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Resto Shaman help me improve plz - updated logs for BRF

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Would appreciate some log review and feedback on our recent 6/10 Heroic BRF run last night 



Now please dont look at the Kromog fight - you can but, for whatever reason my laptop hates this fight. I always lag heavily resulting in stupid deaths to things I cant move from when my screen freezes. This fight was the worst its ever been. Ended up changing my settings to Fair instead of Good and the rest of the night went alright. Still random lag, I think I might have to uninstall and reinstall every addon. Never had this problem until a few weeks ago - not the slightest clue what's causing it, my FPS is usually very high. My husband doesnt have a problem at all and we play together. 


You're welcome to look at the day before when we cleared Normal and got 2 H BRF bosses down https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/kw3xRM4J2KH7L1Yr#fight=41&type=healing


I just got my 2pc set bonus on Sunday, 1 piece is normal 2nd is heroic. Here is a link to my armory http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/turalyon/Toulip/simple


I really dont seem to have a mana problem, I've gotten really good at using EB all the time so I can honestly CH/HS quite often. My rings and trinkets are the only pieces with Spirit. I was considering rolling on the H/Ma cloak instead of the Spir/Crit cloak. Replaced my Spirit neck with a H/Ma one and I still seemed fine.


Any feedback appreciated. And remember I have to save my HTT for when the RL calls out for it... I know on Maidens last night I could have fit 2-3 in when I only got 1. Least when we run Normal I try to HTT as much as I can. Thx

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Week later, more new logs, taking the new EotE talent - yay more SLT!!! 


All normal BRF bosses (4 healers in 20man raid) , 3 H kills (5 healers in 20man raid)  https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/V3xMkTNfLz9GKqPb#type=healing&fight=34


All Heroic BRF (5 healers 20man raid) https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/HwzLXYcVJxaZBv79#type=healing&fight=2


I'm starting to get really tired of being on the bottom all the time...Even joked with our Monk tank about wanting to play my Disc priest, but there are so many things I like better about the shaman tho. I think one of my problems is that I'm CH too much and wasting Tidal Waves. I'll RT, then usually UL-CH. I tried this week to pay attention more to use at least more HW when Waves is up instead of overhealing with CH. 


None of the 5 healers really wants to go dps...Had to twist the arm of the druid to go balance for normal. I  think we could 4 heal most of our Heroic kills, but I dont want to offer to go enhance unless asked, I'd rather improve my healing.


Suggestions please on anything.  Sorry I logged out in dps gear, I'll be able to fix armory in 7 hours.

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There's literally nothing to say except that you have too many healers in raid - on every fight every healer has more than 50% of overheal.


I had exactly the same issues, being far behind in fights with 5 healers. I was so frustrated that even went to PuG BRF for some tier pieces. Surprise - 3 healers of the same ilvl as mine, no overhealing and I'm always at 1st place with 5-9K hps more than others and 90-92% percentile in rankings. I'm talking here about rankings to show that it wasn't the situation when I was a good healer while the others didn't have a clue. It's just that in a right setup, resto shamans healing is extremely more efficient and counted to the actual heal, not to useless overheal.


What I can say - resto shamans can't shine when there is more healers than a minimum required - sad but true.

You did everything right, using right spells and CDs, but this is the mechanic.

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