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Pre-patch DPS Spec Log Analysis: Shadow Priests and BM Hunters Rejoice

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Update 2: We're losing top performers left and right, as Unholy DKs also got a nerfs since the stats were logged! Read more about the changes here.

Update 1: it seems Windwalkers' positions on the chart were due to a bug, and you can read more about it here.


The WarcraftLogs are in for the first day of Ny'alotha pre-patch raiding, and we thought we'd take a look at how the specs were doing in this new environment, both from a focused pre-patch only perspective, and looking forward into Shadowlands tuning. We tapped two of our experts, Publik and Impakt, to analyze these very early stats.

    Publik will give us an overview focusing on the pre-patch period itself:

    After a bit of a rocky start with server stability we are starting to see early logs come in to check out how certain DPS classes are doing in the Shadowlands Prepatch. Certain specs like Shadow Priest received very large changes, while others are simply enjoying the last few weeks of the borrowed power from Battle for Azeroth.


    Looking at a few of the percentile metrics on WarcraftLogs you can see that overall Beast Mastery Hunters and Unholy Death Knights are both doing quite well right now, although it is still early data. Unholy specifically is seeing some dramatic scaling after their changes going into prepatch, especially since they still have access to the Magus of the Dead Magus of the Dead Azerite Trait.


    As you start to climb the percentile bracket you’ll see better Shadow Priest performance as they are enjoying playing basically a brand new spec after all the changes. As if having bountiful secondary stats wasn’t already great for Shadow Priests, one of their Azerite Traits, Spiteful Apparitions Spiteful Apparitions, is contributing to a very large amount of their damage post-rework of Shadowy Apparitions Shadowy Apparitions.

    One thing that stands out regardless of percentile is the overwhelming favor towards ranged specs during prepatch. Outside of a few outliers like Arcane Mage or Demonology Warlock, all ranged specs are generally in the top half of specs with most of them even being top third percentiles. Definitely keep an eye on things if you are interested, as more data comes in we’ll see things shift even more, things are still very early!

    Prepatch is always an exciting time to try out new classes and specs, and this time is no different. Several specs might be playing a little funky right now due to missing interactions they will get at future levels, or lacking their favorite Covenant ability, but nonetheless it is a fun time to play World of Warcraft. If you are curious about trying a new spec check out the Icy Veins class guides to see how to get started in the Shadowlands Prepatch.

    And now we move to Impakt, who take a broader look at the stats, with a view towards Shadowlands spec balance:

    The numbers and tuning everyone is seeing now, for the most part, is meaningless and you should not put too much stock into it looking towards Shadowlands. Every spec’s performance right now is in large part due to Azerite traits and Essences, which of course are all going away once we step into Shadowlands. There are a couple of key specs worth highlighting however, specifically Shadow Priest and BM hunter. While there are a few others, these two specifically have a solid design at a base level, without all the extra Shadowlands systems implemented on top of them, which is partially why they are doing so well now. Many of the specs are designed around Covenant abilities and legendaries, which is why you should not get worried over seeing a spec perform poorly right now.

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    Don't worry, Blizzard will soon nerf those top hitters. They sure don't like Shadow Priests, Affliction Warlocks and Balance Druids overperforming.

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    So these are Pre-Patch logs but the important question is: Have they used their Azeritegear? A lot of classes do benefit massively by that and once they lose the traits they become a lot less powerful.

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    This is too soon for me to make conclusion.For example nobody is playing demonology... If you look closely, you will see that there are only 4 demonologists in MM and some of them are clearly here for no reason (less than 110 ilvl, only 70 dps) and they don't even kill N'zoth.
    So wait :)

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    Wasn't there some bug with some BM only hunter pets holding on to their abilities after training them ? Wonder did that affect the damage logs here.

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    SV Hunter was never fun since they nerfed Serpent Sting in late MoP, let alone changing it entirely. SS used to do damage immediately before the first tick, then they nerfed it, no more instant damage when hit. Since then, it's nearly at the bottom of the DPS chart just a little above S priest. Now they completely changed it. it's boring to play.

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    16 hours ago, Unholyknight said:

    SV Hunter was never fun since they nerfed Serpent Sting in late MoP, let alone changing it entirely. SS used to do damage immediately before the first tick, then they nerfed it, no more instant damage when hit. Since then, it's nearly at the bottom of the DPS chart just a little above S priest. Now they completely changed it. it's boring to play.

    except it was the top hunter spec during (at least part of) WoD, so it wasnt "stuck to the bottom" until the melee facelift in Legion (after that,100% agreed its undertuned at the very least)

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      • By Staff
        Blood is in focus with this week's Alpha build, as the talent tree gets plenty of changes and some talents become baseline abilities. There's also reductions to high investment nodes so you won't need to put quite so many points in, as well as plenty of tuning changes for all three specs and Hero trees.
        DK (Source)
        Greetings, Death Knights.
        In today’s new Alpha build, we have updates to the Blood talent tree and new talents for the not-yet-implemented talents for both Frost and Unholy.
        Our focus for Blood updates were heavily focused on the tree layout, updating existing talents to have more synergy with Blood’s kit, reducing the amount of 2-point talents, and moving a couple talents baseline (like Crimson Scourge and Death’s Carress). One major pain point we’ve heard expressed with Blood is how much friction there is to pick up Gorefiend’s Grasp in content where you may need it. In response to that we’ve updated the tree to have Gorefiend’s in a much more accessible location. While we generally like the accessibility it has in the new tree, we’ve been testing it internally and have realized that its new location has made it a bit difficult to avoid in scenarios where you might need the AoE grip. We will update the pathing again to make it still accessible but a bit more optional.
        The other big point of contention for Blood is just how many talents you had to “buy in” to have a functioning baseline as a tank. We hope the combination of the reduced 2-point nodes, new pathing, and baseline abilities that there will now be more variety in your builds and flexibility when tackling different content.
        We look forward to hearing your feedback. We will have some further updates to the pathing, especially as it pertains to Gorefiends as well as two new talents that are not yet implemented.
        And here are the exact tuning changes from the development notes:
        Tuning (Source)
        Deathbringer Wave of Souls damage increased by 50%. Exterminate second scythe damage increased by 50%. Rider of the Apocalypse Mograine’s Heart Strike damage increased by 250%. Trollbane’s Obliterate damage increased by 33%. Trollbane’s Obliterate cast frequency increased by 100%. Nazgrim’s Scourge Strike damage increased by 100%. Nazgrim’s Scourge Strike cast frequency increased by 100%. Whitemane’s Death Coil damage increased by 100%. San’layn Incite Terror has been updated – Vampiric Strike, Heart Strike and Scourge Strike cause your targets to take 1% increased Shadow damage, up to 5% for 15 seconds. Vampiric Strike benefits 300% more from this effect. Blood Many talents have moved locations or have had their pathing updated. New Talent: Bone Collector – When you would pull an enemy, generate 1 charge of Bone Shield. New Talent: Ossified Vitriol – When you lose a Bone Shield charge the damage of your next Marrowrend is increased by 15%, stacking up to 75%. Tightening Grasp now Silences enemies for 3 seconds when they are pulled and no longer increases the damage enemies take from you when they are pulled by Gorefriends Grasp. Blooddrinker now reduces the damage the enemy deals to you by 20% while channeling and for an additional 5 seconds after a channeling it fully. Now also generates 20 additional Runic Power over its duration. Consumption now also causes your Blood Plague damage to occur 50% more quickly for 8 seconds and generates 2 Runes. Bonestorm no longer costs Runic Power. Costs up to 10 Bone Shield Charges and lasts 1 second for each charge consumed. Generates 1 Bone Shield charge every 1 second while active. Reinforced Bones now also lets Bone Shield stack 2 additional times. Heartbreaker’s Runic Power per target hit increased to 2 (was 1). Now a 1 point talent (was 2). Perseverance of the Ebonblade’s Versatility bonus increased to 6%, up from 4%. Now a 1 point talent (was 2). Shattering Bone now a 1 point talent (was 2). Red Thirst reduces the cooldown on Vampiric Blood by 2 seconds (was 1 second). Now a 1 point talent (was 2). Crimson Scourge now learned at level 21. Death’s Caress now learned at level 23. Frost New Talent: Hyperpyrexia – Your Runic Power spending abilities have a chance to additionally deal 30% of the damage dealt over 4 seconds. Unholy New Talent: Festering Scythe – Every 20 Festering Wound you burst empowers Festering Strike to become Festering Scythe for 12 seconds. Festering Scythe: Sweep through all enemies within 14 yards in front of you, dealing Shadow damage and infecting them with 2-3 Festering Wounds. New Talent: Decomposition – Virulent Plague has a chance to abruptly flare up, dealing 50/100% of the damage it dealt to the target over the last 4 seconds. When this effect triggers, the duration of your active minions are increased by 1 second, up to 3 seconds. 2-point talent. Infected Claws moved to the node after Ghoulish Frenzy.
      • By Starym
        Retail received some class and quest fixes and we have one of the biggest hotfix batches for Mists of Pandaria Remix today. From gem tuning to the removal of the stat limit on the legendary cloak, scenario and raid scaling adjustments, and a lot more, let's see how the limited time event has changed!
        May 29 (Source)
        Shaman Restoration Resolved an issue causing the Restoration Shaman Season 4 two-piece class set bonus to be cancelled when a Healing Stream Totem expires while two or more Healing Stream Totems are active. Warlock Affliction Resolved an issue causing Drain Life to sometimes incorrectly consume mana while Soul Rot is active. Warrior Protection Battle-Scarred Veteran has been updated. Now, when a damage event reduces your health below 30%, the portion of that damage event that would apply to the last 30% of your health is also reduced by 80%. Developers’ notes: For example, if you are at 50% health and receive damage for 40% of your health, your damage taken will be 20% + 20% * (1-0.8), or 24%, and you will have 26% health remaining when Battle-Scarred Veteran activates. Player versus Player
        Evoker Resolved an issue causing the dispel effect from Scouring Flame to fail on targets near the edge of Fire Breath. Quests
        The questgivers for Renown quests in Valdrakken now again offer the “Continued Waygate Exploration” quests.  
        WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria
        Endgame tuning adjustments have been made to Heroic Scenarios, Heroic Dungeons, and Normal Raids so that they increase in power more slowly between levels 60 and 70. Heroic and Mythic raids have been adjusted so there is a smoother transition between them. Players who completed the Pearlfin Jinyu questline can now bring Lesser Charms of Good Fortune to Elder Lusshan for additional reputation. Players who completed the Forest Hozen questline can now bring Lesser Charms of Good Fortune to Chief Kah Kah for additional reputation. Fixed a bug that inadvertently capped the maximum stats that can be gained on a Cloak of Infinite Potential. That cap has been removed. Shado Pan Assault reputation earned per boss kill increased to 1000 (was 300). This amount is available daily. Elder Great Turtles and Ancient Spineclaws have migrated back to the Timeless Shore, which should benefit players who are just Killing Time. Illusion: Sha Corruption can now be destroyed by players who have already learned it elsewhere. Adjusted and tuned several gem effects: Arcanist’s Edge absorb amount (that can be converted into damage) has been doubled. Fervor health amounts (that can be converted into damage) has been doubled. Righteous Frenzy damage dealt to targets increased to 2% per second (was 1%). Developers’ notes: This should give healers a bit more to do while optimizing their group’s damage, and it should make some gem combinations even more interesting. Searing Light collected healing points increased to 10% (was 7%). Slay cannot critically strike. Developers’ notes: Slay still hits for the player’s entire health amount, and will remain an incredibly powerful option. Ward of Salvation no longer applies a heal absorb. It has been reworked so that the caster’s heals are duplicated as an absorb shield, but not other sources of healing. Developers’ notes: Ward of Salvation will remain a powerful way for healers to deliver some additional damage, but should not trivialize the most difficult raid encounters.
      • By Staff
        Blizzard have shared a look back and forward for Pandaria Remix, as well as explained what will and won't be changing in the future, primarily noting that Bronze costs for gear upgrades will not be lowered. 
        Hello Timerunners!
        As we approach the end of the second week of WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria, we’d like to take a moment to talk about some very recent updates we’ve made and look forward to the next 11+ weeks that the event will be available.
        We’ve now made several changes to address some issues we’ve seen, especially around max level content such as heroic scenarios, heroic dungeons, and raids. Our goal here is to address the sudden increase in enemy power at level 70 for group content and make the transition to higher difficulty raids smoother for players.
        Heroic Scenario, Heroic Dungeon, and Normal Raids increase in power more slowly between levels 60 and 70. When first reaching level 70, players will continue to be challenged by max-level content, but that increase in difficulty should now be noticeably lessened. Heroic and Mythic raids have been adjusted so there is a smoother transition between them. Before these changes, there was a stark difference in the power of each raid. Now, players should experience a smoother transition that feels more like a natural progression instead of a huge step. Even with recent hotfixes in place, there is still a significant increase in difficulty for Heroic Throne of Thunder, Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar, and Mythic Siege of Orgrimmar. WoW Remix is designed to provide players who wish to take on the toughest challenges with the means to do so, by upgrading their gear and collecting additional threads.
        Looking forward, we want you to know that we do not plan to change the Bronze cost of upgrading gear. We’ve already seen many players make the decision to upgrade items so that they can comfortably take on Heroic raids (and hopefully earn the large amounts of Bronze available from them). The gains in power that come with increasing your item levels are exponential, not linear, and we don’t want anyone to second-guess their decision to become much more powerful.
        For players who primarily wish to gather Bronze and acquire some of the cosmetic rewards available in Remix, many options have emerged. We’re seeing some players level up multiple alts for the 40,000 Bronze available from quests at levels 50, 60, and 70, while other players mainly focus on earning Bronze with multiple level-70 characters doing queued content and repeatable daily quests and activities.
        We’ll outline all of our recent Remix hotfixes in our hotfixes update post, and we’ll continue to read all of your feedback. It’s been a lot of fun to go on this journey with you.
        Thank you very much!
      • By Staff
        All three Mage specs get some attention in this week's build, with Arcane and Fire getting a lot of tuning changes, and the Spellsinger Hero tree gets tweaked to be more active. 
        Mage (Source)
        Hello mages!
        We have another round of changes to all three specs showing up in the build today, and wanted to provide some more context for you.
        Time Anomaly
        In general, we’re happy with the gameplay around Time Anomaly. We feel the randomness it provides can create some fun (and frustrating) moments across pulls that helps to add texture to the Mage experience. An outlier here is for Frost Mage, which across all three specs has the weakest bonuses by a decent margin. We’ve changed Time Anomaly to now grant Brain Freeze instead of Fingers of Frost for Frost Mages to help increase the impact that this talent creates for that spec specifically.
        For Mages who want to opt-out of the randomness of Time Anomaly, we are adding a new talent: Inspired Intellect, which will provide a flat increase to your Intellect. We’d like Inspired Intellect’s tuning to hit the expected value of Time Anomaly across a reasonable amount of pulls, and we will make adjustments to get there if necessary. People who enjoy the randomness Time Anomaly provides can expect a higher output compared to Inspired Intellect when things line up just right, but we don’t want that gap to be very large.
        We appreciate the feedback everyone has been providing towards the Mage Hero Talents. We’ve heard the complaints that Spellslinger feels a touch too passive, so we’re redesigning Spellfrost Teachings to better synergize with the “orb” aspect of the Spellslinger fantasy and add some more active gameplay. When Spellslingers get lucky, you’ll be able to see a slew of Orbs firing off, and they’ll hit much harder in those windows.
        You’ll also notice substantial adjustments to Arcane’s Splinter damage in this set of changes. A bug was fixed that was preventing Spellslinger Splinters from appropriately triggering procs and benefitting from spell damage bonuses like Arcane Surge and Icy Veins. These changes paired with Arcane’s somewhat recent change to now fire two Arcane Splinters when consuming Nether Precision meant that Arcane’s output was substantially higher than what we consider in-bounds for Hero Talents at this stage. We’re still monitoring Frost’s Splinters, and more changes could be on the horizon as we continue to gather data.
        Charring Embers
        As mentioned in last week’s update alongside Arcane Battery’s removal for Arcane, we are removing Charring Embers from Fire’s spec tree. We appreciate all the feedback we’ve gotten regarding this talent, and we agree with the community that the removal of this talent helps to better align Fire Mage with our stated goals for these tree updates.With the removal of Charring Embers, Fire is seeing a few replacement talents added and a few talents returning to ensure there is enough choice in Gate 2 specifically.
        That’s all for this week! Thank you for your continued feedback.
        And here are the actual tuning changes from the development notes:
        Tuning (Source)
        Time Anomaly has been updated – Now grants Brain Freeze instead of Fingers of Frost for Frost Mages. New Talent: Inspired Intellect – Arcane Intellect grants you an additional 3% Intellect. Choice node with Time Anomaly. Sunfury Gravity Lapse now hits 5 targets (was 3). Spellslinger Fixed an issue that prevented Frost and Arcane Splinters from interacting with damage bonuses and proc effects such as Touch of the Magi. Arcane Spellfrost Teachings has been redesigned – Direct damage from Splinters has a 3% chance to reset the cooldown of Arcane Orb/Frozen Orb and increase all damage dealt by your Arcane Orbs/Frozen Orbs by 50% for 10 seconds. The location of Force of Will and Spellfrost Teachings has swapped. Arcane Splinter damage reduced by 50%. Embedded Arcane Splinter damage reduced by 50%. Controlled Instincts cleave effect no longer damages the primary target. Controlled Instinct Arcane Splinter cleave percentage reduced to 20% (was 30%). Embedded Splinter duration increased to 18 seconds. Developer’s note: Splinters were benefitting from Pandemic dot extensions unintentionally, which was extending their uptime to 20 seconds from the stated 16 seconds. This was creating adverse effects and durations when consuming Embedded Splinters or applying / maintaining the Embedded Splinter DoTs. To compensate for the uptime loss from this bug fix, we’re increasing the base duration of Embedded Splinters to 18 seconds. Arcane Leydrinker proc chance reduced to 10% (was 15%). Arcane Surge is now guaranteed to generate Clearcasting. Developer’s note: Arcane Surge was a reliable source of Clearcasting that Arcane Mages lost with the removal of mana-based Clearcasting procs. We’re making Arcane Surge proc Clearcasting baseline to ensure you’re rolling into your burns with some more Clearcasting availability. Arcane Blast now has a 5% increased chance to generate Clearcasting. Developer’s note: Clearcasting availability has marginally decreased in pure single target scenarios. We’re buffing up Arcane Blast’s chance to proc Clearcasting to compensate. Spark of the Magi has been redesigned – Now makes your next Arcane Blast, Arcane Barrage, and Arcane Missiles echo for 25% extra damage (was increase the damage dealt by these spells). Developer’s note: This updated behavior will allow you to properly benefit from the Spark of the Magi damage bonus on an Arcane Barrage you fired before Touch of the Magi is applied. Mastery: Savant now properly increases the damage dealt by Arcane Surge. Aether Attunement has been redesigned – Every 3 times you consume Clearcasting, you gain Aether Attunement. Aether Attunement primary target damage increase reduced to 100% (was 150%). Aether Attunement secondary target damage increase reduced to 50% (was 100%). Developer’s note: While we’re still committed to maintaining minimal buff-tracking for Arcane, we’re also being sensitive to the desire for Arcane Mages to be able to reliably acquire and hold effects for use in their burst windows and AOE moments-- both of which Aether Attunement excels at. We feel this new design strikes a nice balance that makes the effect easier to track, reliable, and at a higher frequency to help add more moments of excitement for Arcane in AOE. Resonance and Arcing Cleave have swapped locations. Fire New Talent: Charring Embers – Phoenix Flames applies Charring Embers to all enemies it damages, increasing their damage taken from you by 5% for 12 seconds. Charring Embers moved to Gate 2. Charring Embers now increases the damage you deal to affected targets by 4% (was 6%). Charring Embers has been removed. Developer’s note: We’ve been listening to the feedback regarding Charring Embers and the tracking / gameplay behind it and have opted to remove it. We’re interested in preserving the gameplay of the new Phoenix Reborn and From the Ashes, but we feel that they can comfortably exist without Charring Embers. Call of the Sun King no longer grants 15% increased Phoenix Flames damage and instead makes Phoenix Flames always critically strike. Alexstrasza’s Fury no longer makes Phoenix Flames always critically strike. From the Ashes now grants 15% increased Phoenix Flames damage. From the Ashes is now in Gate 3. Surging Blaze has returned to Gate 1. Firestarter’s position has changed. Phoenix Reborn now requires 25 hits (was 20). Wildfire has returned and is now in Gate 2. Ashen Feather is now in Gate 2 on a choice node with Alexstrazsa’s Fury. Inflame is now located in Gate 2. New Talent: Burning Blood – Damage dealt to targets below 30% health is increased by 10%. This talent is not yet implemented. New Talent: Heat Shimmer – Damage from Ignite has a 5% chance to make your next Scorch deal 25% increased damage and deal damage as though your target was below 30% health. This talent is not yet implemented. New Talent: Sparking Cinders – Living Bomb explosions have a 15% chance to increase the damage of your next Flamestrike or Pyroblast. Controlled Destruction increases damage taken from Ignite by 0.5%, stacking up to 50 times (was 1%, stacking up to 25 times).
      • By Staff
        This week's War Within Alpha build has revealed the KSM Mount for War Within Season 1. Say hi to Diamond Mechsuit!
        We have some screenshots of the new mount model. Check them out below!

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