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Most Popular Tank Classes and Specs in the Shadowlands Pre-patch on Icy Veins

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It's time for another look at how the squish and class changes affected class popularity, as we examine tanks and approximate their popularity based on interest in the Icy Veins pre-patch guides

Starting at the bottom, it's become increasingly clear that Blizzard needs to focus a lot of energy on Monks when Shadowlands comes around, as all three specs of the class are at or around the bottom of their role lists. Tank mainstay Prot Warr is surprisingly also low but considering they didn't receive that many changes, it makes sense. The top 3 consists of Blood DK, Prot Pala, and Vengenace DH, which also probably isn't that surprising considering the extreme solo power of those specs.

1. 6D5HKWY2GULD1465340163386.png Blood Death Knight
2. FTPZBBV8LWHM1465340163625.png Protection Paladin
3. 742W2C4VQJ651465340163518.png Vengeance Demon Hunter
4. Q21ASBT2SDXX1465340163697.png Protection Warrior
5. BIML5YS7P8XA1465340163522.png Guardian Druid
6. MD3875H6PEN31465340163613.png Brewmaster Monk

You can also check out the DPS popularity charts, the healer popularity charts, and the Day 1 DPS chart.

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1 hour ago, Stan said:

It's fixed, thanks for bearing with us.

There was quite the paws between posting it and fixing the error, but thank you nonetheless.

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    • By Starym
      Well, the speed-completionists are getting a lot of work done, from the speed leveling, to Glory of the Hero, and now we have a payer maxing out all Dragonflight Renown!
      Tobias-the-Fox managed to get very well-known among the Dragon Isles denizens, getting all the Renown bars filled up and grabbing the Popular Around the Isles achievement along the way. So what does something like this "cost"? Well, apparently 7 days and 13 hours of /played time since DF launch! There's also a large amount of irony as the game still tells the player to ""Raise your Renown with the major factions of the Dragon Isles to continue the campaign.", but they can't! You can check out the full details of how they did it below.
      Here are some comments from Tobias-the-Fox, the speed-completionist:
      No exploits were used in the making of this achievement.
      Total /played at max level, 7 days 13 hours. I was the first to Valdrakken, I believe, and then got Expedition shortly after, Maruuk over the next couple of days, and Iskaara has taken me the last three days to finish. In the process, I got enough Expedition tokens to take an alt from 0 renown to 25, heh.
      Now, I at last feel like I can take a break. It was tons of fun racing, grats to those who came before me (Expedition, Iskaara - I got it with totems, by the way, not fishing) and I have to say it's the most fun I've had with WoW in quite a few years.
      -Signed, Server First Level 80 of Burning Blade (that was also an epic adventure)
      Edit: Oh, btw, if anyone is curious, the campaign still says "Raise your Renown with the major factions of the Dragon Isles to continue the campaign." Yeah, sure game, I can't though!
      I indeed have no life. Disability sucks. Please don't be like me. ?
      There's specific ways to grind each faction with repetitive content in unlimited ways. Something Blizzard hasn't done for quite a few expansions. Kinda neat, I guess? I'm happy to not feel a strong obligation to treat the game as a daily task, though. I want to enjoy my other hobbies, too!
      [The mini guide]
      Valdrakken is just Obsidian Keys till your eyes bleed. I did it before everyone and their mythic raid guild started spamming the place, and I only used the hyperspawn stuff on the last day because it was starting to get difficult to do it normally. My route was, with good pullers and the Stolen Rocket Hop, to pull the entirety of middle, half of lava, the other half of lava, then vault south, then vault north, then middle should be respawned again. That strat is likely not going to work as well since dead shards are hard to get.
      Maruuk was just Grand Hunting Party spamming, and it was a nice break from the heavy focus of having to orchestrate those huge Djardin pulls.
      Iskaara was 40-50 hours of farming totems. I don't have the patience for fishing, so I went the chests route. Figured out the best time-per-rep pathing and slowly learned all of the spawn locations. Did you know that in WoW, each chest "group" in the majority of cases consists of three different spawn points that will change? If it's in one of these locations, it won't be in the other two. Brackenhide area has a whopping five chest spawns, and there's at least a dozen more in my routing path that I was collecting with a friend. Respawn is about 2-3 paths through, so I had to shard hop some, but I made sure to try to help with whoever's group I joined. World quest, group quests, rare killing, etc. I'd help while my friend would locate the Bracken chests with Detection.
      Expedition is funny because I got it alongside Valdrakken. I had some sort of weird bug with Wrathion where he always gave me an epic crate. I wasn't the only one who was stuck like that, and it gave 1 Valdrakken toke and 3 Expedition tokens every time. I actually thought for the longest time that I was getting epic boxes because I was best friends with the other dragon and he was bribing me. Doesn't matter though. I ended up with 2000 Dragon Isles Artifacts from the Iskaara farm, which is enough to take my alt (with DMF) from Renown 0 to Renown 25. XD
      I also ended up with 400 Primal Chaos, so can we please offer these as part of Crafting Orders? I will *never* be able to use this many. Also, 50k resources, though I've burned through most of them with buying all available renown items.
      Actually I try to binge the games I play because otherwise I tend to lose interest or feel like it's a chore. It's so nice to feel WoW *not* being a chore right now. I can choose to come back and do stuff if I want, or I can poke at other things. I won't fall behind, because I can surge ahead when I need to.
      And yeah, I enjoyed it. I am not going to complain I'm bored, or that there's nothing to do, because that's what I want. I want there to be nothing major to do. Then, I can do the stuff that's simply fun and random. Toy or pet hunting, seeing the sights, collecting dragon transmog from rares, and more.
      For the last 5 years, WoW has felt like a chore, and like I'm getting pulled in too many directions, none of them fun. Now, I'm thinking maybe I won't feel that way. Bi-weekly WQs is wonderful (though I'd enjoy the climbing and photography quests a bit more frequently, stuff like that?) and gives me a breather from the game throughout the week. I think I'm going to like that in the long run.
      Oh and there's still far from "nothing to do" for me. I wanna collect all the things, see all the sights! Then when there really is "nothing" to do, maybe try to figure out some of these last little secrets. :3
      I scare me, too. Promise. So much farming. So many hours.
      Now now, I took proper care of myself during all of this aside from sleeping 4-hours or less per day average. Though I really have to thank my roommate for helping me with meals during much of this grind.

      Congratulations on getting it done and on some well-deserved rest!
    • By Starym
      He's close to the finish line now, as everyone's favorite neutral panda, Doubleagent, has dinged 69 with only gathering profession XP on the Wandering Isle!
      In case you didn't know, by only using mining and herbalism to level up, he gets to stay on the Wandering Isle and so never has to pick a faction. He posted an extensive FAQ on why he's doing it, when it started etc. back when he was going for level 90 in Mists of Pandaria, which you can check out here.
    • By Starym
      The pre-orders have gone through and players are already riding their Diablo 4 standard edition mounts in Dragonflight! The Amalgam isn't a pre-order exclusive, but rather a reward from any of the three editions of the game.
      And here's the video!
    • By Starym
      We have some Evoker changes, a lot of quest fixes, dungeon mini tuning, as well as many profession and item fixes and more!
      December 8 (Source)
      Fixed the timer for completing Three Minutes or It’s Free. Classes
      Evoker Ancient Flame now also reduces the global cooldown of Living Flame by 40%. Developers’ note: We added this GCD reduction to the Ancient Flame talent so Living Flame can be smoothly cast in quick succession. Devastation Energizing Flame now restores 70% of Living Flame’s mana cost when striking an enemy (was 50%). Living Flame now heals for 30% more and costs 20% of total mana (was 10% total mana). Developers’ note: We want Living Flame to feel more impactful for Devastation Evokers when using it to heal themselves or an ally, but we also want to make sure it can’t be used indefinitely. The Evoker’s mana bar is intended to be a rate limiter on healing, similar to how Healing Surge is for Elemental Shamans for example. Hunter Beast Mastery Fixed an issue where Call of the Wild was making Mend Pet temporarily unusable each time a pet was summoned from Call of the Wild. Warlock Fixed an issue where Profane Bargain was providing too high of shared damage. Creatures and NPCs
      Maldraxxus Abominations should now correctly help players above level 60 when adventuring in the Shadowlands. Fixed an issue where Horace “Scalding” Stern would clutter players’ combat logs with his actions. Players can no longer sit on the stools that Miya and her mother Plifa are sleeping on in the Gelikyr Inn. This change will allow them to get the quality of sleep they deserve. Dragonriding
      Whirling Surge cooldown now resets at the start of each dragon race. Dungeons and Raids
      Brakenhide Hollow Bracken Warsourge’s Hideous Cackle chamges: Reduced the duration to 4 seconds (was 7) Increased the cast time to 3.5 seconds (was 2.5) Added stronger visuals to the precast to draw more attention to the cast time so players can more readily interrupt it. Items and Rewards
      Fixed an issue where some Tuskarr Fishing Net timers were not decreasing while offline. Fixed an issue where Darkmoon Deck: Watcher was giving a lower Versatility value than expected when triggering the shield. Drakonid Spear is now only useable in the Dragon Isles outdoor content. Professions
      Fixed issues with multiple incorrect recipe bindings:
      Technique: Renewed Proto-Drake: Predator Pattern is no longer Bind on Pickup. Schematic: Tinker: Breath of Neltharion is no longer Bind on Pickup. Recipe: Celebratory Cake is now Bind on Pickup. Developers’ Note: Our philosophy for Dragon Isles recipe acquisition is simple - we intend for as many recipes to be tradeable as possible. The main exceptions to this rule are for recipes that come from quest rewards and from renown. There should always be a moment of excitement when you find a recipe, either because it can be sold for a pretty penny or read for your own benefit. We will continue to keep an eye out for and correct recipes that do not align with these goals. Cooking
      Cooking Seamoth Surprise now correctly has a chance to teach the Great Cerulean Sea recipe (was Thousandbone Tongueslicer). Inscription
      Technique: Weathered Explorer’s Stave now requires Dragon Isles Inscription 50 to match all other high-end recipes (was 75). Quests
      Dragonflight Campaign Fixed an issue preventing “Open Orientation” from being available to some alts. Ohn’ahran Plains “Counting Argali” and “Bakar Dream of Lost Argali” should now be significantly easier to complete. Fixed an issue where the Foal’s Training Ability would show when not on the world quest “Low Hanging Fruit.” Thaldraszus Fixed an issue where the beam in use during the “The Once and Future Team” wasn’t cancelling itself if the quest was abandoned. Fixed an issue on “The Once and Future Team” where Timewalker Wardens would sometimes not join the fight against the Colossal Causality. Fixed an issue where Andantenormu was forgetting to rescue Worgen and Zandalari Trolls during “Feels like the First Time.” Added a waypoint for “Catching Up to Chromie.” Adjusted the tooltip for the “Temporal Destabilizing Beam” to show the correct range. World Quests Fixed the “Hydro Tuskarr” so the net is not usable while swimming underwater. The Waking Shores Fixed an issue where Cygenoth could fail to transform if he was stunned during the encounter in “The Shadow of His Wings.” Reputation
      Valdrakken Accord Fixed an issue where the “Fitting In” quest could display rewards that were already owned.
    • By Stan
      Update: you can now see all the features coming with each of the 3 Diablo IV editions here, which include the WoW mount.

      Players who buy the Diablo 4 Collector's Edition will receive the Amalgam of Rage mount in World of Warcraft. The mount is currently not available for preview and was hinted at in the Patch 9.2.5 database files.
      While the achievement table hasn't been updated and doesn't mention the mount, the Criteria Tree database table has 3 new entries in Patch 9.2.5, revealing "Reins of the Amalgam Rage" being awarded to players who buy the Diablo IV Collector's Edition when it becomes available for purchase.
      Owner of the Diablo IV Collector's Edition Amalgam of Rage mount. Reins of the Amalgam of Rage Amalgam of Rage mount
      The data comes from wow.tools maintained by Marlamin and shows differences between 9.2.5 Build 42850 -> 43022.
      Please note that this doesn't confirm any release date or pre-orders for Diablo IV. The achievement can sit in the game for a long time before Diablo IV is released.
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