeds on the target to spread to a nearby enemy.
  • Mark of the Master AssassinMark of the Master Assassin - While Stealth is active and for 5 sec after breaking Stealth, your Critical Strike chance is increased by 100%.
  • Invigorating ShadowdustInvigorating Shadowdust - Vanish reduces the remaining cooldown of your other abilities by 0 sec.
  • Essence of BloodfangEssence of Bloodfang - Your Combo Point generators have a chance to infect the target with Bloodfang, causing [ 37.8% of Attack Power ] Bleed damage over 6 sec, and healing the Rogue for [ 6.3% of Attack Power ] each time it deals damage.


  • DoombladeDoomblade - Mutilate deals an additional 20% Bleed damage over 3 seconds. Envenom damage increased by 5% for each Bleed you have on the target.
  • Dustwalker's PatchDustwalker's Patch - The remaining cooldown on Vendetta is reduced by 1 sec for every 65 Energy you expend.
  • Zoldyck InsigniaZoldyck Insignia - Your Poisons and Bleeds deal 30% increased damage to targets below 30% health.
  • *NEW* Dashing ScoundrelDashing Scoundrel - Envenom also increases the critical strike chance of your poisons by 30%, and their critical strikes generate 2 Energy.


  • *NEW* Rogue RunecarvingAkaari's Soul Fragment - After using Shadowstrike or Cheap Shot, your target suffers a Shadowstrike from the shadows 2 sec later, at 100% effectiveness.
  • *NEW* Rogue RunecarvingDeathly Shadows - Vanish grants 5 combo points and increases all damage dealt by 15% for 10 sec.
  • *NEW* Rogue RunecarvingFinality - Eviscerate, Rupture, and Shadow Vault increase the damage of your next use of the finishing move by 20%.
  • *NEW* Rogue RunecarvingThe Rotten - For 2 sec after activating Symbols of Death, your Shadowstrike and Backstab generate 4 additional combo points.


  • *NEW* Rogue RunecarvingCelerity - You have a chance while Slice and Dice is active to gain the Adrenaline Rush effect for 3 sec.
  • *NEW* Rogue RunecarvingConcealed Blunderbuss - When Saber Slash strikes an additional time, there is a 33% chance that your next Pistol Shot will fire 3 additional times.
  • *NEW* Rogue RunecarvingGuile Charm - Take advantage of the natural ebb and flow of combat, causing your Sinister Strike to gradually increase your damage dealt by up to 0%. This maximum effect will last for 0 before fading and beginning the cycle anew.
  • Greenskin's WickersGreenskin's Wickers - Between the Eyes has a 20% chance per Combo Point to increase the damage of your next Pistol Shot by 200%.

All Legendary Powers Coming in Shadowlands

6D5HKWY2GULD1465340163386.png Death Knight KONFY3G21NRT1465340163602.png Mage 4K4NG17DH5OC1465340163651.png Rogue

Death Knight Legendary Powers

Mage Legendary Powers


742W2C4VQJ651465340163518.png Demon Hunter MD3875H6PEN31465340163613.png Monk TGVJ0Y6O051R1465340163670.png Shaman

Demon Hunter Legendary Powers

Monk Legendary Powers

Shaman Legendary Powers

BIML5YS7P8XA1465340163522.png Druid FTPZBBV8LWHM1465340163625.png Paladin Y65BR5SJIAKM1465340163689.png Warlock

Druid Legendary Powers

Paladin Legendary Powers

Warlock Legendary Powers

3AP8QPDFMH191465340163595.png Hunter MMF2M70OD4PY1465340163646.png Priest Q21ASBT2SDXX1465340163697.png Warrior

Hunter Legendary Powers

Priest Legendary Powers

Warrior Legendary Powers

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